By Design Tulsa | Concrete Tulsa Podcast | Episode 10

Hello welcome back to by design tulsa, and we are here today to talk again about pools here. We like to do cool. We like to do polls here at tulsa by design contracting, and our goal is to give you the best quality pool deck around your pool that you could have. We do pools that are new that are very, very old wooden pool decks around those old pools and make them look new. We do all kinds of colors textures patterns because we’re passionate about concrete., by, design, contracting, concrete. We have a lot of different opportunities for you to give us a call, and do your concrete around your pool. V e line contracting, concrete folsom. We have a lot of things to talk about when it comes to school.

One of the things that scoping pool coping around the pool has a lot of options that you can do. You can lay stones around the pool coping you can set brick, you can have a set stone that is, but all of these things over time will have the little bit of water kennett rationed. It will cause your pool. Coping come loose and buckley, and that is always a problem, but by design contracting concrete tulsa we for a pool coping in one with your pool deck. It looks like part of your pool deck or it can be stamped stained glass stain color. We can do a lot of things here at concrete tulsa. We would make it look like rock or brick, but it has a unique ability to be attached. Is your concrete? So it is much better for impervious to weather conditions and good, concrete tulsa by design contracting. We like to do the raid tokens on the pool. We are one of the best companies in the whole northeast doing we’ve been doing this cool edges, open pool edges, and we know what it takes to give you a durable, beautiful pool. Coping edge is an edge that is raised, 3 and 1/2 4 inches above it is part of your concrete. It is your concrete is poured with your deck and it gives you a nice clean, durable finish to go all the way around your pool coolidge’s around a lot of different types of we put them around.

Fiberglass pool raise that deck in causes your fiberglass pool to rival any in-ground pool in then there can be installed, there’s also a liner pool, and that gives a liner pool of beautiful above ground pitch in your in-ground pool cool. Looking cool I just around guy can I call her I think the traditional style or method of doing we do a lot of new gunite pools, also a lot of free tucson pool, but will get sold at a lot of problems. Sometimes. A pool contractor will come in and redo plumbing and or plaster and tile, and we can come in tonight, beautiful edge, on the pool pool coping that you can use to go around the edge of a pool, and it’s a very nice thing to explore those files put on there. The look of your pool with any very plain open, coolidge to a very fancy design, college, one of the things that we do when we put in pool decks for the safety of the homeowner for the safety of anybody getting in the pool with all those cool deck surrounding all the way back to the pool equipment. If there was ever a malfunction in the electric system, if there was ever a short, it would cause that will help keep your water electrified. So when we put in our pool actually put a ground wire around the entire pool deck, we brown bladder sweet brown anything like to know who is going to the pool man into that water and now, as of lately, there’s a new code that has many of the pool installers, putting a ground wire right into the pipe going to or from the pool, and that causes a correct.

A direct ground wire right into the water bad for their safety. Are the inground pool installations, we’re very, very careful about safety items, making sure that things are installed in a way that you’ll be happy with her years to come. So when we at by design color concrete quality colors that are available for the desires of bullseye stamp, we have seamless patterns, i, think it will look like rock creek. Many different types of stone are truly trulia, train and well-established finishers. No, the art is calling decorative. Concrete, also very much that type of work. Thank you for joining us here by design contract by design tulsa, concrete tulsa. As always, we are pleased to get a phone call from you. We are on angie’s list. We have been a nighttime super service award winner 5% contractors in the nation that only comes with caring about our customers. Will you come out to your jobs in our plan with anything work-related is to serve our customers. Concrete tulsa by design, contracting tulsa, and what we do oklahoma and concrete tulsa by design contract. Our website is by design contracting by design tulsa.Com by design.Com lucas up. Thank you for joining us