Thank you for joining us again here at by design contracting and concrete tulsa, where we have got the best employees, the best concrete finishers, the best concrete artisans that anybody could ever ask for, and you know unhappy employee does good work and we work hard to keep our employees very, very satisfied and very happy on the job site. We supply them with a lot of things that they need to do their job well and we take good care of them and they enjoy working. We’ve got the greatest cruise and they have many years of concrete experience with by design contracting and over the years we’ve had to go through many manyphone calls and interviews, and sometimes in the concrete realm it’s hard to find the right people and the people that want to do. They work in a caliber that we expect here at by design contracting concrete tulsa, but we have got just fantastic workers, fantastic artisans here meant by design, contracting and concrete tulsa, and with those years that we’ve had with our fellas, they work hard and they do excellent work. So, anyhow, today we are out of the driveway, and this is a beautiful driveway. The customers had since 1980, so that driveway has had a lot of years of service and a lot of years of peopleutilizing it, and it’s getting a lot of wear and tear. So we’ve taken the time now to tear it out and to get it ready for new new, concrete new patio new new driveway. So we’ve taken this driveway and we’ve turned it out and now before we put it back, we’re going to put a really good quality base of class a gravel, underneath that protects the concrete from an excessive amount of moisture from coming up from underneath. And that always is something that you have to make sure that you can. You can do you don’t want a bunch of concrete to be damaged by excessive moisture, coming up by hydraulic pressure, concreted designed to have a consistent relative humidity throughout the year and it stays within the concrete and concrete doesn’t get hard overnight. Concrete gets hard over 50 years and the better conditions the concrete have over that time span. The longer-lasting it’ll be the better. Where service it’ll have the more important than it has in it, the better of the finish, the pray that it’s actually finished and refined in the finishing process, when you put the concrete down, has a lot to say about how that concrete is going to last over the years. So we’ve got this driveway that we’re going to put in this is amazing and beautiful. We’ve got a customer that probably would like to see some nice pockets around the perimeter and up by a porch to add a nice accent and a nice design to the concrete driveway and again, the first thing that people see when they pull up to your house is usually your driveway. It makes a statement of whether the house is well-maintained or whether it’s just so so so, if you have a a house that you want to go ahead and sell it, it’s always a good idea to put in a new driveway. It gives the house at nice new and refreshed. Look it’s the first impression that the customers have when they walk up to the house. So it’s a nice thing to just drop in that new driveway and people will love it and hear it by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We’ve done a lot of driveway over the years and we’ve got the best customers that anybody could ever ask for. So will you like to do a lot of driveways front porches walkways? We do back patios and we also like to do pool decks and seat walls, fireplaces and outdoor living areas, whether it be a fireplace a fire pit pergola to keep you in the shade, whether it’s a nice patio that somebody can come out and just sit and have a nice table and enjoy with the family. We like to do the concrete to give a beautiful and long-lasting durable surface and finish for people to enjoy over the years. So we have had so many customers that have been just so happy over the years with our work. Again, we have been annoying time, angie’s list award winner, and we have taken the the time to work hard to please our customers to do a really good job at our customer service furnace over and over and over to become the top 5% of contractors in the nation to get an angie’s list super service award, and we are very proud of that. We work hard to please our customers to make sure that we take the extra attention when we go into somebody’s yard to make sure when we leave it looks nice, it’s clean without a lot of mess or debris around, and that is very important. A lot of contractors that work on jobs. They don’t come back and take the time to do a good job of cleaning of maintaining and we work very hard to try to do that. To keep things clean and maintain so you’re up by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We’ve had the best