By Design Contracting | Concrete Tulsa Podcast | Episode 19

Hello, this is tom from by design contracting and we’re here today we’re going to talk about concrete and concrete tulsa and we’re going to talk about pouring concrete in cold weather, cold weather, concrete, pouring and cold weather, concrete safety, cold water, weather concrete is something that you have to watch it very carefully in here concrete tulsa by design contracting. We are watching this time of year, the weather continuously, because we do not want our concrete when we put it downwith the concrete, and we try to make sure that our concrete is safe with all the freeze-thaw cycles here in tulsa area, concrete tulsa, we have many many many freeze, thaw cycles what you damage the concrete and it all begins with pouring often times the damage. The concrete doesn’t happen tonight because I have to the concrete is poured the third and the fourth night after you pour concrete that you’ll see a lot of damage. It’s a concrete temperature air temperature gets below 20 degrees.

Measures have to be taken, the concrete and we have blankets that are used, and these blankets are made special to lay on top of the country and to keep that here from penetrating the surface of the concrete and causing the moisture within the concrete to freeze. So when we pour the concrete, we watch the weather for the 3rd and 4th day of the first and second night, the concrete has a chemical reaction. That chemical reaction will keep that concrete generally above the freezing mark, and that will keep it from having problems. Getting a surface is frozen off, but that, third and fourth night, you don’t have the chemical reaction anymore. So so, when we covered up with blankets and generally, the blankets are rated safe to stay down to 18 degrees and when we know that after that, third fortnite is going to be below 80°, we generally the weather to know when is a safe time to pour concrete, and you know with the cold weather like this. This is not an issue that we deal with, but you know summit, you can, you have to be sure not to pour on top of ice or frozen ground, because eyes are frozen.

Ground will create a sickness that, when that far as the concrete will drop. So that is another thing that we make sure that the ground is not frozen when we pour even when things start to fall out. If you don’t want to pour on top of frozen ground, causing further damage when we pour concrete were very careful to know what the aggregate temperatures are temperatures of the rock in the sand. The temperature of the water going into the sand here at concrete tulsa will also affect what’s going on with the concrete. So here at concrete tulsa, we always are very careful to watch and make sure that off the times you use hot water, sometimes it’s hot as boiling to go into the country to give that concrete, a warmer temperature when it’s delivered from the ready-mix plant. The other thing that we do is watch to make sure that the concrete is going to set up and cure in plenty of time to be finished. Just a job concrete, concrete, tulsa, sometimes will I add product nci, there’s two products,, the other one is the product that we don’t recommend. It causes damage to the steel. If you’re pouring colored, concrete it causes damage to color is not compatible with the dyes in the colors that go into the concrete. So we like to use protocol in ca, which does a beautiful job of causing the concrete to have that chemical reaction just a little bit faster and also you can then use less less water. To finish your concrete, so we’re very careful to know the weather conditions which direction you’re a concrete tulsa for going with are pouring and finishing our technicians are skilled at knowing how to finish concrete in different environments in cold weather is always a challenge so here to protect work that we do to protect the jobs that we do for our customers here at concrete tulsa. We watch very carefully the weather and today I’m watching the weather.

It went this morning from about 50 almost 60 degrees at the front row through within 10 minutes. It was down to 40, almost 20 degree drop in a matter of 10 minutes so this week, knowing that it’s going to be cold noises when you get down 14 degrees, 12 degrees by the weekend at night, we’re not born in the country this weekend, we’re just getting our jobs ready or getting things done, an excellent way so that our customers are happy and satisfied, and we know that there are well taken care of again. Thank you for joining us here at concrete tulsa, a couple things with by design contracting that our customers should know. We take the installation of your job very seriously, we’re here to serve our customers and here at concrete tulsa. We do a very good job. It’s hurting you, our customers and making sure we’re doing a job that you’ll be happy with for years and years, bear concrete. Tulsa we’ve been an award winner and angie’s list award winner 9 times what they call a super service award, which is only given out of the top 5% of concrete contractors. In the nation and when you have 9 * super service award in urine the top 5% in the nation, you know that you work hard and taking care of your customers that we want you to know that we work very hard and taking care of our customers taking care of you. So here it concrete tulsa by design contracting. We do take our job very seriously. We are passionate to create an environment in your home environment that you’ll be happy with.

For years and years we enjoy the fact. Families have an environment that they can come together and enjoy one another and we’re able to work hard and make that happen for our customers. So we’re very happy to be a part of that environment, and we thank our customers for years and years of trusting us to put in a beautiful job and again, thank you for doing this here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa