By Design Contracting | Concrete Tulsa Podcast | Episode 20

Hi there welcome back to by design contracting and concrete tulsa we’re here to talk today about units of measure and you’re in the united states. You know are units of measure that we deal with in concrete and contracting are usually with tape measure and on a 12th scale, 12th scale, which would be a 1 foot, 1 yard measurement, which is very common to deal with in measuring products in the concrete world. Sometimes when you’re dealing with architects and plans you’re dealing with the 10th scale, which is much more of a scale that is used with architects when you’re dealing with elevations when you get a set of plans and you have to relate to the measurements on land you’re using 10, so that will have every measurement of one foot divided into 10 instead of 12 divided into 10. If you don’t know you’re, the only was 1/10 scale it and really throw you off. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about today.

The measurement that I wanted to talk about today that you very very relational to oklahoma is really more. When you talk a mile when you get outside of the city and even in tulsa, everything is divided up in mile wines, but if you talk to any good farmer out in oklahoma and you’re lost and he’s going to give you directions as well. Now you hit on down south to the mile line to the 3rd mile line and make a left, sometimes they’ll just say:go down to the 3rd mile line and then go north and then you’re going to pass a tree and when you passed that tree you’re going to look for the 3rd driveway on the left. Now, that is how you get you directions when you’re here in oklahoma from a lot of people, so I’ve often thought how much would it cost to set up and pour a sidewalk from my line to my line or how exactly do you estimate giving somebody a sidewalk from the 3rd mile line south to the tree? Well, you would probably definitely have to measure that and one of the ways to measure that effectively with a wheel of a tape measure, so you don’t have to do it 25 or 30. Foot at a time you can just sit out of your wheel and you could measure out 100 feet are 1000 ft. You know by a five foot, wide sidewalk or wide street. You know down for that matter, but you know from mile line to my line would be a really nice paving contract and well that is in here in oklahoma, people talk about measurements, units of measurement down to the second mile line and the third mile lane. Well, if you want to do that, you go down to the four mile line, you turn and you know, there’s a post turtle sitting on the fence. Well, once I’m even supposed turtle, that’s enough!

That’s a whole other subject right there and what will cover post, turtles and another in another broadcast, but I can talk about post turtles today, cuz, that’s a long object ball and it’s all so for right. Now we’re just going to talk about my lines. So you go down to the 4th my line and you make a left and you go down to all you’ll see just a little barn barns on the left, scott the door off of it. So you know i, love cats in and out of the barn, but don’t fall in the bar, ditch if you’re going down there, but that’s not a problem. Cuz I don’t go to the bar, so I don’t have to worry about falling into the bar, ditch so anyhow eric concrete tulsa. We still do a lot of concrete work out in these whirl areas. Go to a couple of pool companies that put their pools out front of people’s nice little ranch homes and we do some beautiful, beautiful pool decks for are a real family. Let them get out there with the kids, enjoy some quiet time with their families, I just a peaceful environment and they’re out of their farms or ranches. By design contracting, concrete tulsa. We actually go out. I had a ways as far as the type of work and how far we go out and do our work and we know how to go out that 3rd 4th and 25th mile line discount. That can get you a mile or two off and that’s pretty frustrating so sometimes gps works just fine, but sometimes going by the mile line way to go so here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We do a lot of rural areas, we do a lot of beautiful pool decks

. We talked a lot about pool decks, coloring painting pool deck. You know we did this absolutely beautiful. Several months back and the customer said you know, I would like to have my pool deck bebalu, and you know we pour that concrete and we let it sit for a couple of weeks, and you know after some time we went back and we abstain, their pool deck, a beautiful aqua blue and they were just so pleased in the pool that was so stunningly beautiful that we just very very much enjoyed the job very, very much enjoyed our customer out there and they very much enjoyed their pool deck. Their beautiful blue pool deck so I hope that beautiful cool dad on our website so that you can see just how fantastic that that will. That was so. Thank you for joining me here again and by design contracting concrete, also at concrete tulsa. We have a variety types of work. We do and remember any time you have to go out to that third or fourth mile line, make a left go down to the second tree, to find somebody’s house think about the work that by design contracting.

Does the concrete. The beautiful, concrete work just know that we’re here to serve you again. We partnership with the angie’s list and we love our angeles customers. Angie’s list has just a really beautiful referral base of people that are dedicated to getting work, good work done by professionals, angie’s list, super, service award nine different times, and that puts us the top 5% of the nation for contractors, and thank you for joining us and thank you for getting with me and talking about smile lines in concrete