Welcome into by design contracting, concrete tulsa and we’re going to today, talk about concrete I know talking about concrete, might be shocking, absolutely shocking to anybody. That is heard it please recordings, but today we are going to talk about concrete and concrete contracting, because you’re at by design contracting concrete tulsa. We are passionate about in every way, and you know we have realized over the years. There are so many uses for concrete. What would this world be without concrete? Well, if we didn’t have concrete, we would not be in the modern era that were in today way back in the times of rome, when they first figured out that you can mix some items together like ground up, seashells, sam, gravel and you can make a mixed. It would get hard just like today, mixes up with guitar. That’s. What concrete does well, they realize that they could make something that would last a long time and it would be functional and beautiful. That’s why they built so many things out of it. They started to build the roads out of it and they’ve built ways for water to move from one location to another, whether it be viaducts or whether it be ditches that would be lined with concrete or whether it be building structures with concrete many. Many things were used, her concrete was used for, and so today we look at what our world would be like without concrete, and we would not have a modern world. So many people have gotten used to just the simplicity of hopping on an airplane and going from one place to another without concrete. That would never happen because there would be no way to land those big giant airplanes on a solid pain, smooth surface airport. Runways are sometimes several feet thick in order to handle the weight of those huge aircraft. But now with the beautiful technology and use of concrete airplanes are able to fly, not just fly, but they can lamp. What would an airplane be if it didn’t have a good place to land? Are roads what? Would life be like without roads? If we didn’t have concrete to build our roads? Out of we would be driving on dirt and dust and mud and we wouldn’t be able to get anywhere or do anything even look at your parking lots. They’re all made out of concrete curbs and gutters to carry water away from streets and parking lots are all made of concrete. You didn’t have that you would not have the ability for water to leave paved areas without making big rats and where areas. If you look at pipes, look at drainage, ditches all those things are made to carry water and run off, and we weren’t able to carry water and run off. Then we would just have the grand canyon everywhere. Well, concrete is very helpful. If you look at every place that we live, that we work that children go to school everywhere, it’s made a concrete, the walls are made out of concrete floors are made of concrete floors. Even if we had wood structures, we have your floors. Even if we had wooden structures. How would you get that wood from one place to another? Unless you had to build wood roads and they would fall apart? Really, quick or i? Guess you could just pound rocks down into a surface, and that would make a road not a very good road, but you could probably roll a wheel on it and that would be even tough. And how would you get wheels? You wouldn’t even be able to have wheels and cars if it weren’t for concrete the building’s where things are manufactured, they’re all made out of concrete. That’s right, you guessed it and if you did go from one place to another, how would you get over and under things all the bridges are made out of concrete yep? You guessed it so here it by design, contracting, concrete tulsa. We appreciate concrete and if you don’t think then purchase have to be made out of concrete. You have to think about another thing:how would those bridges be held up if it wasn’t for concrete in vitamins and if you did able to make a road? How would you separate the traffic going both ways to keep people safe, except for concrete barriers? Concrete barriers help keep vehicles where they belong, and that is always a good thing. Even our system for transporting look at the trains years ago, when they first built the trains they built everything out of wood and that only lasted so many years and it could only handle so much weight so much traffic, but now, even though all the railroad bridges, the railroad or right-of-ways they’re, starting to use concrete they’re starting to replace a lot of railroad ties with concrete concrete is everywhere, and when you start thinking about concrete and I’m sure it makes you hot and tired thinking about all the uses of concrete. So when you get hot and tired, you need a drink of water, but hey you wouldn’t have that drink of water. If you didn’t have big beautiful pipes made a concrete to carry that water to where you live. In a matter of fact, you wouldn’t even have that water, because well what are the dams made of old up the water concrete everything is made out of concrete, so you have concrete to hold your water back. The big damn that are all over the country. You’ve got concrete silos. Where does your grain go? Doesn’t the big concrete silos to store your grain when it’s harvested checks the product? It protects the crop once it’s harvested is stored in concrete, and then it goes from there to a concrete warehouse and the concrete warehouse here at by design contracting right in tulsa. We’ve got concrete warehouses everywhere, well, I’m, just driving down the road and looking at giant science and those signs are held up by concrete everything is made a concrete, now they’re, starting to build lots of fence posts out of concrete instead of wood, because it’s much longer lasting and if you want to have something that lasts a long time, you can build it out of concrete.

So concrete is everywhere here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa! That’s why we love concrete and we’re passionate about concrete tulsa. So thank you again for joining us here at by design concrete to discuss the many uses of concrete you’re at by design contracting concrete. So when you have any concrete needs by design on crafting, where experts at concrete, so you can give us a call at nine one, eight three 97131 and will help you with your concrete needs here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa