By Design Contracting | Concrete Tulsa Podcast | Episode 1

Well, today, we’re going to talk about pools and drainage and how it effects your Concrete Tulsa Drainage is a big item. Around pools is very important here at by Design Contracting and concrete Tulsa. Here at concrete Tulsa. We have a lot of things to talk about and today pool drainage is a big one. Often times people have pools, pools have water that go into them, water that comes out of them here at concrete Tulsa, and we know that water splashes out from around pool that’s usually a small amount of water, but it takes Trey needs to get rid of that. Oftentimes, you don’t want that water to go into your Planters. Plantersand salt, water pools, don’t go well, it kills your plans rather quickly, so here it at concrete Tulsa. We have many of the remedies to take care of saltwater in your Planters. One of the things that we often recommend please put strip drains in or around pools into the low areas. Strip drains will collect the water here at concrete Tulsa by Design Contracting, and it will run that water, wherever you like, you can put in an underground drainage system, run it all the way out to the curb at the front of your house, if that’s appropriate here At concrete Tulsa or you can run that same thing out into the World areas out into the ditches her away from the the home or away from the yard so that it can absorb into the ground here at concrete Tulsa. We are experts at drainage experts at sending water to a place that it needs to go in a way from the pool. There’S many kinds of pools here at concrete Tulsa by Design Contracting. There is pools with pool edges that are cantilever, there’s two legends that are brick, there’s pool edges that are formed Stone. There is a fiberglass edges on pools at times, hi, there’s a limit of messages on pools at times, but in any of these is very important. To get the water away from the pool water and water seeping down in behind pools can cause all kinds of problems. The Saltwater Systems are wonderful, hear it concrete Tulsa, but one thing you need to be careful about is that anything is metal, anything this metal. When the salt water gets down into it, it will cause a large amount of rent, a quick amount of resting. So we do everything we can to keep that rest away from the rebar inside the deck, to keep it away from cups that hold your hand rails, those cups, it always be brass and they always need to be maintained, kept in good shape here at concrete Tulsa. It is a very important thing to do that, and often times we very careful about how we set our handrails. They always are, grounded and they’re always running back to the pool system of the large ground wire to keep them safe. You got to keep the water away from your swimming pool. Jigs swimming pool, Jigs and saltwater overtime can cause problems. You always want to go ahead and make sure that all of that salt, water that goes into your pool, stays in your pool, but oftentimes kids like to get in at Splash, and so it’s important to get that water in drains running away. So here at concrete Tulsa, where I can experts at giving that water a place to go, you can use a strip drain along all your low areas. You can go with area drains every so often if you do an area drain and make sure you have good drainage coming out of your drain areas here at concrete Tulsa, then again you going to a drainage system and go away from your pool. You go away from your home, often times we have drainage, that comes from Neighbors homes. You have drainage, that comes from roof and roof drains, and you never want that to go in around or toward your pool. So here at concrete Tulsa we keep the water away from that. We screwed the concrete and finish it with a beautiful finish. Sometimes salt finish. Sometimes it’s stamped Matt, sometimes a beautiful colors and often times you want that water to have somewhere to flow off the time. If you want to protect the deck and so you’ll see all that concrete, whenever we do any kind of a sealer on a concrete deck, we always make sure it has a good grip in it to make sure that it is not slippery and putting grip into Your pool deck and into your sealer is an important thing, so here at concrete Tulsa, we always watch maintain the pool decks. Often you want to have ongoing maintenance every few years. You want to go ahead and reseal to protect that concrete, and every time you reseal it makes the concrete look shine like new. The great protection for years and years of very low maintenance finishes on a pool. Well again, pools are a very enjoyable part of the backyard. You always want to have family over friends over here in concrete Tulsa to enjoy your pool deck. So I recommend always having a good amount of concrete. You want a place for lounge chairs. You want to place to set your table. Soft and people want to have a pit of fire pit here at concrete Tulsa, and they all put those in keep the little kiddies warm and fire pits are a great addition to a backyard often times. People want to go ahead and put in a nice outdoor kitchen, a place to barbecue plates feed people a place to sit and enjoy put up a nice pergola Derrick concrete Tulsa. We do great pergolas and we do great pool decks and we do great outdoor kitchens. Here at concrete Tulsa, we are putting a lot of fireplaces outdoor fireplaces, nothing better than a nice warm outdoor, fireplace gas or because it would, with some nice logs in it, get some good warm just going to enjoy you as you’re having your family and friends over To enjoy your nice pool and your nice outdoor environment, but if we got started here with pools again, drainage is important, keeping the drainage out of your plants.

We have lots of different types of area drains that you can put right in your Planters. So as soon as that water, if it rolls off the deck and goes into a planter at hits an area drain, and it just goes out and away from your nice plants, keeping you from having to plant and replant and replay so here at concrete Tulsa. You always want to keep water away from those nice plants, and that’s always a good thing to do. There’S a large segment that we could do about what kind of plants to put around your nice swimming pool that you’re going to have in your backyard are already have in your backyard will bring on some landscape experts here at concrete Tulsa to talk about proper Landscaping. We could take care of the drainage in the landscape. People can come in and put in the beautiful left environment to go with The Hardscape that you just put down your nice seating areas. Your nice lounge chair areas, you’re not stable areas but you’re at concrete Tulsa. We always want to make sure that you start with The Hardscape. You started with the concrete, that’s the building block for everything else that goes on your patio out outside. Until you get your good footings in get you get your concrete and you’re not going to have a place to put your pergolas you’re, not have a place to put your seating areas again with drainage. We put in walls to keep your dirt back away from the pools seat. Walls are a great idea to put around the pool, give people lots of room to sit down and enjoy around the pool, and you can do it nice decorative cap on a seat wall. You can face the seat walls with brick or rock or block and make it look decorative and beautiful. If you got a little more budget in mind, you can go ahead and put a nice stucco finish on the outside of your walls. To give it a clean neat appearance, many years of just beautiful service that way – and you can put a nice rock cap on top of your seat wall, so you can put up a nice concrete Stone Edge. You can put a nice travel top. You can put a stamp top here at concrete Tulsa, but no matter what you do or how you do it. We give a lot of options and will have many many things you can see on the website so be sure and take a look at by Design. Tulsa.Com, that’s by Design to get your ideas. You can see what it is that people want. What is popular, what kind of jobs we’ve done and again it’s good to just enjoy that concrete again talking about pools another segment on the pool. Thank you for joining us.