By Design Contracting | Concrete Tulsa Podcast | Episode 9

Thank you here for joining us at by design contracting, concrete tulsa. When we have work to be done, everybody should call by design contracting concrete tulsa, because here at concrete tulsa we work hard to take care of our customers. We all have customer satisfaction. All of the time we make our customers very, very pleased with the work that we do, because we do quality work. We do great work. We do the kind of work that I would want to do on my home. All of the time we have excellent craftsman great workmanship. We’ve got a very good reputation. We are number one on angie’s list, many many many many times over 9 time service, super, service award winner here at concrete tulsa by design contractingso. We have chosen to keep are excellent workmanship done very well here at concrete tulsa we enjoy taking care of our customers. So today we put the pool deck in and the temperatures of been very, very cold for the last week, and we’ve had concrete days days where it’s been, maybe 17 degrees. We had one day this week that was a high, so in preparation for this job we went ahead and got all the jobs completely set up. The steel out we’ve got bass put in, we got everything compacted, we got everything set up and we had a very good just getting all of that ready and once we got that already, so we decided to get everything covered up with concrete blankets, even though we didn’t have on crate in the ground. We didn’t know what the ground to freeze put in concrete blankets on to the soil, so that the warmth of the ground I would continue to penetrate through the blankets and then it would be completely ready for concrete.

So that was a good move on our part because it kept the soil temperature up high and keeping the soil temperature up high. Let us take advantage of the first day that we were able to poor without freezing temperatures, nice warm temperatures and we were able to have a soil temperature and it was warm. So will you combine that with having a lonely? Ass will temperature? That was warm, but we had a you got something going on here. Are we got now we’re recording again, so we had an hour and a half truck show up late, but we had ncaa hot water in it and we were able to put the concrete on the ground in a very good time and we had some color in the concrete, beautiful pool deck went down with rock salt finish, and we had a nice cantilever, coolidge and I know. We’ve talked about and liverpool legends, which are just fantastic and in doing the cantilever too legit allows a very nice look on top of a fiberglass pool and create a fantastic and resolve well with everything that we have done today and very nice whether they have a pool deck that is finished out with rock salt finish and color, and we’ll go ahead and seal that next week will cut it.

This weekend, wash the salt out of it and in the long run, they’ll be ready to swim very nicely in the summer, I’ll be able to finish their pool their backyard. Their house brand new house they’ll be able to take advantage of the very very first one of the year and not like many many other people that are just waiting for the pool to get put in the ground or the pool to be finished in order to go swimming. So they were smart. They got early and got their pool put placed in the ground, the temperature of the water because they had a heater or was a nice 80°, so I can get in and finish the pool inch and sometimes when the water is really really cold. It very very difficult to get in and do a good job on pool itch. But since the temperatures were just absolutely fantastic, it was very nice to be able to get in get the work done here at by design tulsa tulsa concrete work really hard you’re around to take care of the needs of our customers to have good customer service and hear it concrete tulsa by design contracting. We stay very, very busy all year round we’re looking forward to it very, very good year here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa, so that we know that what we do is satisfy our customers take care of our customers. So today we had a crew that works really well. We had many many obstacles on this job. We had a pool drain that we were working with, and working around and pool drains always cause a little bit of extra work.

That’s a strip drain strip drains that we use have a removable top they’re, 3in and whip, and they flow down to a drain and allow the water off the deck to drain out and it causes for a beautiful man. So we are very pleased put that very quality of large strip drain in so that people can have good drainage in their pool decks. Unlike many other companies that just put a real small one inch wide drain, it does create for the first year usually, and then after that it gets dirt messing it. You can’t clean him up there and you can just never get all the dirt out of them. I moved into a house so some years ago that had a strip drain and that’s very, very beautiful, clean out, never never could quite get it planned because they just never had any kind of it to get into the drain. So we have very much enjoyed putting in a much better, much higher quality drain into the job that we do and that’s a good thing so anyway, here by design contracting concrete. Also, we want to thank you for joining us. We have going to another episode on pools and talked about cold weather and drainage, and thank you for joining us 9 time. Super service award winner here in tulsa oklahoma concrete tulsa. We have been the top 5% in the nation in contractors for angie’s list, we’re very proud of that. Thanks for joining