Good morning, thank you again for joining us at by design contracting, where we are toses concrete contractor. We are the premier tulsa concrete contractor here in tulsa oklahoma and northeast oklahoma. If you want concrete done, there’s no better company to call them by design contracting. So thank you again for joining us. One thing that we’re very proud of is that by design contracting is the top 5% of in the nation. For concrete contractors is rated by angie’s list, which we have been affiliated with and have been rated by angie’s list for years and years. We have many many satisfied customers over the years and our customers are our greatest asset, because our customers prefer by design contracting to other customers all the time, and we have a lot of repeat customers over the years. A customer mighthave, a nice backyard environment done and maybe they’ll move to a new and bigger home and when they do that they might need a driveway. So they call by design contracting, because we are tulsa’s concrete contractor. So we definitely enjoy doing a lot of work for ark on our customers over and over again and over the years with r rating with angie’s list. They have made us a nine-time super service award for angie’s list, which puts us in the top 5% of contractors in the nation. So if you need by design contracting to call you give us a call at 918-369-7131 well, today we are going to go ahead and talk today with tyrese tyrese. His come with us to work for this spring and summer, a little bit and he’s oneneed to learn a little bit about some various trades and concrete is one of them so very happy to have him come to work for us. This young man is an excellent young man. I’ve known him over the last couple of years, he’s played football on a football team with my son and he is an excellent football player with a promising football career. He’s going to be going off to the university to play football coming up this next year and we’re really happy to see that he’s going in that direction and continuing on with his education. Education is a very important factor in a young man or young woman’s future, and so we support young men and young women and learning therecrafts their education, and also it’s very important for young man, especially i, think to learn a trade. So tyrese is joining us to do some work and we’re really excited to have him. Have him come to work with us, and so I just wanted to ask tyrese a few questions today about his experience in concrete and what he, what he thinks about working here for a tulsa, concrete contractor and so first of all, tyrese welcome and thank you for joining us. Thank you for having me come, and so today, I haven’t done too many interviews like this, so we’re learning together. So today, I’m going to ask tyrese again a couple of questions about about concrete and iso tyrese. What do you think about working in concrete, concrete is very tough. Work is really tough work. Okay, what’s the hardest thing, you’ve done when in concrete basement and I have to keep my back down for a long period of time, I had to poured basement I had to keep my back down for a long period of time, so that was that was a tough job. We are bent over a lot up there. Actually I should say they were bent over a lot up. There. Sometimes I have gotten to the point where I really really appreciate young men and young backs, and sometimes they do way better in these job situations. Then we do has an older gentleman. You know I’m, not old I’m, just I’m mature, I’m experienced yeah, that’s it so anyway, so we did. We poured a basement and tyrese helped us with dad, so that was a lot of moving mud around working with a concrete pump. So what do you think about working with a pump truck the pump truck that was very heavy to hold the hose? That was tough yeah, so that has a big heavy hose now that we were working with a two and a half inch hose and sometimes with a pump truck you’re working up to a a 4in hose. So actually that was the smallest hose that you can possibly work with with a pump truck. So if that’s a two and a half inch hose, how do you make it be to work with a 4in pump track? Hoes it’ll be harder than I thought. It would be hard, so so tyrese’s had an opportunity to do that had an opportunity to do a little bit of work with a with a float and in a come along what you think about that my favorite tool is to come. Is it going well yeah? That’s my favorite to remove a lot of concrete around pretty fast once it’s on the ground, and so that’s that’s a good, a good thing. So do you think it’s a good thing to learn a little bit about us, some trades as you’re, getting ready to go off to the university yeah and sometimes, while you’re working on your career path, sometimes you’ll find that you need to get a little bit of work done here and there, and so, let’s not, let’s talk a little about football because I know that’s really your rear real passionate about football. What’s your favorite position to play in football lines of over a guard or tackle, and he chases after the ball carrier. Okay, now in tyrese gets out on the football field. He is like an absolute crazy man. There is no way anybody with a football gets around him because he chases them down and he hurts them so tyrese how much do you weigh 280 lb of pure muscle.

Now my son is he’s a wide receiver and somebody like tyrese is his worst nightmare because when you’re a little skinny guy at 140 lb-and you have a guy-that’s 280 lb-that is putting you on the ground and you’re getting an opportunity to eat grass. It’s not a good experience. Is it so I told him in practice, so you know last year don’t kill my son. It would be really painful for him, but anyway, so tyrese’s got a high hopeful career coming up in at the university and that he’s excited he’s had many universities that have have interviewed him and talked with him about his opportunities to play for their school. So right now he’s in the process of a talking to those coaches and doing some school visits and I think he’s going to have to get in and settle on a a school here, pretty quick! So that’s an exciting opportunity for him. So anyway, this is tyrese and he’s been helping us a little bit in concrete and we’re really glad to have him here as a tulsa concrete contractor. Will you value the young man that come and help us and work it’s a good opportunity for them to to learn a little bit about a trade get in get their hands dirty, and so we we thank you as a tulsa, concrete contractor by design contracting loves to do concrete work, we’re passionate about concrete. We were passionate about satisfying our customers and giving them the best possible job. We have the the best concrete, finishers, concrete artisans that I believe are out there and our guys are finishers are certified concrete finishers and they have an excellent character, number 1 and number 2 and excellence skill in producing the best concrete that we can possibly put down, and so, as tulsa’s premier concrete contractor, we really love to do good work. We love our customers. We’ve got the best customers that any companies could ever ask for. So today. Thank you for joining us at by design contracting. If you need to come concrete work policy, 918-369-7131

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