Thank you again for joining us here at by design contracting, where we love concrete. We are passionate about concrete and concrete work and again today, I’ve got tyrese he’s joining me to to talk a little about his experience with concrete and has a tulsa concrete contractor. We find ourself up here in the north east corner of oklahoma, and this is a very beautiful part of the state lot of trees. We start getting into some rolling hills and out of the flat flat country that you see in the rest of oklahoma and most of oklahoma is just plain red dirt and the one thing that we kind of like about tulsa is it’s just got of very, very rich soil, a lot of trees, a lot of a lot of good soil for farmers and ranchers up here, to not only growrob’s but to run cattle and in this part of the state, the different soil conditions are different than you see in many parts of oklahoma, not just the red clay, and so when, where or when we’re doing our concrete work. We take that into consideration so that we know the proper base to put down for our concrete work, and so we always like to do quality work when we are working for our customers, we like to put down a quality base and we like to put rebar in our our work in order to keep that concrete in good shape for many years to come. So tyrese’s had an opportunity to do a little work with for the rebar and as a young man he’s never worked in concrete before coming into to help our finishers. What’s it been to do work with rebar as a laborerrebar rebar is rather heavy, and so you get in in you you have to. You, have to tie it with the with the with the wire ties and set it and place it in the proper place. So you’ve done a little bit of that. Haven’t you can’t make sure your own spark things up, start fires right. So it’s a little bit of rebar and cutting rebar in tying rebar in and rebar it’s it’s! You use some wires that boy. Those things will catch. You really easy one. So young guys cut up too much, but it is a bit of a learning process. So today, tyrese’s had an opportunity, the last couple of days to work with a couple of our finishers. We got ray, who is been with us for 3 or 4 years, and he’s a certified concrete finisher, a true artisan. So one of the things when we bring in young man that that we like to have is for them to not only learn about concrete but to learn about life. And you know the man that we hire are not only good concrete workers, excellent concrete workers, but they’re men of good character. We put a lot of value on character here at by design contracting, because as a tulsa concrete contractor, we we think that our customers want to have men of good character on the job. So can you think of anything specific tyrese that you’ve learned from from ray is a man of good character. Ray he’s a good leader when the first day I came. He was very vocal and I noticed that, as an out of him and his the other finisher mike, that’s probably the hardest workout I’ve ever seen that dude does whatever it takes to get the job done. You might have to skip lunch for yeah. That’s a good to me are guys, are hard workers and dedicated, and so you at tyrese you’ve also had a day or two that you worked with the with mike. You know, mike’s been with us for I think over 9 years now, and mike is also a man of extreme good character and I’ll super hard worker, and we are really appreciate it. Mike and both of these men are crew leaders for us and they take the other young man out and lead up. Our are concrete jobs and our teams of guys, and so you can, you think, of something to eat for mike mike he’s a hard-working get the job done with it until it’s done. Yes, sir, so I think that’s a really good trade. That also is a is a good trade that I think you also learned from sports playing football for a lot of years. I have a job. It says not to be lazy, because if you don’t work, you don’t eat, that’s right, that’s right and in working in and playing sports for for a lot of years. How many years have you played football four years, so tyrese’s played football for 4 years and tyrese’s he’s just a little guy he’s a little guy of maybe 280 pounds of pure raw muscle and again he told us what your favorite position was to play and when you’re deep tackle your main job is to punish the guys on the offense. Would you say that your job is to make them wish they hadn’t come out to play football I wouldn’t say that but yeah your job is to punish them, and so again I had mentioned that my son nick he’s a freshman this last year and-and you know, somebody like tyrese, really is his worst nightmare on the football field. You just don’t want to tackle. You don’t want to you, don’t want to get tangled up with a guy whose 280 lbs, when you’re only ordered and 40 lb. It’s just kind of unfair, but anyway back to back to this concrete because you’re at by design contracting. We we do our concrete work here in tulsa and we are at tulsa concrete contractor and we enjoy and are passionate about everything football and we really do enjoy having young man come in and work with us and have an opportunity to put in a few hours helping and learning a little bit about us.

The trade of of laying down concrete. So today, again, tyrese’s joined us to to talk about a little bit about football little bit about concrete his experience as a finisher he’s he’s a tour of labor reason:an opportunity to come in and try a little concrete. Rebar he’s had an opportunity to rake some concrete work with a concrete pump and it’s just kind of been stabbed him kind of work with our team of professional finishers and tyrese. Thank you for thank you for having me and i. If you need to have car great work done, you can come and join us here at by design contracting. We are tulsa’s concrete contractor. We are up from your concrete contractor here in tulsa oklahoma. So thank you for joining us and if you need concrete work, done, call us at 918-369-7131 or take a look at our website by design tulsa.Com, that’s by design tulsa.Com, and thank you for joining it.

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