Good afternoon and welcome to another session of concrete Tulsa by by Design Contracting tonight, we’re going to discuss a few new things about concrete that maybe we haven’t discussed before and the last time we talked. We had talked about swimming pools and swimming pool edges. But today, here at concrete Tulsa we’re going to talk about safety when you put in a full deck and safety when you put in a pool deck, is a very important item here at concrete Tulsaspell, again fools safety and concerns about concrete. The last time we talked. We talked about slippery deck concrete. It could be a little bit slippery on a pool deck. We never recommend putting in a pool deck. That is a trowel system, plane smooth trowel finish, because that can be very slippery on your feet. How many times people like to put a smooth trowel Deck with an ass and staying in a ceiling, because it has a very deep dark? Rich and look? We don’t recommend that often for a pool deck, because the deep dark look is very warm on the feet. In the sunlight, Garrett, concrete Tulsa – and the second thing is, it is very slippery. This so often times over top of an acid stain finish, people will want to put a sealer. Sealer can also be quite slippery, so you want to put a good grip down on the deck which causes the deck and have a nice slip. Resistant finish and slip-resistant doesn’t mean that you can’t slip off. The X kids will run around the pool deck in any surface. They’Ve got they’ll run around the edges, they’ll find a spot that it’s their feet. It’S a water or a big puddle and will be slippery, but there’s also always safety around the pool deck that needs to happen, and but when you put a grip in your sealer you’ll have a pool. Deck is much more slippery resistant. We like to use that on stained concrete that has been damn often times and many good stamps that you can use in concrete, and we talked about that last time as well – a good stamp that, for example, of Coquina that is very, very slip resistant. You can use a nice slate stamp, which looks absolutely beautiful. You can use a granite stamp, the depraved pretty or a rock salt finish. All of those gives the pool deck texture very comfortable on this very usable, concrete, finish. Concrete also, so we often think about the slip. Resistance or put in a pool that can generally pool deck should always be between 1 and 2 % fall. We don’t generally like to ever put more than that on concrete or pool deck. If so, then add the correct pitch for the water to run off, but not so much that it’s uncomfortable to sit in chairs, but your pool umbrellas on your table. You know what feel like you’re sitting sideways on your patio decks, but you do want drainage. One thing to know is anytime: you have a very slight drainage on a full deck. You can always get little puddles, which generally won’t hurt anything, but they are very annoying. So we don’t like puddles, we do everything we can to be careful. Concrete Tulsa at by Design and not have slippery spots in the pool deck collect water that can become slippery, so protecting your pool deck with a good sealer is a great idea. If you have a good slip, resistant deck material and a light color, so it’s comfortable on your feet, not a darker color, which looks nice but can heat up and be very, very warm on a hot summer day. So here at concrete Tulsa, please stay away from dark, deep colors, around pool deck couple safety items that we always careful about when you have inspection and make sure your electrician is grounded all the handrails grounded all the name of the diving board, anything that has metal Within 4 foot of a pool that you always want to have that round. That includes all the rebar is tied in your steel. Steel is in your pool. Deck is there to help, keep concrete from moving, help to stabilize and keeps things from heaving or dropping and protects your your concrete, so you’ll have a long-lasting, so here concrete also, we always put Steel in our concrete. We Care out a lot of concrete that has no Steel in it, which lends itself to not be a real good, concrete job that many years ago, that was very common to do concrete finishes. Concrete Jackson not have any Steel in the country, but today we know that it is very important to do that. Along with this deal, we always like to put control joints in are hungry for control joints to do a very nice job, allowing the concrete to move, expand crack without having issues and it eliminates – or it should say it, minimizes the cracks outside of the control joints. One thing that concrete can do is crack Anytime Anyplace, but it’s very predictable where and how it is generally correct. So we know where to put the control joints to minimize that cracking. But if you talk to any old, concrete professional they’ll tell you 2 things that will happen with concrete one: it’s not going to be stolen to it’s going to crack. So what we always how to do is give it the best chance to crack in a control joint, and then you know exactly what’s going to happen and where it’s going to go, which is nice, Charlie, Connor Creed means to be jointed if its 4 inch thick And a maximum of 10 foot with very few exceptions, and that causes the car to control as it expands and contracts inside the joint, and that is a really good thing that I have to do so.

We’Ve talked a little more about pool decks. The beauty of the pool decks. It makes a very nice environment here at concrete Tulsa, so you know that you have a comfortable place to put your feet comfortable place to walk a comfortable place to get in and out of the pool on our last broadcast. We talked about a nice pool coping and getting into the the pool to finish that book open. So that is a very important aspect of cool decks and here at concrete Tulsa we’re experts. I put him in pool decks done right, the last a long time and give you a a beauty is unsurpassed. So that is our discussion on further discussion of pool decks. One of the things we often find when putting in pool is that you have big change of elevation when you do your school work and one of the things that we do to take care of, that it’s very beautiful and very decorative is a nice concrete seat Wall seat walls allow you to have a place around pool to sit a place for people to congregate and enjoy their each other’s company, and it does a beautiful job of retaining the the dirt road that goes around. That has to be moved away from the pool deck so that you can get proper runoff oftentimes will put a strip drain close within the front of that balls are very, very helpful in keeping back the dirt, you should always put an eye strain behind the seat Wall, so you don’t ever build up pressure from hydraulic pressure from water and you always want to give that water a place to go without seeping through under the wall or on the deck again here at concrete Tulsa. We are experts at concrete. We are professional at the installation and we give an amazing quality here and concrete Olsen and again we want to thank you for joining us today and talking about pool decks Spirit, concrete Tulsa. Thank you very much.