Well, welcome back by design contracting in concrete tulsa, the last time we were together. We started talking about concrete tools and then I got so distracted. Talking about how absolutely amazing that my employees are and what great customers we have I never got back to concrete tools, so I’ll try to make an effort again talk about using the right tools. Well, first of all, the right tools are not a guy with the wheel barrel and a pickup truck, because a guy with a wheelbarrow on a pickup truck that has no experience and is not insured. Well he’s just a guy with a wheelbarrow on the pickup truck and I keep a troubleso one of the things you may want to do and looking to hire a concrete contractor is to make sure that they have great references, make sure that they’re insured make sure that their employees have workman’s comp and make sure that their employees are certified finishers with years and years of experience. This is something my highly recommend, and you know, if you don’t have these thingsi think you’re going to be kind of sad when the job is done, but not everybody does have employees of this caliber and I want to encourage you to just check out your the contractor. That wants to do your work and oftentimes. If somebody comes in at a super low price, there is a reason:they’ve come in at a super low price if you’re going to get a super load, caliber of workmanship and or really bad quality. Well, let’s get back to youthe concrete tools that you use are very important. The quality of the schools are very important. I know that my finishers love marshalltown tools, so we’ll have a little marshalltown commercial. We have magnesium floats that we use that are made by marshalltown, high-quality magnesium, and you know they don’t skimp on quality and they do a product. It is really really good. You know you paid two to three times more for marshalltown tools, but there’s no difference other. There is no harrison in marshalltown than any other tool that we seen out there on the market when you buy their trowels. Their travels are really fantastic. They’re made for a concrete finisher to get right out there. On the concrete and finish-and you know, over the years we’ve tried a lot of different products. We have people that show up with other brands of tools. You know we come to find out that they’re, just not that good. So the outstanding choice of our concrete marshalltown floats marshalltown, trowel, marshalltown, edgers, marshalltown, mock and I can’t say how much I recommend you check out the tools this year that are used by the contractors. They use good quality products during to get a good quality job, so here it by design, contracting, tulsa will use the best quality inn tool and certified concrete finishers are always a good idea. So thank you for using fighting like contract. We have the greatest employees that we’ve had the greatest customers over the years. So again, thank you for joining by design on track now to use those tools when we get that shows up on a concrete truck. We need to know that that about as fresh as it’s in good shape, we need to know how long the truck we need to know what kind of mint is in that truck. We don’t see any of the materials that we have delivered on to our job site and we make sure that each and every truck delivered on the job site is a highest quality. We make sure that the timing is right. We make sure that it’s been mixed with the right, aggregates the rights and the right portland in the proper quantities. We make sure that it arrived on the job site at the proper temperature, so that you don’t have problems down the road. We make sure that we deliver that concrete onto the ground on time. You know if that congress, not on time that truck needs to be sent back where that congress been loaded or not. We do a lot of concrete with color in it who made sure that there’s no additive into the concrete it will disrupt that color. A lot of times, contractors like to use calcium in the winter to beat up that concrete. We don’t use calcium, calcium, react badly to color and it will damage your rebar over the years. So we don’t use calcium, calcium, make the job go quicker in the winter, but it’s damaged into the long-term usage of your beautiful outdoor project. So again you can try to use the right equipment. You have the right product delivered and to give you just a beautiful quality of and by design contracting prides itself in just really good workmanship are guys enjoy working in hotly enjoy enjoy eating i, don’t know why, but we like to feed our guys good food and guess what, when they’re out there working hard on your concrete job, for we often times will have some hamburgers or pizza delivered and they’ll get to eat on the job right there together, and you know, I think sometimes eating together, creates, are real good bond changes them around helps people to feel really great about what they’re doing, and you know what we like to get our guys just food, and it gives me more time to bond together and work together, and you know, by the end of the day everybody standing there. Looking at your job and then that turned out just beautiful and that’s the kind of work that we like we like to give our customers, so we go that extra bit. Keep our customers. Are our employees happy happy happy here by design contracting, concrete tulsa? We love concrete wheel of concrete work here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa.

We love that having really good certified finishers here if I design, contracting concrete tulsa and we like having quality materials delivered to the job site like you’re at by design, concrete, concrete tulsa. We also love marshalltown products here at 5 design, contracting concrete tulsa. So do you need to have really good concrete work done? You need to give us a call at 5 design, contracting, concrete, tulsa 918-369-7131 by design contracting, concrete tulsa