By Design Tulsa | Concrete Tulsa Podcast | Episode 13

Good afternoon and thank you again for joining us here by design contracting tulsa concrete here in tulsa, concrete by design contracting. We have a lot of concrete subjects to talk about, because there’s a lot to do when you do convict. One of the things that we really prefer talking about is our excellent customer, service. By, design, contracting, concrete tulsa, because customer service is what keeps our customers coming back year after year after year. Considering that, most of time, when you have concrete down in your yard, if you’re only going to have it done, maybe once or twice, there’s not generally a lot of huge areas in most people’s yard to do concrete over and over again how we do our work is very important in order to have in order to have a customer. That’s so excited about the work. That’s going to be done here it by design, contracting, concrete tulsa.

In order to have our happy happy customers, we have to do a very, very good job. You only get one opportunity to get it right and one opportunity to make that customer happy. You can’t just generally say:hey I’ll, get you next time, because there’s generally not a next time on the same residence, but people do move from location, to location, to buy a new house, and we absolutely want that customer to call us back on the new house and say:hey come on. Do you want to work because you’ve done such a good job? The last time? And you know, every year we get cold customers who did work at the last job, so here at by design, contracting concrete tulsa. We have a lot of referrals in that way. Plus we have people that refer us to their friends and their neighbors and the people down the street. We get people to call us all the time and that’s how the majority of work that we get happens is word-of-mouth the other day here at concrete tulsa. We had somebody that gave us a call that new west from a time passed and kids were in school together and they had not been in contact with us for years and they said to them self here at concrete, tulsa I need a concrete fan, so they asked a friend of theirs and a friend of their said.

Oh yeah, there’s only one person in tulsa that I have to do my work. That’s by design contracting. So here at concrete, tulsa, that word of mouth goes from one person to another. They said:oh yeah I know that person. They called us up and we’ll pray for them, but we sold a very major drainage issues. It was left or them by their builder. Unfortunately, the builder didn’t take into account where the water came from and where the water needed to go so when they did their concrete work, their end of their driveway had big puddles when they had to get in and out of their car all the time that made it very, very difficult for them. So here it by design, concrete tulsa, we have all the time. Part of our job is to figure out where the water is gone and to give them a a good direction. So customer service is the key to the success of a business. If you approach a business from the standpoint we are here to serve our customer, then you’re going to have a happy customer because you’re there to serve them, you’re not there to sell them, and that is a big difference between us, a lot of other contractors. We look at the job as a place to serve a place to be a blessing it a place., beautiful environment, so we’re there to serve our customer. So that is why we’re busy all the time here at concrete tulsa by design contracting, because we we take great joy in serving people so that customer service forms of customer service, the people feel serve.

One area we like to help people to feel like they’re served is when we have a customer calls and they have a certain food. When we go to talk to them, we’re looking at to help them solve an issue that they have where they’re deserve that. So. We try to come up with them answer a question that they might have to figure out how to design a beautiful backyard environment. For them we might come up with a way to create a fantastic outdoor environment did will meet all the elements if they would like many times, they want a fireplace place to meet. Who is it stay warm, but they were still see their pool and at the same time, they want to come out from their kitchen and not go too far to get to their barbecue. So we’ll have our designer, which is fantastic fantastic planet. By the way I’ll have him come out and he’ll design a beautiful backyard fireman. They will answer all the questions that they have many times. The customer will tell us roughly what their budget is and will design elements for them. It will fit within their budget. We had customers that have spent $30,000 on nothing but up pizza, oven and other customer that the price of their entire backyard remodel. So we know how to take what a customer wants, the desire and the budget that they like to fit that into and serve them by creating a beautiful backyard environment that fits within their budget and we take pride in doing that., by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We are very good at accomplishing our goal and we enjoy doing that again are craftsman, are fantastic. We’ve got the best craftsman artisans, really who can take concrete as it comes out of the back of the truck and create butte last and beauty that last for years and years for our customers, so customer service.,

by, design, tulsa, concrete, concrete, enjoy doing beautiful work and we are so glad to have the opportunity to do that. Everyday. We have customers call. We tried to answer their calls promptly. That’s customer service. We try to get out to their home as quickly as possible that customer service. We try to get them back and cleaned concise estimate. So they know exactly what it is that we’re planning to do and exactly what it is. That needs to be done and how much that’s going to cost aaron by design contracting. That is a joy for us to have things crystal clear for the customer has no surprises. The job goes forward anytime. We feel like there might be something we try to tell the customer up front couple things we cannot do. We cannot tell you concrete turn up. What’s going to be underneath that concrete, once in awhile, we find surprises surprises that you don’t know where they’re at that point, we stopped you. Let the customer know what it’s going to take whatever the issue is right, so that again you have a clear, concise agreement with a customer, so they know how they can go forward. We’ve had the best customers ever at this company, and here at concrete tulsa again, we just take pride in giving our customers a good quality project. So again, thank you for joining us. This is by design contracting. We do concrete tulsa and when we step into your home, could you hear work? We prayed take pride in that and we thank you for allowing us to serve you again and nine-time award winner angie’s list nine-time award winner top 5% of the contractors in the nation by design. Contracting is on that list and we enjoyed serving thank you for joining us