By Design Contracting | Concrete Tulsa Podcast | Episode 21

Thank you for joining us here today at by design contracting, concrete tulsa, and we are glad to join you again today, and one of the things I’d like to talk about today is a good design. You don’t have it a good design when you’re putting down a job at your home when you’re putting down a patio or a porch or a set of steps or a walkway or a driveway or sequel or a beautiful living area in your backyard. All of that really needs a good quality design before you get started now that doesn’t mean you have to go out and hire an architect and spend $1,000 or $10,000 to get a beautiful design. Sometimes that is the case. Sometimes that is money well spent, but often times you can get a beautiful design done for a very small amount of money and really it all dependsamazon. How elaborate the design is this needed? Sometimes you have to go all the way on a large project having soil samples and find out what your ground is like. So you’re protecting your investment when you do that, you’re working and you want to good architect to make sure that when you put your project in it stays put in stop going anywhere, and that is something that we often will have somebody step in and do sometimes you just need to have a good set of drawing to make sure all the elements within your backyard environment work. Well, together, we get calls from people often who have just moved into a new home and it might be brand new home and it might be just home is new to them and they say we are completely at a loss of what to do here and we’ll come in and we’ll take a look at it and give him some ideas and they’ll say well, you know, I want a fireplace and I’d like to have an outdoor fire pit, maybe or I want an outdoor kitchen, but I don’t 252 far from the kitchen in my house, I don’t want to clear across the yard and they want to put in a pool and jacuzzi. Sometimes people will want to have a nice because their home is exposed to either south or west gets real hot in the summer, so they want a nice shaded area of times. They’ll say you know, I have this beautiful view, but I really don’t want my neighbors. Looking back onto my patio, you know we have design elements that can be put in to help you with all of these special. Sometimes you want to a patio. It’s just private for you and your family, and you don’t want your neighbors looking into your backyard. There are a lot of ways that we can add design elements. To make that happen, we have got really really good people that we work with landscape companies. Pergola builders we’ve got people, we’ve got our our mason. Is it come in sometimes don’t want to put a fireplace for a water wall in a place where you just don’t want your neighbors looking into your backyard. So here it by design, contracting, concrete tulsa. We want to help you design and build a backyard environment. This beautiful little give you many many many years of happy family enjoyment, whether it’s my mom and dad with some small kids moving in and they need to have that function for play, areas for small children or whether it’s grandparents that want their family to come over and enjoy their backyard environment, spoil them and send them home. That’s what a lot of grandparents that’s the blessing of being a grandparent I had a friend of mine, the other day said you know:i just had a couple of grandkids and he said if I knew it was so much fun. I would have skipped him. Kids and just went straight to the grandkids. Well, i, don’t know how that would be possible, but here by design, contracting concrete. We can give you a beautiful environment to enjoy those grandkids and spoil them and send them home, and that’s what being a grandparent is all about. I thought to that time in my life yet but I know it’s coming soon and I know that my kids will absolutely hopefully want to bring their kids over and enjoy a nice sunday afternoon a family time around. The pool still want to come and play in the backyard, and you know we worked hard in our own home to have an environment that is comfortable comfortable for people, family and friends to come over and enjoy so I know that we have some really great designers. They can come in and help to put that plan together. For you, so he right by design, contracting concrete.. We know that every good, concrete job, every good backyard environment starts with a plan and when you have a good plan in place, you could know what you have to do, not only with your hardscape and then only with your your concrete in your steps in your water walls or your fireplace is. It helps to know exactly where and how you want to put all that. Maybe you want to run gas lines to your barbecue or to your fireplace. Maybe you want to water lines going out to your outdoor kitchen. All those things need to be filled, prepared, thought about in advance before you start putting the concrete down many times. There’s elements that need to go through the city and have plans and permits submitted to the city by design contracting is very happy to work with the city to get those plans approved when those permits are needed by design. Contracting will go down and get those taken care of for you. We also have neighborhood associations and at times we’ve had to go before boards at neighborhood associations and present plans for people’s beautiful backyard fireman’s, and sometimes they just need that little bit extra expertise from good contractor.

That knows how to talk to a neighborhood association or maybe the city, to get the plans that they want. So hear it by design contracting we’ve got many many years of experience. By design contracting, concrete tulsa. We enjoy our customers, we have the best front of customers that anybody could ever ask for over the years and hear it by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We know how talking to you know how to talk to neighborhood association’s. We know how to get neighbors rallying around on your side to create finish your project in a beautiful way, and you know when you would prove your home many times. Neighbors want to improve, there’s that proves the value of the neighborhood and that improves the ability for friends and neighbors to come over and enjoy your home. So we have had a really good run over the last 20 years here in by design contracting and concrete tulsa enjoyed spending time working with our customers over the years we’ve when angie’s list, super service award nine times, and that is all about customer service. That’s all., taking care of your customer, knowing your customers needs and walking through with them from the first phone call that was, she received from you, till sale is made and concrete is put down to attention to every bit of detail all the way to the end when we turn your home back over to you and you can enjoy it with your family and friends. So we will thank you for joining us here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa