Hello and thank you for joining us here at 5 design contracting today we have got so many good things to talk about, and one of those is quality quality in concrete, and we love doing a beautiful job and quality and concrete. The best option here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa is to have your patio, your pool deck, your steps, your seat, wallyour, driveway or sidewalk, your decorative bands or your parking lot, your commercial slab or even your house, labs polished, poured decorative concrete done seat wall caps, stamped concrete stain, concrete, polished, concrete here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa. We do all that kind of work and we would love to do your work by design. Contracting is your best option to have this work done and here at by design contracting concrete tulsa? We take much much pride in our work and we love to have the jobs done in an excellent way. So we want to thank you for joining us here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa today and again we’re just going to talk a little bit today about the quality, quality concrete and doing an excellent job on your concrete. So today, with that being said, one thing I have noticed that many many companies don’t ever do when they pour concrete, is to come back and properly cut the concrete concrete generally on itself. When you pour a 4 inch slab will not only crack but it’ll very definitely crack and very predictable places and hear it by design contracting, concrete tulsa. The one thing we will promise you is it your concrete going to crack, because it is a scientific fact that it can only spend so far with you with expansion and contraction and slight amount of movement. With that being said, concrete will crack. So what we try to do is we try to put in expansion joints. We try to cut in saw joints that will allow the concrete to expand at a very regular and predictable interval. According to the professional scientists, those that those that right all the code for concrete. They say that 4 inch concrete going to want to crack by itself every 10 at the most. So you don’t want to spam. Your 4 inch concrete at any time when possible, more than 10 feet or it’s going to crack. So what we do is we put. Our concrete cuts are expansion joints in a way that they’re generally, when possible, not more than 10 feet apart sometime, 6 or 8 feet apart. If you’ve poured a new driveway and you’ve got a tree, that’s quite close will even try to put it a little bit even closer than that end with that couple, with the rebar that we put in it’ll allow your compass creek to have some flexibility in some movement and when that concrete does crack, which will crack within a couple of days, will ferrell could join in and you’ll see right down to the bottom of that joint you’ll see the concrete cracks in the joint, and that is always our, hope and concrete. Can crack outside of a joint generally will crack in the joint, but it can crack outside of the joint, and that is something that is common with concrete, but not so much with our jobs. We are very, very good about knowing where to put those expansion joints to get it to crack right in the joint a lot of times around pool decks. The concrete will want to crack through the skimmers crack to the handles crack through the areas where the concrete will skinny quite a bit on the pool, deck or rough work or jagged edge, and so we know where to put those joints to keep you from having cracks all over your deck and again, the hope is always to get that concrete to whenever possible, crack right in that joint. That is provided to allow that proper expansion and contraction, so that you have concrete for many many years to come and when you get the crack in the joint who got the rebar spanning through that crack keeping it from opening up separating lifting having unsightly lifting in the wide crack joints in your in your new concrete slabs. You don’t want that to have any movement, you want that to stay the crack in the joint not be able to lift. So what we do is put the concrete expansion cuts intervals that will allow your concrete to look and stay beautiful for many years. Well, that is one of the quality items. This important in putting in concrete here at concrete tulsa by design contracting we’ve had the opportunity to work for many many many people, hundreds of people over the years and we’ve got hundreds of testimonials from customers and reviews. We got many reviews on how many fronts have customers that just absolutely have enjoyed the quality of work. The they’re really good nature of the concrete finishers. They are truly artisans that we have working for us here at by design contracting concrete tulsa. So you can see the reviews and see why it is that we’ve had so many people that are just pleased with the concrete that we put in install by design. Contracting is a top-of-the-line company and we really have enjoyed having the best customers than any company could possibly have over the years so by design. Contracting. Is your best option to have concrete poured and when you need an estimate, you give us a call and we’ll give you a fair and honest price, and we will show you some jobs, though, that you can look at to see what type of work that we do. You’re free to talk to our customers and our customers really are our best sales people, because they love the fact that we give him good quality work.

So here it by design, contracting, concrete tulsa. We want you to give us a call. My phone number is 918-369-7131 and our by design website is a beautiful to look at to see the type of work that we do and that is by design tulsa.Com, and that is a great thing that we really truly enjoy having our customers have access to. So thank you for considering by design contracting concrete tulsa here where you can have patios porches driveways walkways parking lots in any form of of work that you like to have done. So thank you again for joining us at by design contracting, concrete tulsa