Thank you again for joining of the by design contracting, concrete tulsa, where we put in the best most amazing concrete in northeast oklahoma. Today we worked on a nice patio patios or something that you can put around your home, beautiful, living, spaces, you’re, pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the family, nothing better than walking at your back door, seeing your family sitting on a nice outdoor living furniture playing some games having a meal, it’s just nice when your family can come together and you can enjoy that time together, something that causes families to get closer together. It’s also something and gives you the opportunity for your friends, your kids, your kids friends to come, and you can get to know they say when you can have your friends kids over to get to know him, you get to enjoy their company and they get to learn more about you and your family built a lot of community patio. If you haven’t put in a nice patio, yet there’s nothing better. You can put in a nice patio when you do that drop him. A nice fire pit, our family has had hours and hours and hours of enjoyment around our fire pit. They have cooked marshmallows, they have eaten some orders, they have had hours and hours of time playing, guitars and singing and I just want to encourage you. If you don’t have a nice fire pit, you’re missing out you’re missing out so take some time to to think about putting night design in your backyard corporation a nice fire pit. You and your family will have great times, and you know fire pits are beautiful their economical. Let’s say you don’t want to have to carry wood around and just lug it out there. You know you can have a nice fire pit that you can just flipper remote control and poof. It is on instant fire in man. Does that look nice sit out? Your backyard enjoy the warmth of that nice fire and when you doing that or everybody loves that it just looks good, feel the warmth of a nice cool evening and go to bed hit the button again and no muss no fuss no mess. But if you’re like me, I love to have a nice big fire and I like burning wood. So we have a nice wood fire pit, just say if you don’t want to bother running a gas line and you don’t mind carrying a little bit of firewood, the look of a fire. Nice wood burning fire, the smell of a nice wood, burning fire listening to it crackle and pop, and you can really enjoy that with your family teach kids, how to build a little fire and teacher about the fire. Safe, teach him how to handle tools that you cut and split wood with as a good good lesson for your kids to learn and I can tell you again. We’ve had so much really good family time around our fire pit. So something to consider. But in that fire pit-and you know some people just forgo the fire pit and I’ll put in a full-on outdoor fireplace with a chimney and they can sit in front of that put their feet up and makes it makes a beautiful outdoor living space. That way, if that’s something that you think you might like by design contracting by design tulsa, concrete tulsa, is something that we can do for you and while you’re at it. Maybe you want to put a nice pergola over to be in the shade on those nice hot summer days, but in a seat ball, something to sit on something to enjoy. Have your patio furniture around a couple times and they can hold back soil by area. They can give you some nice areas for planters. There are so many really really neat designs. You can do with steve walls. You can have them straight if you can put different types of cops and caps on them, whether it’s a nice concrete stamp cap, we can make it look like stone pieces or you can set stone pieces on top of the cat. You know it’s your dad’s beauty some people like to put bricktop’s on their concrete seat walls and we can for a nice concrete seat wall and have our mason come out. On top of that, for a nice accent design a lot of times, we can match the brick on your house, and that is really a nice thing and ties everything all the elements together. So something to consider and I see wall. Sometimes you can have some nice brick planter beds around the perimeter of your patio. Again tie your house to your patio, make it look beautiful so here it by design, contracting, concrete tulsa. We can help you with that. We can help you with your design. We can help you with your water control system, your drainage, we’ve got expert people. They can come out to work with your sprinkler system, outdoor lighting and by that time you should have run your wire. She should have had things already, but fear, not there’s lots of 12-volt systems that you can put in with very minimal wiring. Then you can have things go on and off remote control and there’s a lot of options that you got for some beautiful outdoor lighting. So here at by design contracting the concrete tulsa we like to do the concrete we got to get things ready and from that point we can help you with your outdoor project, finish up everything and make it look. Beautiful. We’ve had customers over the years that have used us over and over again and hearing by design contracting concrete tulsa. We had the best, best customers. Anybody could ever ask for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of amazing customers over 20 years.

Thank our customers for putting their trust in us to come out. We don’t take that lightly. We know that there is a trust that it takes to have a contractor, come out, set foot on your property and we just won. Our customers know that we appreciate all the years that you had us out to your homes and you had us build beautiful backyard environment. You had a split beautiful driveways if you’re at by design contracting concrete tulsa, we very very much enjoy working with our customers. So, thank you again for letting me talk about concrete, patios backyard environment and we are by design contracting and help you and thank you for letting us talk about that. You know:we’ve had angie’s list super service award tonight x, and that means that we care about our customer. That means they were service-oriented. That means they were here to serve. You so give us a call 918-951-3159 here by design contracting, concrete tulsa