Thank you again for joining us here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa, where we are going to do a little bit of a talk today about something that a lot of people neglect or overlooked when they do their beautiful backyard environments or poor, front walk or just about anything around their house is something to think about. Whenever you’re pouring concrete is your lighting and accents lighting is something that is quite important to put in here at by design, contracting, concrete, tulsa and the time to think about that is before you for your new patio or before you pour your new front, walk or sets of stepsduring the day. It’s really great. Think about your lining, but once you at night time hits you want to have things lit up like your steps and some of the areas were you want to keep things safe for people to see when they’re walking around your home well couple things that you can do when you’re doing your lighting around your home is to put some nice step lighting inside of anywhere. You have a step up a set of steps, a higher area where you might step from a patio down to a pool. If you pour into pool deck, you might want to put an led strip around your pool or, if you’re, setting up a new wall. Maybe you want to put some led lighting around the your wall cap here by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We do all kinds of nice decorative lighting for people to make their lightingnice new patio situations, look beautiful. You might be putting up a brand new patio roof for a pergola and the time again to think about. Lighting is well that’s being installed, because here at by design contracting concrete tulsa, you can go ahead and run your wires up through your beam so that they could be hit and then not seen, which is a real nice touch, and your head by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We like to help our customers have a beautiful environment during the day and at night it’s a beautiful thing at night to just step outside flipping switch and have your out yard backyard outside environment. Just light up beautiful at night, around a pool you might want to have a nice lighting effect, something that when people walk out into their backyard they can just say wow. That is beautiful, but you can go ahead and plan for that read from the beginning, we have some very nice decorative lighting that can get bored right into the face of your steps. So, as you’re walking down your steps, you have some lighting to see just exactly. What’s going on, nobody ever misses his death that way or you don’t have to be concerned about the darkness and having to go outside with a light, see just exactly what you’re doing so here are by design contracting, concrete, tulsa, step lighting. It’s a beautiful, decorative touch, one of the items that a lot of people are now asking about is when you pour pool deck around your pool, you can put a nice led lighting strip and to put a nice led lighting strip around your pool. It’s a beautiful touch and it gives you a stripped. It just looks absolutely amazing shines into your pool and he right by design contracting concrete tulsa. It’s something that we would recommend, as it looks just truly amazing, a lot of times. People want to put a nice seat wall around a pool or around to set off an accent area in their backyard or a seating area might be a fire pit or could be just where you have to retain a little bit of a dirt back to change elevations in your yard. Retaining walls are absolutely beautiful when you make them in the seat. Walls put an ice cap on them and when you do that, that’s the time to go ahead and stick another accent, light or series of lights. You can do some real nice led lights in a strand or string, or you could just periodically put one shining down on your wall and it adds a beautiful accent to your backyard. So here at by design, contracting concrete tulsa, that is a nice accent to take a look at the think about. That’s something that we think you would enjoy in your backyard environment for years to come. You can give us a call here at by design contracting concrete tulsa at any time, and what we could do is come out. Give you a free estimate on that concrete patio that beautiful new pool vac that nice living area nice fire pit, maybe might want to have an area where you want a nice new outdoor kitchen, nice, entertainment area for your family and friends. Nothing brings your family and friends closer than a nice comfortable environment. They go out in the backyard and enjoying sitting around sit around your pool on your lounge chair or at your nice side, table with a big umbrella, stay cool in the shade, but a lot of times. People want to use their backyard environment in the winter and what a nice way of having a nice backyard environment in the winter than to have a nice fireplace installed in your backyard or maybe a nice fire pit. You know the nice thing about fireplaces or fire pit. You can either have them be a nice wood burning, fireplace where you can get a nice enjoyable firing back there or if you don’t want the mess, you can have gas lines run and run down and have a nice gas logs put in so literally, it’s just a flick of the switch, and you instantaneously have a nice fire going in your backyard and a lot of people there like that, instead of having to mess with carrying firewood and chopping firewood, getting that fire started, all they have to do is flip the switch instantaneously go out to their backyard and enjoy their outdoor seating area with some nice warm through the fire.

Losing a lot of our customers who asked about over the years is what, if I do want to go outside and it’s cold. What are the options for warm? Well, you can have a nice radiant heating system installed in your pergola or in your outdoor environment. Little radiate heat down into your seating area and you can just be enjoy watching that nice new tv that install outside you might want to sit outside and watch football game on a sunday afternoon. But maybe it’s a little bit cool the pain that nice radiant heat, turn on your football game and watch the nice fire right there in your backyard, have family and friends over it’s a beautiful place to meet with your your family. It’s a nice place to bring people together so here by design, contracting, concrete tulsa. We would just encourage you to enjoy your outdoor environment, whether it be during the day or at night, with some nice new outdoor lighting. So thank you for joining us here at by design. Contracting, concrete tulsa give us a call 918-369-7131, and we can help you to have a beautiful environment for your family and friends.