Well, today, we’re going to talk about. Where does concrete go to die? You know, sometimes, over the years we have to go back and replace the driveways and there’s several reasons why you would want to replace an old driveway. The biggest reason that we end up replacing driveways in the northeast oklahoma area is because the driveways were installed improperly to begin with the proper installation of your concrete or patio it doesn’t matter. What it is is very, very important, and if the concrete is not installed correctly to begin with, it can create a lot of problems. Well, over the years builders looked at concrete, more as a necessary evil. It’s just something that has to be done to final, the house when they put in a new house, they really are concentraticbeen done well, the problem with that is a lot of times. They get the cheapest installation.

They’ll just go out and throw some concrete down with no base material underneath it to help give a quality installation. They won’t put any rebar in the concrete to hold that concrete in place and help stabilize it to give it a a base that when it does have any cracking that it will not move. And the third thing is a lot of these builders a lot of these concrete companies that work for builders. They will not go back and cut their concrete. They won’t put an expansion joints, they won’t cut in control joints and these are an integral and important part of your concrete pour when the concrete is not put in properly. It allows that concrete to crack randomly and austin concrete will crack randomly about every 10 ft. We know that, based on years and years of history and years and years of proper engineering specs, and so when we come in and we cut our concrete, we like to have our concrete cuts done at the right time and we like to have our concrete cut at the right places to help keep from cracking, because we know-and we promise you that that country is going to crack and what we hope to do is have it crack into the joints that we provide for that concrete crack

In generally, that’s the case and anytime you put in a control joint. Are you look down you’ll see where that concrete is cracked right there on the joint provided well again back to a lot of the lowering concrete, insulation companies they’ll, just throw the concrete on the ground and I’ll throw a wet broom over it. They won’t even bother to trowel concrete and then when they do, that they all just throw up, wet broom and drag it across the top, leaving a very rough and unsightly surface and they won’t come back

and cut the country because it takes a little bit extra time. It takes the cost of the saw blades in the expensive than the right and proper size, but they won’t come back and do any cutting, and so over the years, you’ll go back and look with country has been improperly installed. It’ll get cracked and ugly they’ll be no base in so I’ll start to move. So then we know when this concrete has to be removed and replaced, that concrete has to go somewhere when it dies. Well, there’s several options here in the northeast oklahoma area, there’s one or two recyclers now that have opened up and we can haul our concrete to them and they will grind it up and very huge concrete grinding machines into a small base material and then that’s all small base. Material again will be resold to put underneath the installation of new roads and new concrete projects, and this is a really good way to recycle and reuse.

Concrete I believe that will be the the up-and-coming method over the years to get rid of concrete. Then it can be reused. Ii removal is that sand pits all through the regent and they’re constantly pulling out and removing sand over the years and they’re digging these great big, kids and now they’re, starting to refill the pit with concrete, and when that keep clean concrete goes back into the pits. Then it’s covered over with a good grade of dirt or topsoil, and that will create the bill needed to bring that space back to its original clothes back to its original base and then that concrete will be covered up covered over with the proper amount of dirt topsoil and that land then can be reused and reclaimed. Many other purposes. So that’s the second place concrete goes to die in the northeast oklahoma region, and we, when we remove the concrete big trucks that come and do all that hauling. You know concrete removal is a bit of a dirty business.

It’s heavy is dirty. We remove hundreds of thousands of pounds every week and it takes much proper care to make sure that it’s been done safely and it’s been removed safely and the concrete trucks that are the trucks that come to all the concrete out and got to have it stacked in the concrete married to the trucks correctly. So if you’re up by design, contracting concrete. Make sure that that country is remove safely, it is covered to keep the roads safe and here by design, contracting concrete. We are sure to know that things are done well and things. So thank you again for joining us at by design contracting, concrete tulsa, because you’re at concrete tulsa. We love to do concrete. So you give us a call at 908-369-7131 or look at our website at by design tulsa.Com, where we feature the best of concrete tulsa.

by, design tulsa.Com, so I’m here at by design contracting concrete tulsa. We love to do your work so give us a call, and thank you again for joining us. Concrete removal here at by design. Contracting concrete also is a dirty business, but it has to be done and has to be done safely and it has to be done in a nice manner. So think you can join us here at 5 if I’m contracting,, pretty concrete tulsa.