By Design Contracting Podcast | Concrete Tulsa | Episode 3

Good afternoon, this is Tom from by Design Contracting and I’m here with Mike with by Design contract, and today we’re going to talk about concrete, stamping. Thank you, Robert and Tulsa, and concrete Tulsa. Thank you Robert. Thank you, Robert and concrete Tulsa right here. We are in concrete Tulsa land where in the land of concrete and Tulsa, and we are in concrete Tulsa land as well, because when I first came here to Tulsa from free 20 something years ago, I noticed everybody is concrete here in Tulsa was really terrible. Not only was it terrible in the way that it looked and waited a war out very fast, but it wasn’t installed very well and how could you tell that the concrete and Tulsa was not installed very well? What physical imagery did you encounter? What Concrete in Tulsa hair is cracked and broken up? It’S not installed well, and it’s got a really bad surface on it. Most of the time it looks like somebody decided to just drag a broom across that, because Concrete in Tulsa doesn’t look good, so he said to ourselves. You know we could do better this. We did because we were in Tulsa, where concrete seems to have a huge problem being installed properly in decorative concrete in Tulsa is where we decided to go with what we wanted to do for our work, and that is because we were too old and Too Proud To compete with the younger guys who work for a lot less money so Mike, can you tell me what is decorative concrete, decorative concrete in Tulsa largely is comprised of concrete that has either texture and pressed into it color either a part of the mix itself or Topically applied, and it is meant to add more style and character to just more than an ordinary, concrete, sidewalk, driveway or patio in Tulsa. That is decorative, maybe stamped it has a nice texture on it, and it has an amazing color, not just plain gray concrete. That’S going to fall apart in a road will. How do you protect that concrete once you put color in it? Well, that’s jumping a bit ahead, but to answer the question briefly in Tulsa with concrete the need to seal, it is very, very important and of course I’ll brings up the issue of or topic of sealers. There are many, and so a customer has to be advised as to the qualities and characteristics of the Steelers available, and then they themselves decide in Tulsa about the sealer that they want for their concrete to do Concrete in Owosso or concrete in Bixby or concrete in Glenpool, or do you like to concrete in Jenks I like to do concrete wherever the money is available to pay for it and yeah? I like doing Concrete in Bixby, and I love doing Concrete in Tulsa. Of course, I love doing Concrete in Jenks. I love doing concrete and kefir. I actually love doing Concrete in Collinsville Owasso I love doing Concrete in Sky, took even Grand Lake. I love doing concrete love to concrete in bags. I love to do Concrete in Tulsa. I love to do concrete out South in Muskogee water, Concrete in Claremore to our subject here today we are going to talk about decorative concrete and I you know we’re going to spend time talking about a lot of different aspects of concrete. But today, if we’re going to talk about decorative concrete, and why do we like to do decorative concrete? What would you have to say about that? I ask myself every day in Tulsa: why? Why why it’s because the market opened up a place for us to make a home in Tulsa, with our concrete work and we’ve been doing our work now for nearly 20 years in Tulsa, just like a hole, opened up and needed to be filled with Concrete Oklahoma? Well, I think Tulsa concrete. Actually, I really think that to get back on okay, we’re getting it back to his serious note about concrete here in Tulsa. I think that decorative concrete, stamped, concrete and all aspects we when we came and do started to do concrete. You know it seems like anybody can go and do concrete on the road or freeway if you’ve ever seen the bridges in South Tulsa. You know how flat and smooth that is. That’S an example of bad Concrete in Tulsa. So that’s the kind of concrete that we didn’t want to do so we decided that we would do a quality of concrete that people would want to have around their homes, whether it be our front porch with decorative or stamped concrete, whether it be a driveway or Around a pool deck with stamped concrete or an ice rock salt finish, we decided that it would be nice to give people Pleasant living areas with their concrete here in Tulsa, when I first moved to Tulsa back in the early 80s, I was amazed at the care And the attention that was paid two houses, regardless of what status in a neighborhood in Tulsa, whether it was more humble status or whether it was a typical, medium income to a higher level and come everybody had taken pride in their parents. Are there home just the other day? I was listening to something that’s become very famous saying, which is for most people even right here in Tulsa, with their own concrete needs. Most people, their largest investment of their lifetime, is their home and most people take pride in their home and the way it appeals to those who drive by that’s called curb appeal in Tulsa with concrete. There is a great opportunity to add to curb appeal, and that is what you and I decided, was down our alley, and so we explored a variety of different ways to improve on what already existed.

Well, that’s right. I mean one of the first things you see when you pull up in front of somebody’s house is their driveway, their walkway their front porch and to have a beautiful home. You haven’t have a beautiful place to enter and if you don’t have that, you do not have good, curb appeal, true and, as I said when I first moved to Tulsa, which was late 1983. I was amazed at the care and the appearance in the pride that people took and their homes, but the concrete work, as you pointed out, was not a good quality. Generally speaking, concrete was broken up, I didn’t have nice finishes on it, just a lower caliber than what we were used to in our previous State’s residents. So what would you say are the factors that contribute to the concrete in Tulsa being so beat up? Well, certainly, we can’t just blame human installation. We got to give credit to Mother Nature, and here in Tulsa, concrete, does suffer a gigantic attack from Mother Nature. When it comes to the Extremes in temperatures, we have freezes in the winter time that result. In the same day, we can we can go 60 degrees. Apart from a low of 22, a high of 80 concrete doesn’t do well under those conditions that expands and contracts takes on, moisture gives up moisture, very tough on concrete under these conditions. Well, now that we’ve explored a little bit, we understand that concrete here in Tulsa gets beat up from the weather as well. So let’s explore that a little bit in our next session. Thank you for spending time with us. Thank you from Tulsa and concrete okay here we’re going to go ahead and start another episode. Today we started talking out about stamped concrete and we got just a little bit sidetracked on what causes concrete to get so beat up here in Tulsa, and we explored the fact that it’s a lot having to do with the weather. The weather here is Harsh. We have so many fries and thought if you’re down in South in Texas, you might get a few freezes a year if you’re up in Kansas, the further north, it might get Frozen and stay frozen for a period of time. But here we get a lot of freeze-thaw cycles and those freeze-thaw Cycles are what creates a lot of problems in concrete, sometimes they’re small voids in the surface, and they get water that way, freezer thaws and Pops the top off a lot of times. That’S what you’ll see in concrete here in Tulsa there’s many things that can be done to protect that and will explore that in another session talking about sealers and protectant, but right now, let’s talk a little bit back about stamped concrete. We started talking about stamped concrete a little bit in the last session and Mike tell us what kind of stamps are available, what what causes concrete to look really good when it’s stamped concrete as one of those elements that man has invented, I think divine inspiration invented Concrete – and we just got our young man here in Tulsa – about concrete – you just stepped in – to monitor about stamp concrete stamp concrete here in Tulsa, and we would see how that would look actually with Robert here. We were talking about stamp concrete here in Tulsa. Not only that we talked about it, stamped concrete in Bixby and concrete in Owasso and concrete all around Tulsa and the surrounding areas. But since Robert came here to be in the audience, maybe me and Mikey have some advice for him about stamped concrete. I do, as I was saying before we were so rudely interrupted by this young man who did make it a quiet entry. However, it’s distracting to other guys trying to sneak in to the studio, but we saw him in our a large audience when we we saw him coming and he came in actually in episode 2, which we’re not quite sure, we’ve established as episode 2. But I guess, as long as we’re recording it doesn’t really matter, but what Robert needs to know about stamped concrete in Tulsa Oklahoma is: oh, okay, okay, so what so? What? And so am I being a city? We can call it concrete Tulsa, because it’s a very prized material use, concrete Tulsa podcast, that’s exactly what it is: okay, sir concrete Tulsa it is, and it will forever be as long as by Design remains. A local, highly professional, concrete, Tulsa establishment, concrete Tulsa establishment, concrete Tulsa question we over the years, because people have been so curious here in concrete Tulsa about beautifying, adding adding Dimension and Beauty to there, either existing concrete Tulsa or their new opportunities to redesign their entire back Yard here in concrete Tulsa, so our desire here is to improve concrete Tulsa in every way possible and XIV, and the way to do that is with stamping and texturing and coloring and staining and dying, concrete Tulsa. So many things that can be done these days. So many Rock textures that can be pressed into concrete stamped into concrete. They can be hand-tooled informed here in concrete Tulsa. There is a variety of spectrum of color that can be added here in concrete Tulsa. The ideas are only getting greater and more Diversified. Not only here concrete Tulsa, but all over Oklahoma itself, that’s right in here in concrete Tulsa, one of the most popular stamps or several of the most popular stamps that our customers have enjoyed. Rs seamless map patterns, so there’s no defined lines. We just put the stamp in in a seamless Manner and we’ve got stamps that look here in concrete Tulsa like Granite, like stamped slate nice chiseled slate patterns. We also have other patterns that look like rocks or stones in the surface.

We’Ve got other patterns that look like tile. We have here in concrete Tulsa patterns that roll down and look just like brick or even like tile. There’S an unending amount of styles and patterns that you can do here in concrete, also even techniques in concrete Tulsa. Sometimes we we enjoy going to different seminars, observing other people’s work in concrete Tulsa or Beyond, and we enjoy improving our own skills, because here in concrete Tulsa, we want to be known as the guys in concrete Tulsa who are experts who most people turn to to Get the straight accurate information, installation and performance right here in concrete Tulsa, so again with the stamping of concrete here in concrete tool. So we would just like to encourage you to go ahead and give us a call. We would love to stamp some concrete for you, because concrete Tulsa is the way to go. So at any point, you should give us a call 918-951-3159. If you want to call me personally, that’s Tom or you can call the business line 918-369-7131. Concrete Tulsa. Thank you very much. Thank you and concrete Tulsa welcome back to concrete Tulsa we’re here in Tulsa Oklahoma, we’re talking about laying concrete Tulsa and make him concrete, Tulsa better. Yes, we are, and in concrete Tulsa there are a myriad of choices of the contractors who work and even live in concrete Tulsa are good people who, I think mean, will in their work, but perhaps aren’t seasoned in their work and so often times they might make Some critical errors in concrete Tulsa when it comes to properly installing Concrete in concrete Tulsa. We would take you through the process of what it would be to put down some concrete and not many people know or understand the process of putting concrete Tulsa down on the ground. But here we do fully understand them so way before a truck will arrive here. At concrete Tulsa we will go out to a job and prepare the ground Mike. How do we do that? First of all, let’s say that in concrete Tulsa the vast majority of our work is performed on properties with established conditions. People already have a patio they’ve already got a driveway in the sidewalk they’ve got decorations, they’ve got plantings in concrete Tulsa, and so it’s important to know in our case, when planning and working in concrete Tulsa we’re working on established properties. One of our concerns is we like to be as gentle on existing property as we can be, given the circumstances of what we’re doing and so in concrete Tulsa often times will lay down 4 by 8 sheets of plywood, so that, when we are running, are heavier Equipment back and forth, safe from front to back we’re trying to protect the ground, The Sod any other tree roots, maybe even chords and lighting. Things are things that are buried in a shallow manner. We don’t want to do damage to our properties that we work on and we we are concerned in concrete Tulsa that when we leave a place that we don’t leave it in a mess, so we’re very careful when we are in people’s homes and we’re in their Yards because we want to do a really nice job for them and we won we leave. We want their job to look clean and very nice. When we go into a job often times we have to pull people’s fences down, so we’ll pull a fence down, will lay down the plywood and just do what we can to get things ready on a job site. Yes, we do, and we, as Tom had said in concrete, also one of the first things that we do is. We will set up our instrumentation address, whether it’s a transom or a laser level, and we will immediately examine. Where is water going to go when we put concrete in the ground? Many many people do not consider the importance of concrete Tulsa and the amount of water rain. Water is plentiful here, just the other day, some of us are received nine inches of rain. In a matter of a couple of hours, it is intense and very few properties who that are built with a 9 inch of rain in 2 hours would not have some kind of negative impact from all that rain. Most properties that are even well-planned may have temporary issues with water and sew in concrete Tulsa. Water Management is our is our term. We we use for drainage, so we also watch out for not only where is the water in your yard? Where does it come from? Does it come from the neighbor’s yard? Does it come from the Block above you and we find out from you and from other sources? What is the best way to manage your water, and where do we want that to go, and all of that comes with a price? The price for us has has been as contractors a very long time of successful Water Management installing successfully installing Drainage Systems in concrete Tulsa, because it is such an important consideration in the work of placing Concrete in concrete Tulsa once we’ve determined what the elevations are. How they’re going to be affected and impacted by the customer’s wishes of placing concrete? Once we have those questions answered, then we actually begin with what we call the grade work. Would you like to talk about that sure? What time is people have grass in their backyard? So we’ll come in and cut that grass with a sod cutter. A sod cutter removes a layer of grass in a layer of dirt, because that grass has a material in it that you never ever want to lay concrete. On top of, if you lay concrete on top of it – and nobody knows until 5 years later, when that thin layer of organic material is broken down and your concrete drops down a quarter to a half an inch, and you wonder why is my concrete lower often Times it’s because there was not proper care given prior to laying the concrete.

So we make sure that that grass is gone, and we also make sure that you have a good layer of Base material. Underneath your concrete Austin times that base material should be a crushed. Gravel, if you have soil that has a lot of clay, wouldn’t have to have special attention given to it, because clay gets dry and it shrinks up or it gets wet and it expands causing your concrete to move. So we want to have a layer of material as a buffer between the clay and the concrete that were laying down so often times will put down a base material. Now, I’d like to expand for a moment on Clay, you mentioned clay in concrete Tulsa. We have an abundance of clay in our ground here. Sometimes. Clay is very shallow. It’S exposed right beneath the grass other times you might and more fruit for tile conditions. You might hit play at 2:30 or maybe even 4 feet below the surface, but we went through a. Hear of drought in concrete Tulsa. I think it lasted around for years, and we observed in concrete Tulsa that as the years passed and the clay deep, deep down continue drying up here in concrete Tulsa, that there were areas of town all over concrete Tulsa. That normally had never been affected negatively by these drought conditions are all the sudden there footings were cracking and houses were removing an experience and things that had not happened even in in the early a hundred years of construction. All the sudden now here comes the big rains, and so the drought considered over the ground is so thirsty, even deep, deep down that it begins, swelling and swelling and swelling, and then things that were not problems. All the sudden in concrete. We’re having huge problems because the clay swelled and got so full of water. It couldn’t even take in water anymore. So with the water problems in Tulsa, we’ve learned to pay a lot of attention to that. We can pay attention to the play this on the surface, but we can do very little about the concrete is down deep. So the Water Management becomes even more of a problem of a good thing or is concerning a sure that there’s a place for the water to go yes and we’re off press input. So today will be done talking about concrete and water management and will come back to you with an X session. Thank you coming Mike and Tom again, while talking about concrete Tulsa enjoying talking about concrete Tulsa, because concrete Tulsa is our life or part of it anyway. So we talk in our last session about concrete Tulsa and how to prepare the ground properly. We talked about clay soil here in concrete Tulsa, which is seems to be ever-present. We talked about putting down gravel here in concrete Tulsa, which is a necessity. We talked about scraping off the grass in Tulsa concrete Tulsa, so we don’t have issues with this concrete dropping from dead organic materials. Today, now we’re going to go ahead and talk about how to form the job properly yes and in concrete Tulsa forming needs to be understood that concrete left to its own devices will just come out of the truck or out of a wheelbarrow or out of the Pump hose or any other thing and it’ll just sort of laser, and it cannot form itself, it will not form itself by its nature, in concrete, Tulsa and everywhere in concrete Tulsa, even around the world in concrete Tulsa concrete has the same behavioral qualities. It comes out of a mixing truck or a mixing bucket or a mixing machine, and it is placed onto the ground. It needs parameters as long as we’ve done concrete Tulsa here, we’ve noticed one thing concrete pours out when it dries hard. That is an amazing observation. It’S still stymies and boggles the mind when you think about it. It’S amazing here in concrete Tulsa, the forms you know people are are as unique. No two people are alike. No to people’s tastes are like whether it be food, whether the art work, whether it be colors, Weatherby, designs or anything, and so it’s important when you do the type of quality in the level of quality of work that we by Design Contracting, do concrete. Tulsa that the customer is God a huge responsibility and communicating their wishes to us if they don’t tell us what they like, we don’t have an idea about how their mind is made up, how what what they like. It’S it’s like trying to tell us the the man who built the Statue, the thinker with King David. No one could tell him what to build out of that rock. He started with. He had to reveal the statue out of that rock that’s right. So when we go out to your home and we want to do concrete work for you – will go out and lay out a job with the customer so that we can give them a nice looking patio or a nice-looking driveway or a nice-looking, sidewalk or porch, because When we leave we’re gone but you’re going to stay there and live it with it for a long time, so our goal is to serve you. Our goal is to please you and what we want to do is give you concrete that you’ll enjoy with your family. For many years to come Tom and concrete Tulsa, what are some of the tricks that a customer can use even before a concrete guy shows up in concrete Tulsa? What what can you do to play with shapes and dimensions? One of the best things you can do is go out and get your garden hose. Can you can get a good idea of the shape and the size that you want? Your patio? You can get an idea of what’s comfortable for you to sit on or put a table on.

Sometimes you can even use a pool vacuum hose cuz they’re, generally 50 ft long and they give you a good perimeter, a good Edge to to lay down, and you can see and and visualize oftentimes customers are very visual. You can tell him any Dimension you want, but until they see it on the ground, it’s hard to tell so what we do once you give us the idea of what you want, we prepare the ground will set up the and we’ll kind of set him up Loose Ali and will have you come out and look at him and that’s when you can really see the shape and what you would be pleased with. Hearing concrete also – and I might also add one of our favorite methods of Designing the finer points and and really the final form product is a can of paint marking, paint yep, that’s what we usually will bring on site with us, and that really does make a Quite a nice difference now what happened? We were just on the job or I should say I was just on a job the other day with one of our long-time contractors in concrete Tulsa and by the time he was done. Drawing down some of the options are painting down some of the options for the customer on concrete Tulsa, there were lines painted lines going every which way and all the sudden there was like a massive confusion. What are you do about that? That would seem like it’s a almost an anti help at that point. One of the nice things that we have is our boots on. So we can just take our boots and we can just smear the lines right out. So all the lines that the customer made, we just rub them out and start from scratch, and so I can look again all over and so I’ve actually heard heard you refer over the years. Cuz you’re, an old man and you say the same things over and over and over and over again in concrete Tulsa. You referred to your boot as an eraser, that’s right and so well, that’s well here in Tulsa! That’S nice podcast! Welcome back here to by Design Contracting, and today we are talking about setting up concrete and laying concrete. So we’ve talked about putting concrete on the ground here in concrete Tulsa we’ve talked about preparation here in concrete Tulsa, we’ve talked about putting down gravel here in concrete Tulsa. We’Ve talked about play materials here in Tulsa, concrete Tulsa, and now we want to go ahead and reiterate that we’ve set forms here in concrete Tulsa and now it’s time for the truck to show up. But if we just start pouring concrete on the ground here in concrete Tulsa, it is not a good thing. No customer wants us to show up and just start pouring concrete until we do a couple of very important things Mike. What would that be? Oh sorry, I’m concrete Tulsa I’ve been playing with my phone, one of my guys just sent a beautiful picture of concrete Tulsa that they poured and sorry I was slightly distracted. But what was your question again? What we do to protect the home of our homeowners when we do concrete, so we don’t splatter stuff all over their home. You – and I are absolutely zealots about this topic here in concrete and concrete Tulsa, because we are home owners ourselves. We care when somebody works on our house if they respect our property, if they respect our living conditions and if they clean up after themselves. Well, I’m so in concrete Tulsa. This has been a fight forever and we desire and enforce that are guys cover the house. The walls at Red doors and windows, we stayed for the long, the edge of brick lines finished yes, without getting concrete on your property, yes, and concrete by its nature is a mess. The work is a mess. I often times the process in concrete Tulsa to get to a finished product, looks like a bomb has gone off on your property and unfortunately, there are contractors who leave your property. Looking like a bomb has gone off pounds of concrete Tulsa material without causing disruption to your property or your home. Yes and again, it all goes back to working with people in concrete Tulsa who have integrity. I n t e g r. I t y. That is good because it would be a d i s Grace. To spell it incorrectly green, concrete salsa, and I would also like to add that protecting the property does more than just help the customer. It helps us we’re in business to serve people, give them a high-quality product and concrete Tulsa and to make money. We don’t make money when we have to go back and fix problems. Do we know we do not? I am Jewish, yes, you are, and I don’t like going back and fixing things that should have been done, the first time correctly in concrete, also that’s right, and so thankfully we have the kind of man working for us in concrete Tulsa that understand our requirements that Adhere to our requirements, not a sound of a rebellious Spirit, but because they to want to be known as some of the finest Craftsmen and workers in concrete. So that’s right and I’ve got to say that the men that we employ are the best Artisans and Craftsman. In Oklahoma. Quality men who know how to do a job right, they take that extra care. They do that extra 10 to 15 % of the end of the job, to make sure that the job is clean and nice and to make sure that the concrete is done well and beautiful. And we have hundreds and hundreds of Happy Well referred customers and who love people to come by and look at the work that we’ve done for them here in concrete also, you know, I’m reminded of an experience that you and I had in concrete Tulsa.

That’S probably about several years ago, and you and I were in a grocery store, buying food for our guys for lunch, and we were ran into another contractor. Who was in the concrete business here in concrete Tulsa, and the amazing thing is. We were just casually enjoying our conversation with this person and all the sudden he looked up and saw a recent customer if he is – and he said God cuz I got to go. I can’t let that person see me. No, that’s bad and – and we said the same thing, thank God we don’t have to worry about who we run into in concrete tools and that’s right and I’m glad that we live in a community where we can look straight in the eyes of our customer and They enjoy and come back to us and tell us how much did they and their family are enjoying the work that we did from poor them here in concrete Tulsa, and I know you as well as myself have had many many experiences over the years. Were people have recognized us whether we’re out to dinner out to lunch with our families or wives or an event somewhere, and they recognize us since I didn’t you do my concrete all these years ago and because I’m still quite good-looking, It’s Not Unusual that they would Remember how I look – and I said yeah, I remember you guys you had we we did. This is so much work over in this part of your yard and that part of yard we pour out your drive play and how is everything and their reply to you know it’s still great it’s as good as it’s ever been, or they might say you know, We’Ve moved and now I’m glad I ran into you because in concrete Tulsa we need you to do work at our new house at the end of this time. Thank you very much. Well, here we are back in concrete Tulsa Hair By Design Contracting, and we what we got to start talking about pouring concrete and we got so excited about how neat and clean we pour concrete near in concrete, Tulsa or concrete Tulsa is concrete. Tulsa is to be said, but anyhow here in concrete Tulsa we do enjoy pouring concrete. We’Ve talked about forming. We talked about proper ground placement. We talked about how to get a customer to show you exactly what and how they would like their concrete to be placed and where they like it to be placed. We’Ve talked about clay soil here in concrete Tulsa. We talked about putting down a proper base here. In concrete Tulsa, we talked about delivering concrete here in concrete salsa and protecting your home here in concrete in Tulsa, but now we’re actually to the point where you pour concrete. You actually have the truck show up now. We don’t generally just want to take a concrete truck and pour that concrete across your yard to get it to the space or put drive a concrete truck across your beautiful lawn to get it to pour concrete so Mike. What are we do to get concrete here? In concrete Tulsa to a job site, the vast majority of time in concrete Tulsa with our company, we use a device, a piece of equipment and concrete Tulsa call the Georgia buggy. It’S basically a very elaborate motorized wheelbarrow with a nice large quantity. But it’s not just any concrete buggy. This is a very highly specialized and very expensive, concrete buggy that we use. Was it expensive? Yes, in concrete Tulsa being right in the middle of the country boy, they shipping that buggy to concrete Tulsa was expensive and housing that buggy in concrete Tulsa is also very expensive and keeping that buggy immaculately clean here in concrete Tulsa is very expensive. It is, and it all amounts to taking control of the way we deliver Concrete in concrete Tulsa to our customers. Job sites with the Georgia, buggy, there’s less Damage Done To The Sod environment that we encounter most of the time and the buggy actually has even climbed steps on our behalf. That’S right! It’S an amazing device, extremely handy, and it holds about one-third to one-half of a yard of concrete, and so when we employ the use of the buggy, we are number one keeping the truck on the street. A full truck 10 yards weighs approximately 85000 lb in concrete Tulsa. That’S a lot of pounds. That is why we rarely pull a concrete truck up onto a driveway. We keep it on the streets number 2 by being able to deliver that concrete, a buggy. At a time by or are guys who would have to in past years, push that concrete with a wheelbarrow that is truly Satan’s curse. It is Satan’s curtain concrete and it’s again why we are so handsome because we haven’t destroyed our backs, pushing wheel, barrels, we’re not bent over like old fools wait. We still stand straight up as right and we’re not that tired at the end of every day, in concrete Tulsa until we get in our Lazy Boy chairs and put them in that reclined position. And then I don’t know about you, but in concrete Tulsa. When I go to that position, all bets are off. It’S gone, I’m it’s over for the kids time for sleeping yes, no matter what time we get the concrete into your backyard, that’s very, very efficient temperature affect the concrete when it’s wet greatly affects the concrete. When it’s wet will do a whole podcast on chest, wet concrete, concrete dries, but when it’s hot it drives really fast when it’s slow. It dries really slow like to help control that, and we got many many methods that we use to control that here in concrete Tulsa. Yes, we do to get poured inside the Forum, skilled artisans will come out and they will start to scream that concrete down.

They’Ll, pull that concrete across with great skill for actually just screamed across the concrete. If they will pull it with great skill, we don’t pull our employees across the concrete with great skill, because that would hurt. That would hurt bad when were frustrated would like to. Sometimes people do yeah, but not often me out, so we pull the screen across the concrete flat surface and then we go across tit with what they call here in Oklahoma, a mop, no I’m not from Oklahoma. We never called her mom is in Oklahoma. They like to call them up, which flattens out the concrete, gives you a nice flat, not level surface, because we don’t want to level surface. So what level names mop? If you call it anybody anything else, people get confused. So when I order a mop, yes from a mop Vendor online, what am I going to show up in the mail? You’Ll get a little bit of stringy stuff made out of cotton, and it’s not really what you want so you’re going to have a mop on Google here in concrete Tulsa. That’S not what you’re going to find! No I’ve looked up. Bull Float Before the Flood, but nobody in Oklahoma will know what you’re talking about. But what, if I’m on Google and searching for both float – and I end up in a can of concrete Tulsa and by Design – is the first person that you fine. But I don’t like phone calls for people asking me where they can buy concrete tools, because we don’t sell them if we sold them. I would welcome those phone calls, so I kind of want to buy. I want to buy a Bull Float and white Adeline as long as Mom, and I don’t know what it is and are those mops so-called mops in concrete Tulsa like would they be used in the kitchen? Now you wouldn’t use them in the kitchen outdoor kitchen. You would tell me that, well, you know, sometimes on a hot day that concrete can just go really fast and when you go to use the mop or The Bull Float on there, we have a specialty item that we spent again a very large sum of money For that vibrates, the top of that concrete and sometimes on certain circumstances, we want to vibrate the top of that concrete to cause the rocks to go down just a little bit further. So we can get a beautiful decorative finish now in concrete Tulsa. When I hear the word vibrate, of course you think I got concrete. Yes, I do think about concrete. So anyhow, when we’re talking about vibrating the concrete we’re knocking The Rocks down and when we knock the Rocks down, it causes us to be able to put in a really nice stick without the Rocks causing us any problems. And I understand, actually that’s also called consolidating. Consolidating that is right is consolidating the concrete and so on. Our next broadcast will have to talk a little bit more about consolidating the concrete. In now that we’ve talked about laying concrete here in concrete Tulsa. We’Ve talked about proud operation of the ground. We’Ve talked about getting rid of your sod, we talked about clay in the soil and we have talked about water manage Water Management, even it doesn’t setting forms. We talked about protecting your yard, your beautiful yard. We talked about her home and your beautiful home and your beautiful driveway and on the next session will talk about properly, consolidating the concrete. Thank you again from concrete Tulsa by Design Contracting