Well, thank you again for joining us at by design contracting, concrete tulsa, where we talk about concrete concrete, is what we’re passionate about cement. We do a lot of cement work and we have worked in way way way more customers, homes that I could ever remember. But what I can remember about working at all those homes is, they have been a wonderful experience for us and for our customers, and we have had the best customers anybody could ever have over the years and we just enjoy the relationship that we’ve had with our customers over the yearsi want to thank you again for joining us here at by design, contracting, concrete tulsa, and today we’re going to talk again like i, say about concrete and family family is what makes my world go around I thoroughly enjoy my family and I have had the best experiences with my family and enjoyed my children. I enjoy my children watching my children grow up and what better place for your children to grow up. Then it’s your home in when you have a home. It’s always good to make an environment for your kids to go and enjoyand. You know that usually involves a nice backyard environment. You know I’ve always thought it’s good to have my kids, friends close and I like to have them in my home, but they need something to do so over the years. We’ve created spaces and environments for them to enjoy, whether it be a patio or a nice fire pit, I placed it. Many of the the young people over the time have come and sat around the fire and cook marshmallows and had some mores and played music can played guitars and sang whether it’s been kids coming around and building a big ole bonfire in the backyard, whether it’s been kids playing with chalk on the patiodrawing. You know when they were little. They love to get the truck out just draw all over the patio, so creating an environment that your family can enjoy is really precious worth more than gold. And when you have your friends, when you have your kids over and you have your your kids have their friends over. You get to know a little about your friends. Their friends and you get to know what kind of kids they are and you can’t invite their parents over and get to know them, and you can learn and have family come over new friendships, and it’s really a nice thing to to be able to do that. So we encourage you to have your kids friends come over and what better place to do that than on a new patio. So over the years we have had at our home, so many kids come over and we had wonderful relationships not with just with their kids but with their friends, and you know now that some of our children are older, grown and out of the home they still come over and their friends still come over. Sometimes your friends will drop by even when my kids aren’t home-and you know that here at by design, contracting, concrete tulsa is really a neat thing to keep up with with them and now they’re friends are having kids and and they’re bringing their kids kids over. So that’s a lot of fun. So, anyhow, we look forward to many years of enjoyment on the patios and the porches and the pool decks and the fire pits that we have put in our home, and we know that many of our customers here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa, have done just exactly the same thing at their homes where, where they’ve looked at a a nice space in the backyard-and they said i-think we want to build a pergola right over here and we want to build a fireplace over there and, let’s put in a pool and contracting concrete tulsa, we love helping people with a design to make their backyard beautiful. What are the things we put in many many years ago? Was a nice jacuzzi, so nice, spa and boy have we enjoyed that with our family, with our kids and their kids have had their kids sometime? They back so many kids in is almost no water left when they’re done kind of ridiculous, but they sure had a lot of fun. Doing that and I just want to encourage you to to do things like that with and for your kids and get to know their friends and you’ll you’ll be much much richer of a person by doing that contract and concrete tulsa. We can help you with this bobcat. We can help you with this evening. While we can help you with the fireplace we can help you get a nice pernula put in and you can see what a value that adds to your home anytime. Anybody looks at a home for sale. You know they look at the home before they want to get out in the backyard they want to see what kind of environment what’s the environment like for their family. So you can never go wrong by putting an ice out y’all out outside backyard environment, whether it’s an outdoor kitchen or a fireplace or a fire pit, whether it’s a nice seat wall that can be both functional and decorative, to hold back dirt bank and and at the same time, to to have a nice place to sit, maybe buy a pool or a nice seat wall around the fire pit. Again, get the kids out there and cook some s’mores and cook some marshmallows and absence in morris. It is just very, very enjoyable to have a nice environment for your family to enjoy so design. Contracting concrete tulsa, build some memories and do it before your kids grow up. So we know that you want to spend money in your backyard and we want to help you spend that money.

We are by design contracting, enjoy helping people and it does cost money, but there’s no money, that’s better spent than creating memories with your kids. So we all have to be happy to come on in and give you some time and help you get a design together and we’ll get some concrete poured in your backyard, whether it be stamped concrete or stained concrete, whether it be broom, concrete or rock salt finish, whether it be just anything that you want we’re here at by design, contracting, concrete tulsa, to help you make a beautiful environment and have a have a way that you can enjoy that space with your family and your friends and your children for many years to and who knows, your kids are going to have kids they’re going to want to come they’re going to what better place to teach your kids to swim in in your own backyard pool, keep teach your grandkids how to swim. Great memories just have a great time with your family, so here it by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We are here to help you were here to serve your needs and we will enjoy doing that. So, thank you again for joining us. You know we love to serve people and we’ve won an angie’s list super service award nine times and we’ve enjoyed that. That is all about service. That’s all about taking care of your customers and again, we’ve had the best customers. Anybody could ever ask you, though, so thank you for joining us here at by design contracting on creed tulsa