Thank you again for joining us had by design contracting, concrete tulsa, where we love concrete. We are passionate about concrete in every way, and we thank you for joining us here by design contracting, concrete tulsa, to talk about concrete today we’re going to talk about the concrete. Well, you have to know that one thing about concrete is concrete reacts differently to different temperatures in different environments. One thing about concrete when it’s hot and when it’s cold concrete, expands and contracts. Yes, that’s right, you just see it laying on the ground, but it expands and contracts, and here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa we’re very aware of concrete, expansion and contraction. You know I was going down, memorial drive, no 71st and memorial about several years ago, and we had us hot spill and that hot smell it lasted. Oh at least a little bit over a week. We had many many days in a row over a hundred degrees and one hot and blistery day. By design contracting, concrete tulsa. It was well over a hundred and five. It was ridiculous. I mean nobody wanted to be outside, but I was going down. The road and I saw a bunch of cones out the road. Well, why did I see this comes out in the road, because the center medium of the concrete, was lifted up about two feet in the air and why did that happen on a super hot day? Well, the concrete itself got hotter and hotter to the point that it expanded beyond its ability to have anywhere to go so from that pressure. It push that concrete straight up in the air, and that is not a good thing. It could cause serious and major damage to concrete when there are not proper areas of expansion added into the concrete. So one of the things were very careful about here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa is proper expansion and contraction cutting in proper control joints. One of the things that we see many times is these things are not taking into consideration like on memorial or like on 71st, where I saw the same kind of a problem happening, and we had people that they had concrete, laid down and expanded beyond its means, and it kicked in the area of curb way out into the street. Literally it came out of the street several feet because they didn’t put the proper amount expansion into the work we encounter. This often times when we see parking, lots were people of ford, curb and gutter, and they haven’t done proper expansion into many links of curb and gutter. That curb itself will flex them either raise up or push sideways. So here it by design, contracting, concrete tulsa. We know you need to always consider expansion and contraction. Concrete is poured in the winter when it’s very, very cold. We know that when it gets hot and concrete’s going to expand and when we pour concrete in the middle of summer-and we know that you put expansion in by the time winter hits when it gets down to that 10 degrees or 5 degrees. At night-and we have many days like that-that concrete is going to contract, especially when it was been bored in the summer and cause some problems-are some issues. If it’s not addressed and not taking care of so here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa, we know the different times of the year will affect the concrete in the installation of the concrete. So when we do our concrete, we watch out for those expansion and contraction areas, and we put expansion joints in to allow that concrete to move correctly. Another thing we do is put in a good amount of rebar to give the concrete the ability to move, expand and contract in, in conjunction with control cuts and expansion joints. That concrete will give our customers many years of just beautiful, functional concrete in a hair it by design, tulsa, like that I covered in another episode, the terrible terrible issues that happened when sometimes some builders look hat your concrete driveway or your patio is the very very last thing on the project. It’s caution of a whole lot of money, but it has to be put in the past their final. So they have the absolute cheapest person out there install the concrete on your new 400 $500,000 home. Well within so many years. We got a call at 5 is line contracting and we end up having to come out and replace that concrete because they had done such a poor job. To begin with, what we encourage you, if you are a person who is going to have a new home built talk to your builder, about having by design contracting concrete tulsa install the concrete, because we know what it takes to do:a really good quality job. We put in the correct amount of rebar we put in the expansion. We make sure that that concrete is installed correctly because you’re it by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We care about our customers. We care about your work, we’re passionate about concrete. So we really want to give thank you for joining by design contracting and concrete tulsa. As we talk about things that matter to you, things that simple or complex as expansion and contraction of concrete. Well, that makes our world go around because we love and are passionate about con-cret you’re at by design contracting, concrete tulsa. So thank you for joining us. You know we have had so many good customers over the years. Our customers are the best any company could ever ask for and you’re at by design contracting concrete tulsa. We have won the angie’s list super service award nine different times, and they excited thing about that is that is based on customers. Customer referrals are customers being happy with the service that we provide, and so our customers are the play.

Other ones that have literally said by design is the company that we’ve chosen and we love them and we love the work and we love the quality and service in the attention to detail, and so we want to thank our customers again. We’ve had the best customers, any company could ever ask for over the last 20 years. So thank you and I hear it by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We very very much have enjoyed years of service, the thousands and thousands and thousands of yards of concrete we put on the ground and the relationships that we’ve had with our customers. So thank you for joining us. Give us a call 918-369-7131., by, design, contracting, concrete tulsa