Thank you again for joining by design contracting, where we love to do concrete. We have had so many amazing concrete projects and we just really enjoy working with our customers by design. Contracting has had so many good contractors are so many good customers over the years that we’ve enjoyed working with by design contracting, concrete tulsa, is been around for a lot of years, and we have the experience here at by design contracting concrete tulsa to do an amazing job on your project. I would say a good amount of the projects that we do here at by design contracting, concrete, tulsa, areresidential projects, projects on a home, just like yours, whether it’s a nice compact, 2 bedroom house in midtown area, or whether it’s a sprawling south, tulsa beautiful estate home. We have done beautiful, concrete that fits the property that fits the needs of the homeowners and we have enjoyed working with our customers. So here today, at by design, contracting, concrete tulsa we’re going to talk a little bit more about keeping your cool beautiful. You know so many people over the years, I’ve had so many different, concrete pool surfaces, and you know when a pool gets to be old, 20 30 years old. Sometimes they need work and by design contracting concrete tulsa are experts at rejuvenating that concrete deck, whether it’s coming in tearing that concrete deck out and doing replacement, which one you get an old pool, is often times a really good idea, because if that time the plumbing can be checked serviced, any replacement of any parts need to be done. Skimmers can be replaced and the tile a lot of times that towel is getting old and not so pretty anymore. Maybe it’s just dated. Maybe it saw style left over from the 70’s or 80’s and you’re looking at a joint I have to look at that tile again I’m going to throw up. Well, maybe that’s a good time to have that tile replaced and have a nice new cantilever pool at you put on your pool by design contracting, where experts at doing that or experts at taking care of your outdoor needs. So we’ve been just recently worked on a nice pool deck that was a complete renovation of a pool. Their pool was pretty tired and you know they said to them self, but let’s go ahead and just bring this pool ride up to today’s standards. They added a nice beautiful bathing shelf, where the concrete, where the, where the new area for the bathing area was only about 6 in deep, where they could sit. Some nice lounge chairs right down inside the pool on the bathing shelf and they could just sit there and enjoy bathe in the water while they were sitting in the sun getting a nice suntan. Another thing people like to do is add nice. Water features in their pool when they do this in here by design, contracting concrete tulsa. We can help you to do all those renovations. We we have the people that can come in and do all kinds of beautiful jobs for you. So we want to thank you again for all the customers we’ve had over the years and a lot of that just beautiful projects, so here it by design, contracting, concrete tulsa. It doesn’t matter what that renovation is, that you need to have done to your home, we’re here to help you we do concrete, we do backyard renovations, we do pool renovations new pool, decks, cantilever pool edge juice. We take care of drainage many times over the years. People’s backyards, the drainage just doesn’t work anymore. It seems, like things, have gotten built up an overgrown and they’re just water standing where it shouldn’t be standing in water, stand up on the patio when it shouldn’t be here at by design, contracting, concrete tulsa. We are experts in water mitigation. We can take care of those problems when get that water a place to go. We can get that new drainage system in so that you don’t have that problem anymore, and so over the years we have put in so many beautiful drainage systems that are stunning beautiful to the eye and very functional. We had a customer that we work for some years ago and had a big, beautiful room addition built onto their home, but the contractor hadn’t taken into account drainage and the first big rain. They had the water went right through their new room addition and by design. Contracting was called to come in and take a look at that problem, which we did. We were able to come up with a a drainage plan, a drainage solution, and that was a multi-step drainage solution. The first thing we did was to put in new drains new large pipes coming down the side of their home new drains new places for the water to go strip drains new concrete that was draining away from the house vast amount of that concrete from even getting into the yard to begin with, because their yard brain many other yards around them and again, we’ve been called upon over the years many times to take care of what some people would see is near impossible drain projects, and we have been so happy to come in and help people resolve their drainage problems. So again we treat ulcer because we love taking care of those drainage projects. We love taking care of people’s backyards and customers needs, and it is so nice when a project is over to just have the customer have a sigh of relief knowing that things have been taken care of and over the years by design contracting, concrete tulsa have taken care of so many water problems that people have had and we enjoy taking care of our customers. So again, thank you for joining us here up by design contracting in concrete tulsa, and you know if you have a pool that needs renovated, we can come on in and we can bring our team of experts.

We’ve got people that can plaster your pool. We got people that can put a nice beautiful tile on your pool. We can pull up those old, tired pool, decks and put down new pool decks with cantilever pool edges. We can put a new diving board, so we can put in a water features. You know we can get in and put in some just beautiful projects. Just about anything, you need, if you might want a nice fire pit, but right by that pool, so the kids can get out of the pool and have a nice place to warm up a lot times in the spring, in the fall that water still is too little bit cool but boy the kids want to be in there, but they get cold quick. So it gives them nice way to warm up. You might want to add a heater on your pool. We can call the people and have it done right, and so here it by design, contracting, concrete tulsa we enjoy taking care of our customers needs and i. Maybe you want to put a new kitchen, a new outdoor kitchen right on out there by your patio. We can take care of that. Just give us our numbers, 918 369-7131, and thank you for calling us thank you for trusting us here at by design contracting, concrete