Hello and thank you again for joining us at by design contracting, concrete tulsa, where we do all types of concrete concrete is our passion we love pouring concrete. We love stamping concrete, we love doing color in concrete. We like doing patios and porches here at by design contracting concrete tulsa. As far as we’re concerned, we would just like to concrete tulsa, because if we concrete tulsa they’ll be less mowing, they’ll be less edging less trimming, less yard work, ss emissions from all the lawn mowers running all day, long taking care of people’s yards, because when you put the concrete in it’s just less mowing gets rid of that obnoxious and annoying grass and weeds. So anytime, you put in a patio and anytime you put in a porch a sidewalk, a driveway or a parking lot you’re helping save the planet, because if you do you’re creating less greenhouse gas, less lawn mowers have to run, and we like that. So here at by design, contracting concrete tulsa, you could just concrete concrete concrete because we love to pour concrete. We love all kinds of concrete who specialize in design concrete lots and lots of beautiful designs patterns, colors textures, because here at by design, contracting concrete tulsa, that’s what we do concrete. So today, I was just noticing one thing:there’s a lot of parking lots out there and every once in a while he’s here wandering around you’ll notice that people have put in parking lots that are not concrete or asphalt parking lot and asphalt. Parking lot to do serve a great purpose. They serve the purpose of maintenance, maintenance maintenance. Once you put in an asphalt parking lot, you have to constantly reseal it fix it repair or replace holes places where it’s sag divots in the concrete areas where it’s stressed out cracked. So it’s constantly going to be in need of a lot of repair, and so it it has a lot of crack and then goes on and then you got to go back in and you got to see all over the cracks and you got to reseal asphalt. So, even though asphalt is a great idea cost-wise for an issue construction, it turns around and kind of bite you in the butt later, because you got to do a lot of maintenance cost and then every time you have to reseal yes or restripe your parking lot well, one way around then concrete parking lots, concrete parking lots do cost a little bit more money up front, but once that concrete parking lot is in its much lower in maintenance, much easier to take care of it’s much easier to maintain. Then asphalt parking lot so here at by design contracting concrete tulsa, we highly recommend concrete parking lots when you put your car parking lot in you’re already going to be doing concrete, curb and gutter, and why do they do curb and gutter out of concrete and not asphalt? Well, if you try to do concrete herbs and gutters out of asphalt, they just wouldn’t last, they just would fall apart. First time something runs over them, they would get ruined completely ruined because it’s just not as good of a product. So once you do your curb and gutter in concrete, you might as well want to come back and do your whole parking lot in concrete. So don’t try to save that few dollars. Upfront for a lifetime of high maintenance cost. Do the job right the first time and have a nice concrete parking lot installed by by design contracting are phone number is 918-369-7131 because concrete parking lots are definitely the way to go and while you’re doing that concrete parking lot, you might as well not just make it functional, but you might as well make it beautiful here by design contracting. We have some beautiful spat earns that we stamp in to concrete parking, lots and that’ll make them look absolutely fantastic. You can put some color in that you can stamp out some sections of your parking. Lot. It looks like a brick that look fantastic. You can do some nice cobblestone. Look in your parking lot. We have all types of stamps and patterns that we’ve done over the years so that people’s parking lots have a nice decorative touch, a nice accent to them. So it looks just something better than just your basic and plain asphalt over or just broom concrete look and when you do put it in a parking lot, you want to make sure you have a really good quality, broom finish first you get it in get a good finish on that a nice steel trowel on there and then you going to come back in and put a broom finish on that concrete. When you want a nice broom finish, you know what that concrete to get so smooth that it’s slick dangerous to walk on when it’s wet. So here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa, we specialize in just fantastic, concrete work and over the years we’ve done some absolutely beautiful parking, lots and nice decorative accents to the parking lots. You know you want to be real, careful with all your a dea requirements, and so often times you can put a nice accent. Are the entrances of the exits of your parking lot on the entrance is x’s work. You know that you have to have a different texture to allow those with disabilities to know they’re stepping on to a parking lot, and so it’s very important here by design contracting, concrete tulsa, that you do the things that are required by law to keep your clients, your customers that are coming to your business, safe so have by design contracting concrete tulsa come out and give you a very nice project, and here I am by design contracting concrete tulsa. We love doing work for you.

We had the best customers over the last 20 years that anybody could ever ask for. So when you need concrete work, come on out two by design contracting, concrete tulsa. Let us give you a free estimate. We really love doing concrete and everything about concrete I only want to give you a good quality, long-lasting quality by design contracting, concrete tulsa parking lot. Thank you for joining us here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa