By Design Tulsa | Concrete Tulsa Podcast | Episode 14

Thank you again for joining us here by design contracting, where we do excellent, concrete here at concrete tulsa by design, contracting and today boy what a beautiful day we’ve got today here. It is in the middle of winter and we’re going to have a date. It is 80° who would have thunk it here in the middle of february in tulsa oklahoma, and then they say tomorrow the high is going to be 33. That is just ridiculous, but they say in oklahoma and hear it by design contracting, concrete tulsa. If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes when I got somebody famous that said that. Well, you knowhe was a pretty awesome guy who knew how to how to call it well with the weather forecasters that we have these days. I can tell you it’s amazing how they can predict the weather generally within a couple of degrees, and I can do pretty good and accurate job of it, which is really amazing, all the satellites and all the radar and all the the ways of a half now of predicting what’s coming in and whether it’s going to be a long term. El nino or la, nina and boy all that weather really does truly affect our ability to lay the concrete down how to lay the concrete down when and the duration and the timing of laying the concrete down even the time of day that we actually do.

The concrete work is so much determined by the weatherand here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We always watch what’s going on with the elements so that we can do the best job for our customer possible because we like to do quality installations, whether it’s a house slab or whether it’s a patio or a porch or a seed wall or a driveway, could be a sidewalk. It could be a retaining wall. We are very, very careful to watch the weather and make sure that it’s an amazing and quality installation. So again, thank you for joining us today, at by design contracting, concrete tulsaso today having the kind of weather that we’ve got 80 plus degrees here in the middle of winter, it’s fantastic! So we make sure that our concrete is delivered with the right mix with the right temperature so that we have time to work the concrete to give the best installation possible and when it’s cold, you know we often will add some additives. While I had some ncaa, we like to use in ca as an additive in the winter that allow that concrete to speed up a little bit and hot water to bring the concrete up to the temperature that it needs to be to lay down and to work the concrete and have the right amount of time to work. It doesn’t go off too fast, doesn’t go off too slow, so you’re not still trying to work concrete at midnight, but here at by design contracting concrete tulsa. When we do a patio or porch or a driveway. We want that concrete to have just the right amount of time to work in time to cure sore cures in the proper fashion, so that it gives you years and years of good quality, surface good quality installation in good quality. Livability.

You want to patio that is going to last a long time and a patio that’s going to look beautiful or a driveway. That’s going to look beautiful or report you or sidewalk any of these things. You want to have a nice quality installation, so here at by design, contracting concrete tulsa. We work hard to make that happen. So again, the weather is something that we always are very careful to watch and very careful to know that we’ve got just the right timing to put it down. You know it when you put concrete down in the summer, sometimes we put it down at 5 in the morning cuz. We don’t want to pour concrete when it’s a hundred and five degrees outside and the concrete doesn’t give us time to work. You know when it gets even hot, like that, the aggregate that they use the rock the sand, the portland that they put into the mix, is very, very warm. The concrete plants do an excellent job of putting water on the rock and putting water on the this, and a little bit and cooling it and keeping it from getting just really excessively hot, but still they’ll, either add ice into the concrete trucks or had children chilled water to bring the temperature of that concrete. That aggregate going out the plant on the truck to a proper temperature that you guys able to work. The concrete, sometimes you’ll, add double ice on a real hot day. He just went that concrete to come and not be too hot when it arrives on the truck and we’ve had times where we’ve had to turn trucks around and and deny the concrete and send it back to the plant and have them unloaded into that big blocks that they use for for waiting for retainage and send us a new batch of concrete. So are concrete.

Vendors are excellent generally at getting us concrete. That is just delivered at the right timing in the right temperature, so we always watch that make sure. But today, on a day like today, you want your concrete to come and you want it to be just at a lower temperature. So you can get that concrete, laid down. So general you wouldn’t put any kind of an additive in it. Today the concrete aggregate will be cold when they pull it out of the stock and the water. Are they putting? It will generally be cool so when they delivered on the truck it’ll, be just a nice, even temperature to lay down and again we always watch that here at by design contracting concrete tulsa to give you the best quality installation, whether it’s a patio, whether it’s a driveway, whether it’s a sidewalk, where the best people in the northeast oklahoma to lay down in your concrete-and we really want you to give us a call at 918-369-7131 and we’ll come out and give you a free estimate and make sure that you are happy and satisfied with the product when we install it and we got so many things we can choose from here at by design contracting concrete.

Also, we have all kinds of decorative options. We’ve got so many colors in a color palette that you can choose to have your decorative concrete, put down, we’ve got designs and stamps we’ve got the other ones. We have got antiquing methods that we can cause your concrete to look like granite or slate or brick, any kind of surface. You really did you like, and we can do it efficiently beautifully and have it, so it has many many years of just amazing durability. So again, the weather is always a factor when concrete goes down in tulsa oklahoma in northeast oklahoma, and you can know when you hire by design contracting that we know exactly what kind of concrete that we’re going to lay down the quality of the cockpit we’re going to lay down. We’ve got the best finishers honestly in the state of oklahoma. Is he certified? We’ve made sure that that we have people that know what they’re doing when they lay down your concrete, and that is a real plus. Not a lot of concrete contractors actually even try to get their employees certified, but we feel it’s an important step to have a certified finisher on the crew. Knowing that your concrete is laid down with somebody who really knows the business, so thank you again for joining us here by design contracting, concrete tulsa, again, a nine-time award-winning contractor the top 5% in the united states and we’re very proud of that for quality, and we work hard to have that kind of quality in that kind of reputation. So thank you for joining us