Welcome back, thank you for joining us again here by design, contracting, concrete tulsa, and today we want to talk about concrete, but we’re going to talk about concrete in a little bit different life. We want to talk about concrete and family. You know many people have family, I’ve got kids, they’ve got grandkids, they got all kinds of family members and they want to put in some concrete. Why do they want to put concrete in they want to put concrete in so that their families not walking in the mudnobody likes to walk in the backyard, that’s full of mud, and when you have a muddy backyard, you want to clean it up, fix it up and make it so you don’t walk out in the backyard fall into a sloppy pile, a mess. So here it by design, contracting, concrete tulsa. We have the answers to get your backyard fixed up really nice, often times when you have to think about what kind of concrete work you want to do. You have to think I get water in my backyard when it rains. What do I do so? You have to think about drainage. We did a job for a man who had a terrible drainage problem. He had four or five of his neighbors backyards the drains directly into his backyardand when they drain into his backyard. It made a muddy mess, not just a muddy mess, but water withstand sometimes 6 in to a foot or more deep towards the back of his property, and that made it a very unpleasant situation for his family. The water wouldn’t drain. It wouldn’t go away, then get mosquitoes. He had a family member in his home. That was just totally allergic to mosquito bites, and you know that was not a pleasant backyard or a backyard that he could enjoy with his familyso. When we came in, we looked that he wanted to put a pool in. We made a plan. The plan first of all consisted of a lot of drainage because he had all those backyards that drained into his backyard. We had to get that water out of his backyard, then to get to go somewhere, so we were able to install a couple of nice 6 inch pipes, all the way out to a main sewer sanitary sewer, overflow area, and we were able to run those in such a way that it drained all of the water not only out of his backyard but the water that overflowed into his yard, from all the neighbors and from that we ran hundreds and hundreds of feet of pipe, and this pipe went to surface drain french drains. It went to drains the drain to downspouts. It went from deck drains that drained out water from their pool deck. All of these things are things that we think about. When we put in a drainage system, we got to put in a drainage system, that’s done in a quality away. One little water run the water out of the backyard in here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We know how to get that water moving and get the water to go where it belongs, and we really enjoy working with our customers and coming up with a plan that works when we got done with this project, the first time they had a big rain. He went out in his backyard and he stood on top of the main drain cover and listen to that water run and he called us, and he thanked us for getting all that water out of his backyard and hear it by design contracting, concrete tulsa, that’s kind of work that we do. We enjoy getting customers who have problems so that we can help him resolve the problems and give them a nice comfortable living area. So when I say that concrete is about family, you know if you can’t have a place that your family can enjoy. It causes stress in your home. What do you have a place that your family can enjoy? They can look at you and say:hey dad, look at that! This is nice. Thank you for letting me have my friends over, and you know it’s a nice thing to enjoy family and friends. So thank you for allowing by design contracting all our all our pets, customers. Thank you for allowing us to come in trusting us with your home’s and here by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We have gone into thousands of people’s backyards and we have worked on so many homes to improve the living conditions in the lifestyle of their homes, and so when we come into somebody’s backyard that we look at, where are the water? Where does the water come from? Where is the water going? We look at the drainage systems that could possibly be there and we make a plan so that the water will go out of people’s backyards and then they’ll have a a nice place for that water to go so they don’t have to worry about standing in water, knee-deep or water coming in their home. Sometimes people have issues like that. We had another customer that every time it rain he had water. It would come right up to his back door in a couple times. Yet you got water into his house, he said boy. What are we doing here? We designed to drainage system to get that water out and around his home we were able to divine design trains that would go out and away from the home. We were able to pull the water away from the home that we were able to put drainage in and so that water had a first way out, which was the drain pipes in a second way out. If everything were to ever completely fail with the drain pipe, there was another way for that water to get out surface on the surface, are on the ground and be away from the home and you’re at by design contracting, concrete tulsa.

We know how to get that water away from your home. So thank you for joining us here. If I design contracting,, we have had the best customers over the years we’ve enjoyed our customers and we’ve got so many great testimonials from our customers. Talking about how we do our work and why we’re passionate about what we do. We enjoy our our relationships with our customers. That’s probably why we have had nine times the super service award from angie’s list, the top 5% of contractors in the nation, and that’s why we’ve enjoyed doing so much beautiful, concrete work over the years and that’s why we’ve enjoyed enhancing the lifestyle of families nancy the lifestyle of people that just want to enjoy their wife, their children, their grandchildren, their family and their friends. We’ve been able to be a part of that which we have really very very much enjoyed that. So we want to thank you for joining this year by design, contracting, concrete tulsa and talking about concrete talking about lifestyle. Talking about your family come and enjoy your home and then putting the concrete down to make up beautiful texture a beautiful surface, a beautiful color. We got the best, finishers and artisans that know what to do with that concrete to make your home beautiful, and we thank our customers who have trusted by design contracting concrete tulsa over the years. So thank you again