Pleasing all the people, all the time, you know that’s really a good idea. We have had the best customers over the years., by design, contracting, concrete tulsa, but every once in awhile you get a customer. This just takes a little bit of extra care and concern, and you know our goal is to serve our customers. Our goal is to give them a good quality project, our goal, to give them a project it’s on time and on budget. Our goal is to please our customers and give our customers something they can be proud of, and we thank our customers over the years cuz they been the best customers. Anybody could ever have here at by design, contracting. You know most of our customers over the years have been customers by referral, and you know:we’ve had just the best one customer refers another customer who rivers another customer. You have a customer that will move after for 5 years to a new home and I’ll. Call us back and they’ll. Have us put a whole new outdoor environment in there in space will have it for a new driveway. They just know that when by design comes in there going to do a high quality job for them-and they know they can trust us trust. We don’t take lightly here at by design contracting concrete tulsa. Our customers know that when we come to their home, the things are going to be done right. They know that our employees are going to treat their home with respect. They know that their customers are going to be treated with respect and they know they will bend over backwards to take care of their needs. So we think our customers, because they know that we are here to help them to serve them and be a blessing to them, and you know we feel like. We have really been blessed of the lord, because we’ve taken on this attitude to serve and we love to serve our customers. Thank you. Customers, we’ve had so many good friendships that have developed over the years and wieners never take that lightly. Now we’re going to get back again, and we were talking about tools, concrete tools and time in making sure that everything is done on time. That means knowing how to read the concrete when that concrete shows up there’s a time to put a mop on it, there’s a time to float that stuff out, there’s a time to put a blue glider on it and get a beautiful surfers, there’s a time to get on the skis and travel that thing. If you’re doing a rock salt finish, there’s a time to throw the rock salt. If you do it too early, it doesn’t look good. If you do it too late, it doesn’t go in. Everything is all about timing with concrete and the only way you can know that timing is to have done that concrete for years and years to know that in the winter conference different than it is in the summer know, the design mixes that are sent to us by the ready mix companies are different for the different seasons to know the right type of things to put in the concrete to slow it down or to speed it up just to get it absolutely on time. You know we put a lot of coloring concrete to make it look beautiful to give it a decorative effect, but a lot of contractors that will use color and then put in ca to speed there concrete up in the winter which ruins the finish ruins the color and actually ruins the steel that you put in. Why would you put all that time into getting a job ready, putting down steel so that everything is done right, so the concrete doesn’t fall apart and then you put in c a r you put calcium in the concrete instead of ncaa, and let that calcium just ruin your job. It just comes from an experience over the years and some contractor say it’s cheap we’re going to use it well, those are the corners that you just don’t want to cut. When you’re pouring concrete cure by design contracting concrete tulsa, we don’t cut those corners. We make sure that your job is done right and we just think our customers for trusting us to do that and hear it by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We come out to your job site. We treat your home with respect. We treat you with respect, so he right by design, contracting, concrete tulsa. We know the tools in the equipment to bring out to do the job on time and when the job throws you a curve or there’s a surprise. You know we know what to do because we’re not inexperienced we’ve been doing concrete for all these years and we know what to expect. When things don’t go right. We live in a world that sometimes things don’t go right, but the good news is. We have the stock of materials on the truck right there on the job site to know what we need to do to make that job right man, we thank god for this years and years of experience that are guys have we thank god for the training, hours and hours and hours of training years of sending our employees off for training in different cities around the country and the certification said they’ve gotten. We appreciate that it just makes them better equipped to do your job, so arab by design, contracting, concrete, tulsa, we’re proud of our artists were proud of our finishers will proud of our labors and proud of our staff and designs that sell we’ve got the best people did anybody could ever ask for. So thank you for joining us here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa, and you know again. Over the years we’ve had just great customers and yura by design contracting, concrete tulsa of we’ve invested in the right tools and the right equipment.

We have worked over the years to find the best ready mix companies in the best companies to supply color. We have worked with a lot of companies over the years so that we know exactly what it is that we’re bringing to the table when we come out to your home by design. Contracting has been a recipient of the super service award through angie’s list 9 *. The only way to get that is to provide consistent quality service over the years and we’re very appreciative that our customers have voted us worthy to get that kind of an honor top 5% of contractors in the nation, that’s by design contracting. So thank you for joining us and we thank you that you will give us a call and by design contracting, concrete tulsa and that phone number is 918-369-7131 again. Thank you for joining us at by design contracting, concrete tulsa