By Design Tulsa | Concrete Tulsa Podcast | Episode 15

Thank you again for joining us here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa, where we do amazing, patios pool decks to walls, concrete polishing, many types of stamped stained pattern. All types of concrete or concrete work is excellent and top quality, and we thank you for joining us here again by design contracting, concrete tulsa. The last time we talked, we were discussing concrete design mixes and talk a little bit about design mixes and companies that deliver concrete there. Several types of concrete that can be delivered to a home or a job site in the traditional way is concrete. That is mixed in a plant at concrete plant that are various plants that are scattered around the greater northeast oklahoma area and they mix sand and they make cement and they mix gravel and oftentimes other filler materials, like sometimes retarders, sometimes accelerators, sometimes hot water, sometimes ice water. Sometimes chilled water sometimes fly ash, and it all depends on what time of year you’re pouring the concrete as to how you want that concrete to to come to you.

Traditional concrete plant mixes all that stuff in a in a hopper, and it comes down into the truck and they take that material and mix it with visors, hot water, cold, water or just room temperature water, depending on what they want the concrete to do now. They want that concrete to set, and here at by design contracting concrete tulsa. We are always want to know how are concrete is mixed in the design mix and whether it is the concrete that we want to have delivered in the winter. The aggregates are so cold that come out of the plants that they will add hot water, extremely hot water, to that to warm up the mix when it’s mixed, and that will allow that concrete to come to you at a temperature where it’ll set up properly that’s very important in the summer they all I had to ice water when they mix it or even ice, sometimes, and that will mix up in the truck and that will cool down the temperature of the aggregate. Most of the companies will send a sprinkler sprinkler systems over the top of their aggregate to keep it cool if you could from getting too hot, because when is too hot, the concrete set before the concrete can be delivered, and that is not a pleasurable experience for anybody. You can’t get the concrete to finish correctly. If concrete comes to your hot, we had instances where we’ve gotten concrete on a truck and it’s been too warm and we’ve sent it away and they have had them send new and fresh concrete, because you’re at by design contracting concrete tulsa.

We don’t like anything, that’s questionable service or questionable quality for our for our customers, so whether it’s the driveway or a patio or polish concrete or any other things that would come on a truck for us to to lay down. It’s got to be a good quality material, and so when they deliver it and he makes it on the truck and deliver it. We’re always also concerned about the drive time that it takes to get from the concrete plan to the job site. If it’s too far, it’s it’s on that concrete truck too long, then it will have a tendency to start to dry up on the truck and that’s not a good quality installation ever so we are very careful not to let that happen and then there’s another type of concrete. This delivered and usually smaller quantities where they actually mix the concrete I’ll bring a concrete truck out that has sand and gravel and it’ll have water on the truck and portland cement and little mix right there on the truck and come out of the shoot and it mixes as it comes down the chute, and that concrete is mixed. Fresh and and batched out right there as your as you’re working and for small quantities, that’s one way to look at the concrete delivered and that is done and I add an added expense. It’s a little bit more expensive to have that type of concrete, delivered.

Another way, there’s a plant that comes in they have homeowner, generally hookah trailer up to their own personal vehicle and no mix that concrete up and dump it into the trailer and then they’re hauling around 3500 lb of concrete behind their truck hauling it to their house and trying to get it out of the hopper before it gets too hot to dry and that’s another way to get concrete delivered. Another way to do concrete is just to get bags of concrete and getting bags of concrete. By design contracting, concrete tulsa is not any. We really ever want to do because then you’re mixing it in a in a cement, mixer or even a wheel barrel. If you’re only doing a few bags a lot of times, people like to do that for fence posts sometime this evening, small utility beds, but that is not the way we generally like to to mix concrete. So here it by design, contracting, concrete tulsa, we all usually off for a concrete truck. That’s mixed in a plant that way you can get the hot water, the cold, water, the ice, water and then additive to either speed it up or slow it down. If you having adverse weather conditions which get the best quality possible and again, we are always concerned about the quality of concrete for our customers and our customers really appreciate that we’ve had the best concrete customers over the last 20 years that a company could ever ask for here at by design contracting concrete, also, whether it’s a decorative patio of a stamped or stained patio, whether it’s a beautiful decorative wall or a seat pole for the ritz driveway. It could be a just plain, broomed finish driveway.

It could be a driveway with color added or one with rock salt thrown into it or a nice stamped pattern with the beautiful border. We really are very, very happy to give our customers the best quality inn, beautiful, decorative, concrete and remember it by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We always strive to walk away from our jobs, leaving the site clean, beautiful with a happy customer and that’s her our goal on the job everyday all the time. So thank you for joining us here at by design contracting concrete tulsa again, we have been 9 times in a row in the top 5% contractors in the united states with customer service and customer satisfaction, and we don’t take that lightly. That is a relationship between the contractor in the customer, good communication and the ability to to really service and satisfy our customers, and we thank you for joining us again today, at by design checking concrete tulsa