Good morning, thank you for joining us at by design contracting, we’re here in tulsa oklahoma, and we are a premier tulsa concrete contractor, and we are very happy to serve your needs. We enjoy concrete. We are passionate about concrete and as a concrete as a tulsa, concrete contractor, we strive to always do our very best to serve our customers. So thank you again for joining us and we just would love to day to talk about contracting, minister, premier, tulsa, concrete contractor. We really really love serving our customers. So today we’re going to talk about driveways-and you know the unique thing about a driveway is every single house generally has a concrete drivewayso. That means that is one of the biggest used items of concrete on a residential home. He have the the footings are poured on the house and and the slabs, and then the next thing they do is pour out the driveways. Well, it’s generally the last thing that a general contractor puts out on the job, and by that time they are looking to save as much money as they can on their costs, so they generally higher the least expensive, concrete contractor that they can fine, but here to be a tulsa concrete contractor. Is that really strives to do excellent work? And generally we almost never do concrete driveways for buildersbecause generally the builders they don’t like to pay for a better grade of mud. They don’t like to pay for steel. They don’t like to pay to put a good base down before the concrete is poured and those are things that., by, design contractor. These are things that any tulsa concrete contractor would want to do to do a premier job, so here it by design contracting. We generally do a lot of work that is aftermarket as soon as those driveways that are put in by the builders store start falling apart. We come in and we replace them with a goodquality driveway and so generally, when we do, those will do walkways. Will change the shapes of walkways? Give people something that’s a little more modern, something that will work very well for their home, so here at by design contracting, we strive to be tulsa’s, premier, concrete contractor, and here in tulsa, there’s a lot of concrete contractors to choose from, and we thank our customers that we’ve had over the years. We’ve got the best customers that any company could ever ask over the last 20 years, so here at by design. We just thank all of our customers for the business over the years. Most of our business is word of mouthwe, getting a lot of referrals from our customers and over the years, customers move from one location to another and when they do move generally were the first person that they call when they move into their new home, because they’ll want to replace a driveway or they all want to put in a new back patio or any other thing that they might need. That is involving contract concrete. So here we are definitely a tulsa, concrete contractor that cares about our customers and does really amazing in premiere work. So again, thank you for joining us here today and again. There’s many aspects of concrete that we like to talk about, and today we’re talking about driveways. We think everybody should have a good quality driveway, it’s one of the first things that people see when they pull up to a job site, theytake a look at that at that home and they see that you’ve either got a really good, well done, driveway or a driveway. This cracking and falling apart and generally doesn’t make any kind of a statement for the house at all. But here at by design contracting, you know again being a tulsa concrete contractor that cares about our work. We always like to put a good base underneath the driveway, as we like to put rebar in all of our work. We like to properly cut the driveways so that it reduces the cracking in the driveway really to a minimum and allows that concrete to cure out properly and give it the expansion and contraction that it truly needs. You know many of the contractor contractors don’t really take much time or concern to do that, but hereby design contracting. We really strive to give our customers the very best possible job that they could get and we do get a very good value for the dollar

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