Thank you again for joining us today, at by design contracting, where we are one of tulsa’s, premier, concrete contractors and as a tulsa concrete contractor. Are we pride ourselves and doing excellent work? So thank you for joining us, and today we are way out of town and we’re working on a really really large project. This project is incorporating a lot of elements involving concrete and landscape, and you know when we come out to do our concrete work. We always take a lot of factors into consideration. It would be nice if it was just go out back a concrete truck up and pour some concrete, but when you’re a tulsa concrete contractor-and you have to think about other things and some of the things that we always think about whenever we’reconcrete is good, drainage and people always want to have some sort of sprinkling system in their yard to take care of their lawns and their flower beds, so that if the system to water is really important again, the drainage system is really important and when we come out to look at a job as a tulsa concrete contractor we’re always looking at what is the best for our customer. So when we tear out a driveway, we always see what kind of base soil is underneath that driveway or the patio or sidewalk or anything that somebody wants to do. It might be a pool, deck and i. We just want to make sure they’ve got a good base material down under their driveway, so being a tulsa concrete contractor has a lot of challenges when it comes to soil in tulsa and the surrounding area. As a tulsa concrete contractor. We know that there can be sandy soil that could be clay soil. There can be rock, we don’t have a lot of rock out here, but sometimes you run into shale, which can give its own variation of difficulty and those things that we run into often are tree rats, trey, big old tree rats that have moved in old driveway and usually made a pretty sizable mess up things, but I hear it by design. Contracting is a tulsa concrete contractor. We know how to handle a lot of movement from play. We know how to handle movement and issues with tree roots, and that’s all. We know that good compaction, underneath the concrete this going in is very important, as well as good base material and sometimes that base material might be class, a, gravel other times it might be. A good crusher material is going to go down and create the base for that concrete and different situations will warrant different types of base material going down. So we were very careful here. Is a tulsa, concrete contractor to do a really good job for our customers. We take pride in our work. We got the best employees that anybody could ever ever ask for, and over the years we’ve had the best customers as well. We enjoy doing concrete here in tulsa as a tulsa, concrete contractor and we enjoy our customers. So today is I’m. Looking at this driveway that we are preparing in the elements that all had to come together to do this project out here today there was walls and had to be built and whenever build a wall, there’s not just the building of the wall that there’s two footings for the wall and there’s what goes behind the wall which really protect the wall. You have to make sure that you not only do you have a good back, feel that is compacted, but you got to make sure you got a good drainage system behind the wall, because you don’t want your wall to turn into a damn and hold a lot of water and cause a dangerous situation. So you have to put the proper drainage behind a wall which incorporates gravel a drain system, the proper type of fabric, to make sure that the gravel just doesn’t get filled up with settlement and i. You want all those elements to come together in a proper fashion to protect the wall to protect. What’s the wall is protecting, which is usually somebody fun, so you’re at by design contracting as a tolsa concrete contractor, we are very careful to make sure all the elements come together. So anyhow, looking at the project and and walls and and drainage and good irrigation system. We know these are all elements that I homeowner wants to have around their home and we have excellent people that we associate with that come in and do the sprinkler system is in do landscape, and we have got a very, very good referrals to help us with all of those landscape & irrigation needs and hero by design contracting. As a tulsa, concrete contractor. You know we take care of the drainage to make sure the water is flowing properly in on and around all the concrete that we put down for our customers and so all of those things all of those factors have to come together before you put in the concrete for your customer. So here at by design contractor contract in being a tulsa concrete contractor is a lot of elements more than just putting down the concrete some guys that do concrete. They just have a pickup truck in a wheelbarrow allen and they don’t think a lot about the process. Many maybe they’ve worked for a company over the years and finish some concrete, but they haven’t really thought through the process of what it takes to put down quality concrete job, that’s where he ride by design contracting. We were very careful to make sure that we have the best people, the best staff, the best designers, and to have the best technicians to put the

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