Hello and welcome to buy design contracting. Today we are here by the lake and we are doing a fantastic patio project. We have so many of our customers that like to have us, do patios and hearing, and we do a lot of patios porches walkways driveways full decks. We enjoy doing these projects because our customers all have different likes and different tastes, and we really enjoy giving them a living area that they can enjoy with their families for a lot of years to come and hear it by design contracting, concrete tulsa and we like to get in we’ve had the best customers ever over. The yearswe are thankful and we’re grateful to our customers that we’ve had over the years, because that’s been an enjoyable experience for us and for them to come in and give them a living environment if they could enjoy for a lot of years in the future, and today was doing this nice porch. We have a customer that had an issue. They had a step that was incorrectly installed in a brand new homeand. They had issues with people falling because the step was incorrectly installed in a space that was improper and we’ve come in to take care of that and with that we’re putting a nice usable front porch for them that they have room for a table and chairs and and the nice bullnose on the front that will give them beauty from the street. Curb appeal on a home is very important, and we talked about that in the past, but anytime, your have a home, the part of the home that is facing the streetgive us the very first impression that people have when they pull up in front of your home. So if you’ve got a walkways and the driveway, if you’ve got a front, porch or front porch steps, it’s always good to make them a little bit extra care and design a little bit extra care and in the process of putting that in. So you have a beautiful front porch or a beautiful walkway that compliments your home. That is the first thing people see when they pull up and it makes an impression so anybody who’s trying to sell a home. You always want to look at the front of your home from the street and kind of evaluate. Is this really look nice? This is the first impression my potential buyer is going to have when they pull up front of my house and want to buy a house. That’s why we do a lot of driveways front porches and walkways for people who are selling their homes, because that’s the first thing that they see and hear thatdesign contracting, concrete tulsa that driveway that porch or that walkway sets the mood for the buyer and hear it concrete tulsa by design contracting that ups the sale price of your home. It ups the quickness of the sale of your home to have things, look neat and clean and fresh. So anyway, today we’re doing this beautiful front porch we’re getting everything already where we’d have to come back and cut out a little bit of concrete renegotiate the size and the shape and the scope of the porches that are on the front and the walkway and we’re adding a beautiful step nosing to cause a very nice look on the front of the home. Again, it allows the home to have a very nice curb appealand, we’re going to go ahead and put an intrical color into this. An angel color is color this mix into the concrete and when we mix it into the concrete it goes all the way through every bit of that concrete. So it’s not just a little thin layer or the shallow layer that could chip off the top or be scratched off. It’s all the way through the concrete, so it doesn’t have a color on top and then a raw concrete underneath and what that does is if there’s ever any problem with the concrete me in any way, you don’t have scrapes and scratches that turned out to be a different color and end up looking really terrible in the long run. It gives you that value of that color through and through, and it’s a much longer lasting, look and give you many years of enjoyment for the homeownerso we’re going to go ahead and get this thing all set up and it allows for just a nice a nice entry. So we can, we’ve got to have a wonderful customer that is putting in this because they want to have a place that just looks beautiful and looking at the rest of this yard. They have done a beautiful job of getting things ready and landscaping and making a very comfortable home for themselves and we’re honored to be a part of the project that they’ve taken on here. So anyhow, anytime. You want to do a patio or porch or any kind of a living area. We do a lot of living areas for our customers in their backyards, where they want to be able to step out into the backyard and have a nice place to sit in front of a fire enjoy that with their family. They might want to have a nice barbecue area. You know a lot of times:that’s dad’s boy we like to put on the flame and get a nice barbecue going or a nice smoker out in the backyard and there’s nothing that brings family and friends together like food. So it allows you to have a place to create that food and in a comfortable environment, place for family and friends to come by and just enjoy one another’s company and a lot of times. We do that in conjunction with with a new pool and there’s so many different types and styles of pools that people put in different styles for different budgets and we do a lot of pool decks and you know you want to try to do a pool deck, that’s comfortable on the feet.

One, that’s cooler! You want to stay with lighter colors on your pool deck and we do a lot of stamped pool decks and a lot of stained a lot of her light. Color rock salt finish sometime, we’ll see all those, and sometimes people want to just leave him wrong and that’s okay. You can have any type of style or design or look that you want. But if you want to go ahead and try the concrete and all the way around your house, it has a very beautiful look at add to the value of your home, and we like to do that. So here it by design, contracting, concrete tulsa, the patios and the pool decks and the pergolas with outdoor fireplaces, the outdoor seating areas, love times, will do a seat wall and put a seat wall in for our customers, and that adds for beauty and a place for people just to relax. And that is a nice thing. It’s not just putting concrete in the yard. It’s creating a space, it’s creating an environment for your family to enjoy and for ease of maintenance too easy to take care of decorative concrete is unsurpassed and how easy it is to take care of and maintain with very little maintenance. You have a surface that gives you years and years of enjoyment, so here it by design, contracting, concrete tulsa. We like to do that, for you so give us a call at anytime 918-369-7131. Over the years we’ve been a nine-time award winner of the super service award with angie’s list and angie’s. List has been a very high standard that they require of customer satisfaction and we’ve had very happy and satisfied customers over the years with angie’s list it is put us like i, say 9 times in the top 5% contractors in the united states in the nation. We’re privileged to be in that place so give us a call. We would love to do your concrete project. Thank you for joining us by design contracting, concrete tulsa