The wonderful world of concrete well. By, design contracting. We have so many things to talk about all the time about concrete, because we love concrete. We are passionate about concrete and everything concrete nearby design, contracting, concrete tulsa and one of the things that we really enjoy doing every year or every couple years is to take our employees to a very, very large concrete show called the world of concrete. Now this is not just any trade show. This is the largest trade show in the world that trade show takes up the entire las vegas convention center, and it goes on every year and it showcases the absolute newest brightest best in concrete concrete technology, concrete tools and equipment, the science of concrete, the installation of concrete. There are hundreds of different types of courses that are available that help our staff and our key people here at by design contracting, to be trained in systems to be trained in installation to be trained in decorative concrete to be trained in and brought aware of, all of the newest and the latest. In concrete technology, concrete systems, and here at by design contracting concrete tulsa, we feel it’s important for us to stay on the, cutting, edge of of our industry, so are key employees love to go to the world of concrete for training, and you know if you walk every aisle of the convention center in las vegas, and look at everything that the concrete world of concrete show as available. You end up walking 36 miles during the course of the week. So it is a lot about concrete. It is a lot having to do with concrete in a lot of training that is available for concrete, so the vendors in the world of concrete literally come from all corners of the earth all over the world. They come to the world of concrete to show off their products to show off what they have available to the market here at by design contracting concrete tulsa. Not only do they have their boots on the inside of the world of concrete, they have a huge outdoor area and hear it by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We spend a lot of time in the hands-on area of the world of concrete, so that here at by design, contracting concrete tulsa, we have the best trained, finishers and concrete artisans that no, what kind of work needs to be done on in the concrete industry? And we really we really enjoy taking our guys out there. They absolutely love going to all these trainings. We have, in the last couple of years been able to take advantage of a lot of of the new techniques in in color techniques, with concrete style techniques. Stamping techniques, overlay techniques was the finest latest technology in sealers and surface protecting products. What is new in concrete protection before, during and after the installation of concrete? We take advantage of the the training for our installers to keep them up-to-date and certified as installers in the concrete industry and over the years we have been so many times to the world of concrete, taken advantage of of newest and the greatest technologies in concrete polishing. How to dye the concrete, the the protectant products for polish, the maintenance products for polish, the new technology and diamond and diamond pads and diamond discs and resin discs and hybrid discs for concrete polishing metal discs that hold the diamonds in place to keep them from falling out of the machines, because the machines are only as good as the diamonds underneath them, and you know the reality is the diamonds really don’t wear out? They fall out of the polishing equipment, so the latest and greatest of technology to keep the different grits of diamonds in place. So there is not that wear and tear factor, so we like to keep our concrete polishing equipment, up-to-date with the newest and latest technology, to give the best possible floor that is available. So we are by design. Contracting concrete tulsa have spent much time with our employees with our staff, with our sales people to make sure that we’re right at the cutting edge of technology. So we know what’s out there, what the safety new safety equipment and new safety items are and we enjoy our customers we enjoy giving our customers the latest and greatest. In the technology, so thank you again for 2hat by design, contracting, concrete tulsa or were passionate about concrete. We love doing concrete work. We like interacting with our customers. By the way we’ve had the best customers that anybody could ever have over the years and we think our customers they refer us over and over again, have an opportunity to see the same customers year after year. They’ll call us but moving to a new home and they’ll say you did such a beautiful job on my last patio. I want another one, and so we enjoy working for customers that won’t be adding to and remodeling doing, new new projects at their homes. People have over the years decided that their home is, there always is, and what a better place to have family and friends come over what a better place to entertain then at their home, so enjoy working with our customers and having them work in concrete in their home. So thank you again by design contracting, concrete tulsa, give us a call 918-369-7131 here at by design contracting concrete tulsa. We love working with concrete