By Design Contracting | Concrete Tulsa Podcast | Episode 17

Well, here we go today we’re going to talk about concrete driveways, concrete patios walkways absolutely love to do concrete in every way, every kind of concrete by design contracting concrete tulsa. We are driveway specialists. There is nobody that does really a better job and a better quality of job of concrete. Then by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We really take pride in our work and we enjoy doing concrete work, and so we thank you for joining us here by design, contracting, concrete tulsa, so that we can talk to you about how to better serve your needs with concrete products and one of the products that we absolutely love doing. His concrete driveways, concrete driveways are something that everybody at some point in time. This a homeowner is going to need to replace their driveway because driveway is over time they get beat up and why do they get beat up to get beat up? Because we have one of those horses freeze, thaw cycles almost in any part of the country and with that freeze-thaw cycle, a lot of homeowners, throw rock salt, they throw ice, melt products down to keep from slipping and we love I smell because it causes your driveway to get completely trashed ruined and then we can come in and give you a bitter replace it.

So if you’re listening here, really don’t use ice melt to be honest with you, throw a little bit of sam down put something else down, but ice melt is brutal to your driveway. So anyhow, you like to do concrete. Driveways, decorative, concrete, driveways, decorative patio decorative porches here at concrete tulsa patios porches walkway steps seat walls. Will you do all of it on your home and we really enjoy doing a good job for you. So now, today we can talk to you a little more about your driveway. It’s the first thing that people see when you pull up to somebody’s house is their driveway. If they’re concrete looks bad in their driveway, then oftentimes. That’s the first thing:when people see it and if they’re looking at buying a house, you get a house for sale. It makes all the difference in the world for them to drive up and see a new driveway and here by design contracting concrete tulsa. We like driveways, concrete, driveways, decorative concrete driveways, let that go to a nice decorative walkway, going up to your beautiful front porch and we can do all of those for you.

So anyhow, I had a customer that came over and I was the only one standing there looking at the driveway and they said:hey y’all want to come over and look at my driveway. Well, I was the only one standing there and you know that was probably 20 years ago and I really realized it here in oklahoma. It doesn’t matter if it’s one person or if it’s five people standing there, they like to say here in oklahoma y’all, so y’all can come by anytime. You want and it can be one person or five people, but y’all. It’s kind of a catch-all. So today, we’ll just do it driveways and y’all. This is driveways and y’all. So y’all can call us anytime, you want and get a bid for a new driveway, and we would be just so happy to provide that for you. So anyhow, we will wait for new driveways, but often when you’re working on an old resident, you got to tear that whole driveway out, and you know usually it’s cracked. It’s beat up. It’s just had a probably a rough life anyway, so we tear out the driveway will break it up and haul it off in some big semi trucks and haul it to sometimes it’ll go to a landfill that is specifically designed to take concrete. Sometimes I don’t go to somebody that’ll crunch it up and they’ll turn it into road base, and that really is our preference. We like to see that material be reuse. Whenever we can so anyhow, we all have to make it so that you can have your new concrete poured after you get that concrete torn out, and when we tear out the concrete we all usually get rid of a lot of the base material. That is down underneath that concrete, because you need to have a good base underneath your driveway and if there’s a little bit of clay in the soil or it’s an unstable material, you want a little bit better bass underneath their.

You generally want to go 2 to 4 inches of base material, underneath your driveway compacted, and then we always use rebar in our in our slabs in our driveway is rebar will not stop your driveway from cracking, but rebar will greatly enhance the ability for that concrete just to stay, put right where it’s at. If you get any kind of a crack and proper cutting proper cutting, is the biggest deterrent unsightly cracks in the driveway, and when we cut our concrete, we cut it on specks. That would make it be in a place that that concrete going to crack right down through the cut. So in essence your concrete still has cracks. It’s just we’ve told your concrete, where the kraken is cracked right in the joint that we provide, and that is always the case or should be always the case once in awhile you’ll get a rope crack that will kind of go off in its own direction and boy. That can be real frustrating, but sometimes that is the nature of concrete near in tulsa. So here it by design contractor concrete tulsa. We like to put the joints in you like to see that concrete crack or ride in the joint, and we like to have that rebar in there. So nothing moves and stays in place and you’ll have beautiful, concrete driveway for years to come and when you’re getting that driveway done.

We can also come in and pour a nice patio for your backyard, a nice living area that you can put your outdoor furniture on a nice patio cover even have a nice outdoor environment for your family to enjoy, and we really enjoy doing those kind of projects and you can put a seat wall along that nice. Little fireplace place to sit and all this can be made out of beautiful, decorative concrete. So we just thank you for joining us here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa, where we can talk about driveways, patios and remember. We have been nine times the top 5% contractors in the nation, with angie’s list and with our referrals, and we love our customers and our customers love us. So thank you for joining us at by design contracting, concrete tulsa