Thank you again for joining us here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa, we’re here again today to talk about concrete wheel of concrete I love everything about concrete, and we are passionate to give you a beautiful and amazing backyard environment, front yard, environment. It could be many many things that you maybe want. Maybe you want a new driveway, which is the first thing people see here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa. They love to be able to pull up to the front of your house and see just an amazing and beautiful surface snap front of your house. The driveway is the first thing people see and they love to be able to go up on the beautiful driveway and dripping oil always love it. When people pull up on your brand new driveway and drip oil i, don’t know how many of you might have young adults living in your home or living, not in your home that are your children and they’ve grown up well, most of time their cars aren’t always the greatest well. So what time is it drip oil and sometimes that oil gets on your concrete driveway? For me, that is a real source of annoying irritation here at by design contracting concrete tulsa. But you know even for that we have an answer. There is some treatments that can be done to your concrete to restore that service and to pull a lot of that oil right up out of the surface, to help renew that and make it look beautiful again. So if you’ve got concrete that needs restored, if you just got concrete that needs to be washed and cleaned. If you have concrete that needs to be protected, we have some answers for that. That would be happy to come out. Give you an estimate and show you what can be done many times. People have their barbecues out on their patios and they drip oil and grease all over their patios. Well, a lot of that can be cleaned up, and sometimes it gets into the surface and it’s real hard to deal with, but we have a way to get in and get a lot of that out of there and clean up that area. Sometimes you’ll get stains on your patio, so your walkways or your pool decks and over the years they get to looking so they’re, just not so nice. Well a lot of times. If you come in and do a cleaning process, you can make that old, concrete, have a restored, shine and lester. The one thing we love about decorative concrete by design contracting, concrete tulsa, is that we put products down on that check that surface right from the beginning and when that sealer on these outside products get

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