By Design Contracting | Concrete Tulsa Podcast | Episode 2

Good morning and welcome today to another session of the by Design Contracting how to do work, do it professionally here at concrete Tulsa, and here we are going to be looking at a pool today and we’re going to be talking about pool installation pool. Installation is an important thing into your home when you decide you want to have a pool that absolute perfect place to enjoy your family, to have friends over to keep your kids entertained to keep the friends entertain here at concrete Tulsa, and you can also put concrete Around that perimeter here in concrete Tulsa. So what we talking to talk about is your installation of the concrete around your pool. When we come on out to a pool here in Tulsa, concrete Tulsa, we always like to check out the ground surfaces and find out exactly what it is that you need to have a good quality installation here, a concrete Tulsa. But whenever a pool goes in, it starts out with the pool installer. The pool installers got to come in and do a quality job of setting the pool right to the elevation that you need taken into consideration. Water water flow making sure there’s no way that water can flow into the pool here at concrete, Tulsa and Harriet concrete Tulsa. We always advise our pool installers on how to set up pool where to set it to keep water from flowing into that and from there. We do the appropriate and proper insulation to keep the water flowing around with good drainage strip drains area drains. Sometimes you got planters that you want to drain your water into and draining away so there’s always a good water flu and never going to Danger your home or your pool, so here at concrete Tulsa were very careful to make sure that that happens when the pool Installer comes in and says the pool whether it be a gunite pool, fiberglass pool a liner pool, they come in, they said it to. The elevation is pre described, prescribed with us in with the homeowner in line. They said the pool in place and oftentimes will call a designer in to design an entire backyard around that new pool, because we want that to be an enjoyable place for you and your family here at concrete Tulsa come in and enjoy so now that the pool Is set and installed they come in, they said all their pipes that run all the pipes over to the pool equipment, pool pad is poured concrete Tulsa and we make sure that those pool pads are poured so that the floor equipment has plenty of room to fit On there sometimes that’ll be a filter. Sometimes it’s a sand filter. Sometimes it’s cartridge filter, sometimes they’re coming in and putting the heater and sometimes they’ve got different types of pumps, auxiliary pumps, waterfall pumps, many times people will want to do successories onto their pool like a pool ledge, and so we come in and help people to get. Those type of things set up for their pool all that to enhance the beauty of your backyard here at concrete Tulsa and give you a beautiful pool in backyard many times when a pool is poor. Do you have to put a nice cantilever Edge on the pool? That’S a concrete Edge that goes up over the top of the gun. I tore the fiberglass or the liner. If depends on. You have a liner pool and many people when they put that Concrete in it’s really not done well, but that’s one of the most important things that people see when they look at a pool here. Concrete Tulsa we’re experts at setting that up and having that putting in a way that it looks beautiful and we recommend here at concrete, Tulsa to go ahead and have a nice Edge and with a cantilever dad. You want it to be finished many times a pool. Installer will come in and all they do around that edge. His set the form up in 4, and often times it leaves, are unsightly Edge, marks voids and when they strip that form off the you have a pool Edge that you’re going to live with forever. That’s just not nice, but here at concrete, also it by Design. We are constantly working, we’re improving and where we going to that pool, we actually pull that for Eric concrete Tulsa. We pull that form to make it look beautiful. We finish that edge, which is a really nice thing to do in the summer in the winter it’s miserable got to get in the pool got to finish that edge and with that we use multiple tools. Finish that itch will use a on edge form tool is designed specifically to finish. The edge will use a trowel margin, trowel will use a sponge, and then we have a secret weapon, which we don’t even tell you what to use for that. But it is what gives you that absolutely amazing, beautiful pool Edge that looks nice and that’s what we’re, after here in concrete Tulsa beautiful finished pool Edge. So today, as we’re looking at the pools and we’re putting a nice finish, pool Edge on you got to make sure from that that the pool again is Flowing away proper water flow and then on a pool is very important to have the proper texture texture. On a pool Edge is very, very important. You want to pull texture, that’s going to not give you a slippery Edge, butts going to give you a nice finished Edge right up over the top and then you’re walking surface. You want your walking surface to be light in color. Do you want it to be cool? You want to feel good on your feet. Many textures will do that. You can do a rock salt finish, which will add into the pool deck, and it gives you a very pretty decorative texture, it’s fairly inexpensive, but it gives you a long, lasting finish on your pool deck.

There’S a Coquina stamp, this a little more aggressive. We have a plane, Coquina stamp, we’ve got another one that has fossils. Fossils are a good thing in your pool. It looks nice on the pool, deck and then often times you want to add color hair at concrete Tulsa. Color is a good thing, so color is always a good thing. You want to have that on there on your pool deck a light. Color on one is comfortable to the eyes. One of those lights was comfortable on the feet and hear it concrete tools. We are experts in color. We like to a darker color. Intrical goes all the way through the concrete, so that when you pour, you have a color that is going to be consistent. All the way through the mud, not just a little tiny layer at the top. Now often times some people to like to have an accent of color added on to the top Bistro concrete mix on top with color certain colors and dyes me when you finish that it looks absolutely amazing. So what we do is we recommend that you go ahead. Put your color on put your color Accents in distribute that travel that and then you Stampy on a beautiful surface in other broadcast, we talked about stamping. Stamping is a way to get a texture. On the surface many times, people like at Coquina stamp, which we mentioned before they also like slate stamps – they like Granite stamps, which are a little more aggressive, have a little vein running through them here, concrete Tulsa that we recommend that you do that, and it looks Absolutely amazing so Harrah concrete Tulsa we have a pool full Edge, the cantilever Edge that looks nice, a color into the concrete to give it a pleasant, look and feel and Ice texture to make it Pleasant on the feet and cooler on the feet. And when you put that texture in often times people like to see all that concrete, there’s many kinds of sealers that you can use, you can use a siloxane sealer that you never see. You don’t know what’s there until it gets water on it soon as it gets water on it, it beads up when it beats up. You know that the sealer is there and it’s effective. Then you have other sealers that are also a xylene based. They go down that leave a shiny surface, which is a good protection with that you want to distribute some material down so that you don’t have a slippery surface. Nobody wants a slippery surface on the pool deck, so we put down the sealer we put down the grip. Several coats of sealer are very important and that will call so protect the concrete and give you a deck that goes for a year so that you can enjoy that with your family. Your kids, your grandkids, their friends, and that is the way that pool over install here at concrete Tulsa, will take you for joining us today and hear it concrete Tulsa. We’Ll just say that we’ve enjoyed visiting with you about pool and have a great morning bye, bye,