By Design Contracting | Concrete Tulsa Podcast | Episode Seven

So back in. The last time we were talking about. Concrete we were talking about sidewalks and y’all. Well. Today. I think. Instead of concrete. And sidewalks and you all today will probably talk a little more about sidewalks. And might could. Might Could is another term that I learned when I came to Oklahoma. And when I came to Oklahoma I really. Didn’t understand. Necessarily how people talk. Here. But they did talk a little different. My first year in Oklahoma I lived in a rural area and here by the time contracting. Concrete in Tulsa. It was a small farm town.

And small farm towns. They have some language that is. Different than what I was used to growing up in San Diego. And. So I went. To visit a friend. And I asked for some help with something. And. You know.

Their response to when I ask was something I had never heard before. I asked for help and they said Well Mike Good. And I had no idea what might could be in my head. Do you want to help me or. Do you not want to help me here you and help me today. Are. You going to help me tomorrow or. What I found out is they were willing and eager to help me out. But the response was good. So I was able to. Have. My could hear at concrete Tulsa to my vocabulary. So. One thing I try not to do. When I go out to visit a customer and talk about their concrete patio or their concrete deck or their driveway or their sidewalk. Or their concrete Polish or a beautiful deck around their pool or a sea wall. And they asked me if we could do the work. I really refrained from saying. My good. Because my good is.

In my and there’s little. But some people do understand just exactly. What might could be. And so if you’re in the right environment maybe in a nice rural setting. Somebody built a beautiful farmhouse out on. Our farm and it’s out looking out over a nice wheat field or a nice pasture and get their cattle out there grazing and.

They asked me if I could do something while I’m on their job site. I absolutely will say. Mike could. Well get it done. So anyway there you go. Here it concrete Tulsa. For my good. My good is. A new vocabulary word. So. Here. My design contracting Duncraig Tulsa. We. Got to get back a little bit. The sidewalks. In the last podcast we talk about. City sidewalks. And the city sidewalks. Do require few special things and. I know the city of Broken Arrow requires a lot of control joints sometimes.

Half their driveway and intersections with their driveway. They would like to not only have an expansion joint they’d like to have a good expansion along with a fiber expansion. At both sides of the sidewalk. Separating going through the driveway. And that just happens to be their specific. Thing that they like to have and we like to learn what different cities because we want to please them we want to serve our customers and make sure everything is done well within the codes to make them look beautiful. So here by design contracting concrete Tulsa. When we do sidewalks in Broken Arrow. That’s what we do. Nice Cedar Street on other side of the sidewalk with expansion on at least one side. No rebar. And. One thing also Broken Arrow is very specific about which we’re careful about anyway. But they didn’t want to see any concrete wash down anywhere near. Their. City streets. So they request that all trucks are washed out at least 3 or 4 feet away from the street. Which we’re happy to do with it’s possible when it’s not. We always take our concrete buggy which. Is a very nice. Track. Vehicle. And. That is made specifically. To go up to the concrete to get filled with a third of a yard of concrete and we could take that track to be almost anywhere and delivering concrete through a gate as small as 36 inches. When we go over people’s yards and their graphs and. Very minimal footprint. Goes over the grass. And then as that grass is water the. Road.

You can’t ever tell we. Saw a track vehicle it a beautiful way to deliver a free. Hand to get people’s. Concrete out to them.

And we knew that a lot. We’re. Working with people’s backyards. In order to. Minimize any mess. And. Make keep their yards beautiful. We tell our customers we we like to. Leave a job. So that it looks like we haven’t even been there except for the beautiful new concrete. Lakes. So when people ask us if we. Do their job and have a minimal amount of impact in the yard. We could be there within a certain amount of days. We say my good. But mind could also. Well I don’t know what the weather going to be. The weather might be cold and that might mean we might have. Might have a lot of rain which is going to make everything too muddy. To do anything. And sometimes that can be a problem. So that sometimes when we would say I could. Set a perfect time to use that term I don’t think. Okay we’re back to finish up talking about by design concrete tolls sidewalks in this section is. Sidewalks city sidewalks and Mike could. Answer subject today. So we might could get this. Recording finished. And be onto. Next. Subject. Tonight. Talking about city sidewalks by design contracting is.

An excellent contractor. We’ve got the best concrete Tulsa Laborers we’ve got the best concrete finisher and we might could get a nice patio or sidewalk or a driveway down for you. In a reasonable amount of time at a very. Reasonable cost. So. That is exciting. And again we are. On Angie’s List and. When we. Do. Our. Referrals the way we like to really. Know that. We’ve had wonderful referrals many wonderful. Referrals over the years. We have one Angie’s List for service award and. Nine times. Putting us in the top five percent of the contractors in the nation. And we’re very proud. That Angie’s list that we are our partnership with agencies has been very very. Solid. And. Then. The customers that we’ve had. From Angie’s List. Very Best. Here and by design contracting concrete told us that. We very. Much. Enjoyed. Working with our Angie’s List customers.

Who by the way we like chanceries list of customers who call us for conrete Tulsa work that call they know what they want when they call they have a very good idea. They are. Generally. Very well educated and. They. Are very precise. And they know when they call us because of our reputation because of our referrals because we’re in the top 5 percent of contractors in the nation that we’re going to serve them and give them a really excellent job. Here by design contracting concrete Tulsa. So thanks for joining us today. Stella.