Thank you again for joining us here by design contracting and concrete tulsa, the right tools, your concrete project and then look in the beauty of your concrete, just wonderful. One of them is very important about concrete. The timing with concrete is everything you do things in the wrong order or you don’t get the timing right when you’re laying concrete down it is a nightmare, and one thing we know about concrete:is it pours out wet gets hardso? What you want to do is have that concrete, pour out, wet and get hard at the right time and you get behind the concrete and starts getting hard. You are in trouble if you try to finish concrete before its time. You are in trouble. If you don’t get the concrete off the truck in time here at by design contracting concrete tulsa, you have a lot of problems that you’re it by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We know how to take care of that concrete. We know what the country’s going to do. We know how to treat that concrete. We know the timing of concrete, and that only comes with years and years of experience. If you don’t have that experience, you don’t know how that concrete’s going to set up the summer than it does in the winter. You don’t know what is going to happen when you’re pouring concrete in a real damp environment or a real dry environment. You don’t know what to do when you’re outside give you a lot of problems, then you’re it by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We have certified finishers, we have wonderful, concrete artist, know what to do, how to get that concrete down on the ground and finish it absolutely beautiful. Our men have been around by design contracting, concrete tulsa for years and there’s not a whole lot to take them by surprise anymore. You know, sometimes you can have concrete that shows up and for 45 minutes being delivered. Well, you have to treat them concrete a little different than the concrete. That’s only been on the truck for 10 minutes really quickly on the job site. You know with your timing how soon you have to get that concrete off the truck. You know what the temperature should be for that concrete to be delivered. You know if you need to send that concrete back to the plant, so you know it’s concrete hot. We did not want it. You need to know that sort of thing to be a good contractor. You know over the years we’ve competed against a lot of guys that are just a guy with a pickup truck in a wheelbarrow. They might have a rake in the back of it shovel and they say hey. We can do that concrete job and over the years we’ve had so many customers call us back and they have been just very upset because the person who gave them the really really good price the price is really good for a reason they weren’t able to have that job done, and it was not done right here at by design contract, concrete tulsa. We know how to price are concrete right to have the job done with quality so that our customers will have many many years of enjoyment with their outdoor concrete projects. You know, there’s nothing that really makes us more sad than to have a customer that will call us and say we had somebody else. Do the job-and we know we really regret it, but now we’re going to call you and we’re going to have to have it torn out. That’s going to cost us money to tear it out and have your report it. We have done that on many occasions in the job ended up costing the person two and a half times more than if they would have just had us. Do the job right. The first time. Well, it’s kind of sad, but people sometimes want to have the best price, and often you get what you pay for. So you know you should always check out your contract. Hello, i, don’t know how long it’s went. Blank but here by design, contracting, moncrief tulsa. We do excellent work and we thank our customers for the years and years of beautiful, concrete and concrete work that they’ve had is done well, you’re at by design contracting, concrete tulsa. Our customers have very very much enjoyed the fact that we’re not just a guy with a wheel barrel, experience or men who have done beautiful work over the years, and you know over that period of time. We’ve had so many customers that have called us and just had to have their concrete, redone or torn out, because it was done so badly. The first time by somebody who wasn’t insured somebody who didn’t have references, but somebody that just had a cheap price. Well, you know by design contracting concrete tulsa. We are not the most expensive person out there by any means, but we’re not the cheapest person out there by any means other, because we’re committed to our customers were committed to having proper and quality material. Good installers. You know our installers are certified concrete, finishers they’ve, taken training and testing on the national level, and we have traveled to many places around the country to get our finishers certified and trained, and we have really enjoyed the fact that we have just a higher expectation of our concrete finishers than most companies do but here by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We have, over the years work hard to do amazing work for our customers to take care of our customers and to train our employees to do the work in just a fashion that the quality of service that they give to our customers are a joy for our customers to see and by the end of the job you know, we’ve had so many customers that literally just give our employees really nice.

Bonus really is shocking to me to see, but we have customers that just give our customer or employees large amounts of money just because they’re so appreciative they had such a great attitude and they’ve had such a high quality of work-and you know-that’s been a blessing to our employees for years, and so that’s has been a nice thing to see that the customers that we’ve had have appreciated our employees. That much and you know, we’ve got the best employees that the company could ever ask for and it’s we as a company feel blessed, and we are thankful to the lord for the years of service that we’ve given to our customers, and we look forward to many. Many more years and we look forward to our employees being a part of that. So thank you for joining us here by design, contracting, concrete tulsa and again we have got the greatest customers and really wonderful employees, quality service and service that you can count on. But if you just want to die with a pickup truck and a wheel barrel, we are not those guys, but we can give you some numbers of guys that can do that kind of work and when they do it, you’ll have the best air it out and redo it and it cost you a lot of money, so i, really i, guess i, don’t recommend, then that is not a good thing, but you’re it by design, contracting concrete, also queen, please, and we want to do the best work possible for you. Well, thank you for joining us here at by design contracting, concrete