Thank you again for joining us here at by design contracting and today, as a tulsa, concrete contractor. We want to talk to you about concrete. Concrete is our passion. We love all aspects of concrete wheel of all aspects of laying down concrete and the quality job. We enjoy the interaction that we have with our customers. We have the greatest concrete finishers. Our technicians are trained, certified concrete, finishers there truly artisans when it comes to concrete and contracting. So here it by design contracting as a tulsa, concrete, contractorwe, pride ourselves and everything that we do and our customers are our biggest fans, and we have so many great customers, great referrals and we have, over the years very much enjoyed the interaction we have with our customers over 20 years in the concrete industry here in tulsa oklahoma. So I want to thank you for joining us today. We have a great project that we’re working on we’re working on a barn, and we have found over the years that so many of our rural customers like to have a barn which functions very, very well for their needs of storing their equipment for working on their equipment. We have a lot of customers that make homes out of their barns summer or metal barn summer old fashioned barnes, and we like to put a lot of nice concrete features around those barnes. So over the years we’ve enjoyed putting down a lot of patios around barnes drive areas and ways to get access, and we’ve had a lot of customers that but nice pools in around their barns and around their homes and boy. You look at the outside of the structure and you go hey at the barn, but go inside. It turns into a fantastic home that is truly a wonderful living space, and that gives them the nice worl atmosphere that they like to enjoy their home without the hustle and bustle of the city, and so here at by design contracting as a tulsa concrete contractor, we go all over northeast oklahoma and we take care of people’s concrete needs and again are real. Customers have been our greatest customers, sometimes you’ll work for one customer. It just goes from one customer to the next to the next and are real. Customers are hard-working folks, taking care of their farms, take care of their crops, taking care of their cattle, truly inspirational americans. So as a tulsa concrete contractor not only take care of people within the city of tulsa and all the surrounding communities, we take care of our are rural customers who I enjoy that that paste lifestyle, but boy do they have certain challenges that they have to take care of out when you live away from other people. Sometimes you have to deal with all of the weather elements yourself. You have to take care of the the creatures that god is giving you itch a lot of people have cattle or sheep or pigs or chickens, and it doesn’t really matter what the weather is. You got to go out and take care of your animals, and so we like to take care of those people’s needs so that they have a great ability to get in and do those things that they need to do so here at by design contracting. As a tulsa concrete contractor, we get to work with all these fine folks and a lot of times they all want to have out buildings outside of their home outside of their barn and that we take care of their concrete driveways. Concrete needs, concrete aprons roads coming into their homes and driveway is there. They are all. Sometimes people want to build a real nice pole, barn and fill that up with concrete and we’ve done a lot of concrete polished jobs inside of homes and inside of barnes, whether it’s a pole, barn or whether it’s a full-on house we like to get in and we do beautiful, beautiful polish work. So whether it’s a high rise building downtown or a pole barn, we know how to make that floor. Look absolutely fantastic and amazing. So here I by design contracting, we love to do tulsa, concrete, contractor work, and so thank you again for joining us. We have had many many years of experience in northeast oklahoma and over the time, we’ve gotten a lot of good contractor referrals from our our customers as a tulsa, concrete contractor. We are in the top 5% of the nation for concrete contractors, and we are very proud of that as the top 5% in the nation that only comes from customers loving the work that we do and enjoying the relationship that we have like I said many of our customers. We work for over and over again is they have new needs at their homes or sometimes as they move to another home. We at by design contracting as a tulsa, concrete contractor. We just have enjoyed our customers and they’ve enjoyed the work that we’ve done so we’re we’re proud of that, and so today, here we are looking at a rural setting and looking at concrete. You know we can do multiple surfaces here at by design contracting. You can have a plane, broom finish, which is very utilitarian and just your kind of basic grey concrete, pour you put a little color in there and you can the stamp that concrete and seal it to give yourself a beautiful finish. That looks like rock or looks like slate sometime as we put down patterns that look like brick or stupid types of stone, but you’re at by design contracting. As a tulsa, concrete contractor. We can make your surface look beautiful and amazing, and we have so many different types of surfaces that you can choose from. You can accent a certain sitting area. Maybe you have a want to have a little seating area out with a table and some chairs.

Maybe you want to have a fire pit or fireplace we can take care of those needs as well. We’ve got amazing mason’s that come in and do a lot of work for us and with us and the juice of beautiful fireplaces and fire pits, and so here it by design contracting as a tulsa concrete contractor. We have other elements till we bring in to give you a beautiful living space like I said whether it be a place for a table and chairs or a nice barbecue area. Maybe you want to have a nice outdoor living area. We can have all of that taken care of for you. So give us a call at by design. Contracting and again is a tulsa concrete contractor. Our phone number is 918-8369 7131 and that you can look at our website at by design tulsa.Com. You can leave a message on there. We can call you back. Let us know what kind of work you like to have done and we would love to take care of your contracting and needs

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