By Design Contracting | Concrete Tulsa Podcast | Episode 8

Thank you again for joining us here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We are here today to talk about a new subject and subject that we deal with a lot in that is driveway replacement we for a lot of residential driveways for customers and of driveway replacement, and we say that because there’sa lot of factors involved in warren and putting in a quality installation of the driveway and when I say here at concrete tulsa equality, installation. You know many many people and we’ve seen this many times can go out and rip out a chunk of concrete and bought some new concrete in the ground and has many factors that will cause that job to be really pathetic. In the long run they don’t do the proper ground preparation. They don’t pour the proper depth of concrete, sometimes they’ll use the wrong mix wrong. Cement mix and the job will will turn out fairly pathetic many times. They don’t have the proper qualified technicians to qualify for concrete finishers to give it a good concrete finish, that’s going to give you years of concrete enjoyment. They won’t put on the proper surface on the concrete. So the results over years are cracking falling damage and replacement, but here at by design contracting, we’ve spent years to develop, our crew of expert crafts in decorative concrete or are craftsman, are truly artist in getting a beautiful environment in your home. But with the driveway often times, people want just a very basic place to park their car, and that is something that we can do very well as well. We enjoy doing good work. We know what it takes to get that old, concrete out which really in removing concrete it’s a brutal business, sometimes we’re taking out a hundred thousand two hundred thousand pounds of concrete, and in order to do that, you don’t want to destroy the neighborhood. You want to be respect the neighborhood going to be respectful of people’s homes, foley concrete out, we’ll get it loaded on the trucks and give you yard cleaned up and cleaned up.

So it has a very desired cleanse clean effect with your concrete Tulsa, we’re very careful about traffic people, making sure of that. We’re have a minimal impact on the traffic in your neighborhood. While the work being done. Give me the neighbors happy. We like to come in and have a job done efficiently. We are very careful about the type of material that we pour concrete on. Some materials are fine to pour concrete on, but some of them are. A lot of clay is in very bad shape, and in that case we like to dig that out and put in a layer of a proper base material under your concrete to help that concrete laughs there’s nothing worse than putting the brand new concrete in with a bad base, and the first thing happens is either he leaves or sinks. You’ll have sometimes the situation where they don’t have trap moisture, underneath the metal cause all kinds of concrete damage over the years. So we’re very careful to try to minimize any issues like that by putting in a proper base. Underneath your concrete depends on the situation that bass will be crusher, run or 3/4 class, a, gravel from time to time, it’ll be sanded depending on the environment, but we’re always watching because play material underneath driveways in console damage cracking were very careful to watch over your home to make sure that things stay really nice.

So here at by design, contracting, we’re very careful we care about you. We care about your home. We care about equality, installation, often times people ask. What can we do to our private driveway is not just plain or white:well, harrod, concrete, tulsa or experts at giving you beautiful concrete on your home. We can give you a concrete that is got color or design or a different texture, something that will compliment your home in cause that beautiful wow factor when somebody drives by your home whenever anybody goes by your home. The first thing they see is the driveway. Driveways are one thing that are always seen right off the street if you’re trying to sell your home first thing, people see, is your front yard in your driveway. If you got a cracked up old driveway that is been beat up and damaged, I would recommend if you want to sell your home to put in a new driveway. Concrete tulsa. We are very, very proud of this type of work that we do for experts in asia, and so when we come in to do that driveway we are always very careful to watch for drainage to make sure you don’t have water running across your driveway from downspout. To give you proper drainage, we watch which way the yards are draining where your grass is growing but try to give a level of of driveway. That’s going to compliment your loss yards your flower beds. We try to give a nice approach to come up in and out of the driveway, sometimes driveways for very steep, and here at by design contract, concrete tulsa. We have to make sure that the approach is done well, so that you’re not scraping with your car going in and out of the driveway we watch to make sure we are qualifying to come in and watch city codes. Some of the cities require you to stay back from the approach, with no steel, no concrete rebar in the driveway back 6 to 10 ft and were very careful to make sure that that code is followed, and many of the cities will require that when you put the concrete in the concrete is 6 in that can set up for in at the approach were very careful to make sure that happens here at by design contracting concrete tulsa. We like to have the approaches on the curbs, come in and match what’s done in the neighborhood.

So it looks complementary to the age in the style of your home, saying that we like to put soft curvs in so that when people roll their cars in and out there not having a rough sharp-edged, it could cause car damage or damage to the tires or even comfort of driving into the driveway. If you catch that herb just a little bit that it’s a it’s much much easier to go in and out of so here at by design contracting. We are always thinking about these kind of things to make sure that your installation is done very well. Another issue that we often find when people install driveways, if they don’t put in any expansion, material or they’re, not making sure that the expansion material is coming off. The driveway off the street is is put in, or expansion up by the home. The expansion material allows for your contract, concrete to expand and contract with heat and with cold, and when concrete expands, it could put undue pressure on your home or on any other structure. That is touching. So we like to put expansion up against the home to allow that concrete to move, expand and contract without damaging your home and down by the street, to let it expand and contract without causing damage down by the street or any kind of hurry up by design contracting, concrete, tulsa, we’re again experts in our field. We watch everything that we do to do a good job. We have quality control measures, we have certified qualified technicians, we have put our finishers through a rigorous test and we’ve got our finishers are certified finishers. In order to do the best quality project for you, we’ve got an angie’s, list, super service award nine times in order to satisfy our customers better. That’s the top 5% of all contractors in the nation, we’re very proud of our service-oriented company, our quality control. We are here to serve our customers, so we thank you for giving us that opportunity. Goodbye my super concrete Tulsa listeners!!!