Thank you again for joining us here by design contracting, concrete tulsa, where we do wally concrete. We enjoy putting concrete down professionally and well done each time and every time a job well done, and we thank you for joining us. By design contracting concrete tulsa. Today we did a job that we just really really enjoyed. It was a porch and it was a job where a customer had with tripping and concrete that was not installed well, and we came in for that bad concrete. It was done improperly by a builder where it was kind of awkward when people would step out the door and kind of stumble and we tore that out and we created a new patio and that patio was it just beautiful, gorgeous patio and we enjoy doing really beautiful work for our customers here at 5 is lame, contracting, concrete, salt them and the unique things about this porch and then made it beautiful where the fact that we were able to put color into the concrete which, whenever you put color into it. It, takes that starkness white bright out of it and it puts up a color. All the way, through the concrete from top to bottom and that died that goes into the concrete, gives many many years of just absolute beauty, and then we put in a stamped pattern. We have a lot of stamp patterns available. Inner stamp patterns will range from seamless pattern, slave granite to name a few, and those patterns are stamped into the concrete, with the mat with what we call a thumper. In that thing that pattern into the concrete that makes it look like various types of stuff, and when you put that pattern into the concrete, it just adds a little movement to the surface. Little beauty to the surface. It’s like that. Maybe a chiseled granite, a nice sharp edges has a nice look to it very easy to walk on very easy to clean and a beautiful thing about this patio here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa is that we were able to put a rolled edge on that beautiful. It’s that came out over the face of that concrete and added a nice picture. Nice, architectural style to that concrete and putting that in cause that concrete, just to have a beautiful accent, the beautiful look, something that was a little out of the ordinary plane step that you have going up onto a patio or porch and when we do that it kind of sets it. Apart from the look of many other jobs we enjoy, when our customers give us a little bit of ability to add different sense of style to make the patio supporters there their pool decks, give it to me, you need to look in the unique style and we enjoy that creative license at our customers off and give us to create something. That’s functionally stable, something that looks beautiful and, at the same time, something that will give them years and years of quality and enjoyment. So again, we have very very much enjoyed the relationship we that we’ve had with our customers. Over the years again, we’ve had the best customers that any company than any person could ever ask to have and we build long-term relationships with our customers. We’ve had customers that have moved to new homes over the years and we have just very much enjoyed moving with them and helping them improve their next home and we look forward to every anytime they want to move or it want to create a new project. We we like to do that with them. We’ve had customers that we work for and then their kids growing up and then their kids have wanted to have beautiful, concrete, patios or driveways or porches or seat walls and hear it by design contracting, concrete tulsa. That’s what we do. We specialize in giving people just absolutely beautiful jobs, and we enjoy being able to do that so here it by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We set out to put this concrete patio in with much attention and care to detail. When we go out to a job, we will generally prepare the job preparing the job takes longer than actually pouring the concrete and often when we do that to take the time to tape off brick areas, glass areas, stucco areas, areas that you don’t want to have any concrete splatter, because concrete is a brutal business. When you tear out, you have to have much karen concern if to lay down plywood in areas to protect grass in flower beds, we have to to come in and check those areas when you’re moving 10,000 pounds of equipment around and you’re tearing out a hundred thousand pounds of concrete it takes precision and it takes much care to keep a person’s home in beautiful shape, while you’re doing the work. And afterwards, when you have that job finished, you don’t want concrete all over the walls here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We give extra care to keep people’s homes clean, to keep the glass clean, to give a person the best job that they could have, and so we thank our customers over the years and again, this customer that we did the patio for the front porch. As the first thing people see when they come up to their home is their driveway in their front porch, and when you give somebody that kind of attention, it’s very, very nice to let that be the first thing somebody sees when they’re coming up to somebody’s home and the customer to add an extra richness and beauty to this job by going ahead and having that job sealed when they were done in hansa’s the beauty, it protects the concrete and when you do a job and you seal, it does need some renewal of the sea or every so many years, and when you do that, it just makes that thing look brand-new all over again and so we’re very happy over the years to provide that service as well.

We take care of our customers and we like our customers to have absolutely beautiful concrete for years and years to come. One of the beautiful things about stamped concrete is, it just seems to get more and more beautiful with age. It seems like overtime, you can wash it clean, it reseal it and just everytime. It looks more and more beautiful and more natural and again, we’ve had the best customers and we’ve had so many customers that has come back and clean and reseal keep their project looking brand new year after year. So they give thank you for joining us at by design contracting, concrete tulsa, and we have had a beautiful day and a beautiful job. And again we have been in the top 5% of contractors for angie’s list for 9 consecutive runs, and we have really enjoyed getting an angie’s, list, super service award recognized for quality and excellence, and we thank our customers for that and again, thank you for joining us here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa