By Design Contracting | Concrete Tulsa Podcast | Episode Six

Good morning. This is Tom from by design contract in and today we’re going to talk about the correct using the correct equipment and safety equipment here and by design Tulsa and Tulsa concrete. And thank you for joining us always using the right equipment is always very important. And here at concrete Tulsa we always like to do amazing work. The best job on the planet. And we do a lot of custom work.

We do a lot of work yards around we like here and concrete Tulsa. Their job is to look absolutely lovely walking the way the way that’s done.

Many times customers here in Tulsa yards are beautiful pristine well manicured. Any time you’re delivering a hundred thousand pounds of concrete into somebody’s yard it always some potential problems here concrete. Also we always try to minimize her Nestor’s yards always try and bring the right side. You’re doing it in somebody’s backyard. There were real hard their homes to have a beautifully created an environment meaning nice farm place. Also we have the red when we get your research. We’re job places. We always look first of all access. Many times you access your own Rustigan concrete and partially right.

We don’t like just about the prices here in Tulsa here but we just like to look like Peter extraversion gathering things and get an idea of what is a complex task. We do many things look at our check and see what is going to be packed for training. We look at the guard catches the fences and see what happens to me. We have all those things that are well marked New York. We like to come in often just taking the meat from the back yard come in and we’ll just sOccket the turf and get it out of the way. Leighton plywood now have access minimal act on the turf on trees. Accessing them out on top. What would leave your yards looking beautiful and saw the yard that way before in that way. It’s not back to go back. There is.

No backyard. Seventy nine thousand pounds with concrete. This means.

Look whether it be stamp state whether it be wrong with a different color style way from having freaked out like much like right or like yelling.

So that’s article many times. There are lots of skits are such minimal impact right now. We really do. Well cleans up so much here. There are over 60 years working concrete tolls are special challenges that are everything. So right here we always try to back to New York.

Thanks for when you are getting nails. Like you say things are nice so you can really just brought it.

Again we’re seeing a major concern for us here at concrete Tulsa. We always like to make sure that things are beautiful your yard is clean and well maintained. We leave the job site things are.