By Design Tulsa | Concrete Tulsa Podcast | Episode 16

Oh welcome back by design contracting concrete tulsa. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about concrete and specifically we’re going to talk about the type of concrete that you want to have delivered to your home when you’re having a concrete project done, we have many different, concrete delivery companies in northeast oklahoma and they range in quality and they arranged in mix design and they range in how many ways they’re going to deliver the concrete out to your home. Some homeowners want to have a project where they’re going to go out in their backyard and dig a hole and call the concrete company, and then they want to have that concrete, delivered and they’re going to do it themselves and I think I’ve seen many times where homeowners have endeavoured to do that and the product that the end up with austin has pretty rough ending to it. But every once in a while, we get a energetic homeowner that it turns out pretty nice I bought them, but here it by design, contracting, concrete tulsa. We have years we have decades of experience in r work, our work ethic, our work have it here at by design, tulsa,, tulsa, concrete, contracting and concrete tulsa, and we have many types of concrete that we pour.

We pour concrete walls and concrete floors. We pour concrete deck sweep for patios and polish concrete. We do all types of concrete and many times that the type of concrete that you pour will have a different mix or a different, concrete design mix that will have done with the concrete in the concrete, world design mix world. We have often concrete mixes that are delivered in the mixes change, based on the time of year, you’re having the concrete delivered. Not only do they put in sand and the type of sand does matter and they put in rock in the size of rock does matter they put in portland cement, the type in the quality and the quantity of that also makes a pretty significant difference in a design mix, and now concrete companies also put in a lot of filler materials for different purposes and four different designs. One of the most popular is fly ash and fly ash absolutely how’s, a purpose it.

It is derived from a byproduct, often times from burning coal, and it’s a byproduct or a left over from that and is put into the concrete it’s very hard hard material and when put into the concrete it slows down the drying time, which many times of the year. That is extremely helpful, but the quantity of fly ash that’s put into the concrete and can significantly change the design mix. When we have our concrete delivered to a homeowner, a lot of companies like to use a 3000 pound, psi mix, and what, if you have a 3000 pound, psi mix, it goes down. It’s very easy to finish, looks looks good, but what you’ll see often is the surface of the product will start to have problems over a few years. Sometimes she’ll start getting spalling and sometimes you’ll just start, seeing a lot of where a lot of the top surface will start to wear off and you’ll start to see a lot of gravel, and so we generally will pour a minimum design for a slab of 3500, psi and sometimes 4,000 psi, and that increases the quantity of portland it’s put into the cement. It increases the expense of the cement, but it also significantly increases the strength of the semi and the quality of the installation, so always need to know how much portland is put into your cement when it’s mixed and whether you’ve got a contractor. This putting in a high quality portland a high quality material and did the cost is a little bit more expensive to do that. But it’s not significant. It’s a small amount of added cost for a large amount of added value, so I design, contracting, concrete tulsa. We are very happy to use a higher quality material and pay a little bit more. We also want our design mixes and try to keep the excessive amounts of fly ash out of the concrete there’s. A couple of companies here in town that for a lot of freeways and a lot of commercial work and they’re concrete generally, has a lot of fly-ass a lot of fillers other than just the basic things that you would want to put into concrete. And so we don’t use them before. We don’t like the type of concrete of the type of mud that they deliver.

So we stay away from them and tend to use companies that will give us a product. It is a little better quality for your long, lasting beauty and finish on your concrete slab, whether it be a driveway or a patio or a wall, or something else that you’re going to be boring around your home. We like to pour a very good quality concrete and it makes a significant difference over the years, so here it by design contracting concrete. Also, you want to have a design mix that is going to work well for a residential application, so many times we’re adding color to the concrete, which is a color that goes on to the concrete truck and when it’s delivered it adds a beauty to the concrete. When it’s finished other than just a plain grey or white finished-and it’s goes all the way through the concrete which gives you long lasting years of beauty and when we give colored concrete on a job, it could be stamped, it could be groomed, it can be troweled and in areas where the concrete is covered or you’re not worried about water or a slippery floor, it can have rock salt finish, which is just beautiful or stamp with the stamps. We have many styles available here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa and the stamps that we use stampa.

A pattern into the it looks like rock looks, like granite looks like slate. It can look like tile, it can even look like brick and it gives a beautiful beautiful finish and a beautiful design and that a very inexpensive cost compared to having to come in after you put the concrete down and add rock or add tile or at brick. On top of the the concrete base I am here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We specialize in high quality, contracting, high quality, concrete and hear it by design contracting, concrete, tulsa. Thank. You again for joining us again, remember have been in the top 5% contractors over the years here in by design contracting, concrete tulsa, nationally, the top 5% of contractors in the angie’s list, and we pride ourself and quality installation and happy customers and great customer service. Thank you for joining us