Thank you again for joining us at by design, contracting, concrete tulsa or today we’re going to talk about concrete, absolutely love concrete about concrete and everything in the world of concrete, because concrete is exciting. How can concrete be exciting? You ask well concrete just is excited. We couldn’t live in our world today without concrete, and that is what is exciting. Concrete is amazing. You know the last time we went to the world of concrete. We had a nice tourwe went to the dam, hoover dam at lake mead, and it is a fascinating, fascinating, damn and you’re at by design contract in concrete tulsa. We were able to take some of our our young men, who are just amazing, finishers and artisans to the damn to look at it, and they were just absolutely amazed at the beauty, the structure in the architecture, the engineering involved, just the massive amount of concrete that was used. It was one of the largest concrete projectsever in the entire world, and that is in and of itself amazing. The ability for that concrete to be poured continuously tenuously for I believe it was over a year straight here. At by design contracting concrete tulsa, if we had to pour concrete continuously for a year, we were just get worn out tired, but they had a lot of people a lot of cruise, a lot of engineers and you’re at by design contracting, concrete tulsa. Those things are always very, very good, but at the hoover dam it was amazing to pour that massive amount of concrete in the engineering feat that it took the ability for that concrete to go in the ground and not get ruined. Just the curing process created so much heat that the entire time it was being poured. They had to cool it by running water coils through the damn as it was being poured and those water coils that ran through the damn cooled. The concrete, because just the process of curing the chemical process involved in concrete creatine, a great heat energy-and you know anything that creates heat energy-can be damaging if it’s not put in check. Well, when you’re for massive amount of concrete at lowe’s thicknesses and with those tolerances, you have to keep that concrete cool. So here it by design, contracting, concrete tulsa. We understand that you have to limit the temperature of concrete. You know when we pour are concrete. We make sure that that concrete arrives on the job site fresh and did that concrete hasn’t had an opportunity to heat up cuz once the concrete starts to eat up. It starts to set when that concrete says that you don’t have the ability to finish it. So we always have to make sure, are concrete, arrives fresh and when that conquered arrives fresh, we have the time to work that concrete this many things that we do here at by design, contracting concrete, told them to keep our concrete fresh. We know what the proper design mixes are for the different times of the year. We know what the different additives that can be put into the concrete that can allow us more time or less time to work that concrete and depending on what time of year, is what kind of a product that you put into that concrete and that allows for the best possible. The best possible curing time in the winter. We appreciate the fact that there’s a chemical process with the concrete, because the chemical process in and of itself keeps that concrete, warm first day after it’s poured and if you have cold weather that keeps the concrete, warm and actually protect the concrete from freezing. We have things that we do also. We put blankets, concrete blankets down on the concrete when it’s going to get below 28 degrees, because we know that you need to protect that concrete and keep it from freezing ms. Just, keep it from freezing the first night here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We know that it’s important to have that concrete covered up to the third in the fourth night, to keep it from carrying improperly or keep the moisture. That’s in the concrete from freezing the top off. If you go by people’s driveways or sometimes sidewalks, you look and see where it has small areas on the top and spa there is, can come from several things in property, controlled environment when the board, sometimes the concrete tractor, will pour the concrete and just walk away. Thinking, hey I’m done. My job is done here, but it by design contract and concrete. Also, we know that our job is not done when the concrete hits the ground that we watch for that concrete and we make sure that if it does get cold, that we cover that concrete even into the third in the 4th night, when concrete has no more chemical process. But what it does have is the ability for the moisture. That’s in the surface, to freeze and pop that concrete off awesome times that surface can freeze, and it’s not going to pop off immediately. It might take it 6 months or a year or two years for the 2 service to pop off, and that is not a good thing. Other things that cause concrete surfaces to pop off that have to be left to consider is sometimes, if you have a very very hot day or a very, very windy day, and the proper products are not applied. That surface can become hard faster than the rest of the concrete, and that can give you a weekend surface area, and that is something that we take into consideration. When we finish our concrete, you don’t want your concrete to be over finished on the surface, because that over sometime 6 months to a year can cause problems in the surface and that’s something that has to be made sure that the concrete cures at it even and consistent rate, all the way through the concrete.

So here at by design, contracting, concrete tulsa. We have the expertise and the knowledge to make sure that your concrete is installed properly with the highest quality. And it’s just through some of the small things that we’ve done over the years training with our staff training, the staff certifying that they are quality installers certifying that they have the ability to do the artist and work in your concrete for the the training to to know that when concrete is stamp it stamped properly in here at by design, contracting, concrete tulsa, we’re very proud of you, the years that have gone to development in training for our concrete stamps of europe by design, contracting, concrete tulsa. We love to pour concrete, and we want to thank you for joining us again here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We love concrete and everything about concrete, so give us a call +918-991-836-9713 one. Thank you for doing this by design contracting, concrete tulsa