By Design Tulsa | Concrete Tulsa Podcast | Episode 11

Welcome to by design contracting concrete Tulsa podcast! Today, I was looking around and everything that tulsa has to offer, and you know everywhere you go you’re driving on concrete, everywhere, you lamp and end up here on concrete. When you go home, you go up in your driveway and your back on concrete and you walk up to your house you’re on your front, porch back on concrete when you go to in your house, you step on your house. Slab back on concrete and concrete, is a functional and desirable building material that is exceptionally durable and you’re at by design contract tulsa. We specialize everything that you step on when it comes to concrete, with your beautiful, concrete walls, concrete driveways sidewalks, with a beautiful, concrete patio decks, we polished concrete commercial buildings with you polishing residential buildings., concrete tulsa. We do stained concrete, we do polish concrete We do it all.  We do all facets of concrete here at concrete tulsa.

We pride ourselves on having the best customer service and the surrounding areas. We do a lot of work out of town, a lot of concrete up around grand lake. We enjoy that travel in a while, like to go up and give beautiful, patios and decks to our friends, a brown sky to skiatook lake. We also like to go to all the suburb areas around folsom here to concrete tulsa we’re not just about to come. We have a really large customer base and all the surrounding cities, which is done a quite a few jobs up in claremore. We polish, the convention center claremore. Concrete tulsa by design contracting, and that was a really neat opportunity. We had to take him to a job for contractor that had a contractor in and did a job that was a little bit substandard in there polishing realm here. If I design, contracting concrete that we went in and gave them a beautiful job that was dyed and polished and several coats of a good lithium protecting on there after we, the densifier on to harden the concrete to make it much more durable than it was prior to our getting there that turned out to be a beautiful project.

We look forward to doing more work for the the good folks up there in claremore, and that is very enjoyable. We we like to polish a lot of concrete around tulsa and the surrounding areas. We working a lot of people’s homes to give them beautiful finish surfaces in their homes. Here at 5e line, contracting concrete, tulsa william, given people beautiful kitchens, beautiful outdoor patio areas, we polished people’s garages to give him a space. It not only do they park their car, but have an enjoyable area to to do work or to entertain when they have large groups over they’ve got room for a play area. Sometimes people like the ping pong table out there extremely place to maintain our customers. When we polish their concrete floor, they have ever had to take care of it. We’re very happy to be a part of that grocery stores off the wall say that they’re literally their maintenance cost 10% on the dollar of what they delay it, and then they had to come back in mainstream. It fix it and repair scratches, come back in strip it and relax and then come back in strip it again free wax in a regular basis, and then they had to come in and wash it buffett trip it again. Relax keep up for that. Look beautiful in it.

We’re, with polished, concrete, a generally have to run on auto scrubber over it with them a good ph, neutral, cleaner and every once in awhile, maybe put another coat of lithium on there, and that is very inexpensive. Stripping and waxing stripping and waxing. Over and over and over again, we have polished many many floors for school. Such a terrible william polished floors for major universities around the oklahoma area, legend center sports arenas. We work for the city of claremore, don’t you work for a nother situation for a contractor at damaged areas inside porter, indiana, high school yeah? We can digital story running up to a beautiful girl, very usable