By Design Contracting | Concrete Tulsa Podcast | Episode 5

Hello again. Welcome to By Design contracting. We’re here today talking about concrete concrete Tulsa and all things concrete concrete Tulsa here and. By Design contracting. Later. Today. We’ll talk a little bit. About curb appeal. Curb appeal on your home is very important here. By Design contracting concrete Tulsa. Who are experts in making your home look beautiful. One of the main things that people end up having to do either when they move into the house or when they move out of a house is one of great things and spruce things up to give them the best look and most enjoyable living spaces as possible. When we look at people’s front yards and see concrete it is just. Really old and beat up. We realize. That. If they want to sell their home that’s the first thing that the buyer sees an old beat up concrete. It makes him feel like if you’ve got old beat up concrete you’ve got an old beat up house. And it really doesn’t matter.

Whether the house is new or old when that’s the first impression that people get when they’re good in concrete when they’re doing home appraisal when they’re looking at a home to buy and they may see that old concrete here by design concrete. Tulsa you’re going to see. Bad looking concrete that gives a person a real bad taste in their mouth about your home right from up front. It maybe doesn’t matter how beautiful the home is inside or what kind of work you’ve done. When their first impression is that your home is old and rundown that is a lasting impression. So here by design contracting we look at concrete Tulsa and say new concrete is your answer. Freshen Up The Concrete first. Go ahead. And if that driveway is busted cracked. And inadequate. Go ahead and put some new concrete down that way when the person comes to look at your home. They say this is beautiful and this house is a well maintained and well taken care of here at concrete Tulsa we are experts at making sure your concrete goes down beautifully. It has a very appealing finish its surface whether it be firm finish whether it be rock salt whether you add color to your concrete internal color so that it looks beautiful for years to come. Whether you do borders whether you do walls whether you do inset inlays with stone. You want to make it look beautiful. So here and by design contract and we’re experts. At making your concrete look fantastic and beautiful. So when you put that new driveway and.

You want to add a new sidewalk go up to your front door. You don’t want to maybe do something that just you know fights people near home. Oftentimes people want to go to somebody’s house and they have got to go round about way. They’ve got to get beat up by bushes. They. Have all kinds of obstacles to get to your home. It’s not really inviting especially when there’s cracks and they’re falling on their face because your concrete is at different levels here and by design contracting concrete Tulsa. We are. Experts in taking care of that. Many times people have cracks mis matched pavement. It collects water you get out of your current step into a puddle. Nobody likes puddles. Here. Concrete Tulsa. We are experts.

At getting you a nice water flow off your concrete so that you don’t step out into a 1 inch level of water. Your feet are wet your grampy your guests are grumpy. That’s no way to start out. So when you pour a new driveway he always concerned yourself with drainage. Make sure things are done well and add a nice comfortable sidewalk going up to your front door.

Maybe you have a small stoop or a step that’s inadequate by your front door. Maybe you want to expand extend that a little bit and give it a really nice modern look. Oftentimes we’ll go and put in a new step or a new set of steps that are oval or that come out past the door so that you have plenty of room on your land to invite people into your home. Nothing is worse than having an uncomfortable awkward set of steps uncomfortable awkward patio.

We find a lot of customers that want to add a patio on their in their front yard so that they do have an area that’s inviting to put a couple chairs to put a table to put a nice outdoor seating area set up chimney down and that way when people come and enjoy your house they feel welcomed and comfortable. This is also very important when you’re selling your home again. So you want to make an inviting area at the front of your home. And the first thing you always want to do is do that concrete. Get that hardscape taken care of because after that then you’ll want to come in and landscape around and make sure your lawn is green and weed free and well maintained. When people come up to your front door they see a beautiful manicured lawn and air very happy and impressed right from the beginning but often maybe people want to just have that done so they can enjoy their home.

You can take a look and see how many yarder years you’re going to be in your home and what is your expectation of that home. Are you raising your children there.

Have you already raised your children there or you just want a place that you can enjoy. Look at that. What do you think about what kind of concrete work that you want to do. You can decide what’s comfortable for you and your family what fits your needs. Here at concrete Tulsa by design contracting we work with you. We have experts on our staff.

When we meet with you we look at you in the eyes and talk to you about what is your need. What is your desire and also a very important factor. What is your budget. If we come in on a budget number that’s way higher than what you want to spend. We know you’re not going to do it. Still one of our questions often is what would you like to accomplish here. What look what you like and what is your budget. We try very hard to stay within a person’s budget. Concrete tolls. We pride ourselves in beautiful work amazing work and we like to really take care of our customers. We’re there to serve you. That’s why here at concrete Tulsa we’ve been number one and at the top of our field. That’s why we’ve got nine Angie’s List super service awards because we are here to serve you and to take care of you. And we love an opportunity to do that. So when you’re looking at your front yard and you say wow this looks old this looks ugly. I just can’t do this anymore. I got to say I got to have a change. Give us a call. We’ll come out. We’ll give you some nice ideas. We’ve got several architects several designers also that we work with if you want to remodel your entire yard front and back. You want a nice living area in your backyard. You want to add a pool. You want to add a nice fireplace a nice seating area.

Good night barbecue area to bring family and friends together here by design. Also we can take care of here we like concrete Tulsa and we are here to fix up.

So give us a call here by design contracting and we can take care of your porches patios driveways. We can give you a really beautiful approach to that driveway. Sometimes people like to widen their driveways. You’ve got some kids growing up and they’re going to be driving. Where are you going to put that car. You always wonder where are you going with that car. Well we know we can add a nice concrete driving third pad or fourth pad they give you a place for the kids to park so you’re not Machan into them every time you want to get in and out of the garage.

So here at by design concrete concrete Tulsa we’ve got you covered. You got your fixed up. And when we come in and do your job we do it with excellence so we can come in and take care of you. So give us a call at any time here it by design contracting here with concrete Tulsa. We can take care of all of your needs when it comes to concrete and hardscape surfaces.

So again thank you for joining us and we appreciate the fact that you’ve taken time to listen and hear it concrete. Tulsa we have many many great ideas with our sales people our designers our managers.

We definitely love to take care of our customers. So again thank you for joining us.