My back by design contract, concrete tulsa, where we are going to talk about concrete I know again. We love to talk about concrete. We are passionate about concrete. Concrete is something that we do here at by design, contracting, concrete tulsa, the one thing over the years that I have always been fascinated with his concrete from the time I was 7 or 8 years old I got to watch my dad mix up some concrete and pour some little patios and and build some walls out of some mortar and block and some bread, and it was just really fascinated to watch just when I could barely lift up bricks and blocks and help. My dad I watched him build things out of concrete, and you know those things that were done so many years ago are still around today. Standing strong and built. Well-and you know that’s the one thing about concrete. Just really lasts and lasts, and that’s something that many other forms of building only last so many years, and then they completely fall apart. But the one beauty of concrete is it is long lasting a lot of times. It is way more long-lasting than even customers would want, because after 30 or 40 or 50 years, sometimes they want to change things up date. Things go to a new style. It so they’ll just for aesthetic reasons want to tear something out and redo it and modernize, something with their home, and that is one thing that we had by design. Contracting can help you with we’ve, got very, very good designers and architects that come in and help you to design a nice new backyard environment. Maybe you’ve just moved into a house and you’re looking at the backyard or the front yard and you’re saying what do I do, but we highly recommend that you get a plan first before you do anything, get a plan and just take a look at that plan and see where you at where and how were you wanting corporate the different features into that plan. Like I said as a very young boy, and then is a teenager. I helped my dad and his neighbor and boy we got in and and mix it by hand and poured over 50 yards of concrete into a driveway, and that was with a cement, mixer and moving it with wheelbarrows, and you know that was quite a challenge for a young teenage boy and some days I was pretty grumpy about it. Cuz. The last thing I wanted to do was go out and mix sand, cement and gravel into a cement mixer and poured into a a wheelbarrow. But you know it feels good habits, good work habits for me as a young man to help my dad around the house and to work hard, and you know that concrete is still around all these years later. So concrete is a very last universal product here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa. In the thing, that’s always fascinated me is that it pours out, wet and gets hard. You know you can pour out some concrete in the morning and it’s just comes out of that truck just wet runs down the chute and that you just start working with it and by the late afternoon or evening you can walk out on it. It’s amazing that it pours out, wet and gets hard, always fascinated with that and always have been fascinated with that. More than likely. That would mean I’m pretty easy to to please, because I had just look at that and in amazement, but it’s very important to know. What’s in that concrete that you have delivered here at by design contracting concrete tulsa, we have our design mixes that we like to use with our redi-mix vendors, and we know how we want to have that concrete delivered. We know the time frames, we know how long it takes a different weather and environment to have our concrete deliver them to give us the working time that we want to finish it and hear it by design contracting, concrete tulsa we enjoy working with concrete. We got the best concrete, finishers in concrete artisans that anybody could ask for and that we’ve had the best customers over the years as well. So here it by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We have had a lot of really beautiful beautiful projects or the years and we enjoy each and every one of them we enjoy most every customer we’ve ever had and the nice thing is never have. We ever done two jobs in all these years. That have been exactly the same, and that is one thing that is beautiful about the kind of work that we do, even though all of it is very similar and familiar. All of it is also very different and unique to each different application, whether it is a driveway or a walkway or a patio, whether it’s curb or a parking lot, whether it’s a stem wall or a slab, or sometimes even a beautiful backyard environment with a pergola and a fireplace. Maybe you want a nice fire pit to have your family enjoy or a new pool. We love to do the pool decks on on pools all the time we just enjoy doing concrete. So I just want to thank you for joining us here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa, where we have had many many years of fascination with concrete enjoyment, with concrete we’ve had so many customers that have just given us just a wonderful artistic license. They’ve given us a budget and said, make my backyard beautiful, and so we, along with our customers, have been able to design and build a beautiful living environment for them, and we just want to thank our customers it by design, contracting, concrete tulsa for many years, beautiful working relationship and it’s just a joy to be able to do work.

We take it. We we take it as a privilege and an honor to be able to come into your home and serve you with the knowledge and the expertise that we have to give you a beautiful livable project for you and your family to enjoy it for many years to come. So we are getting. Thank our customers bite you to give us a call. If you haven’t been able to have by design contracting come out and do any work for you. You can give us a call at 918-369-7131 and area by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We will come out and see what your needs are, because we love to serve the needs of our customers. So thank you for in giving us a call by design contracting in our website by design tulsa.Com. Give us a call, look us up on your website. Thank you very much.