Thank you again for joining us this afternoon here at by design contracting, where we are a tulsa, concrete contractor and we love concrete. We are passionate about concrete, so thank you for joining us here. Today were talking about concrete tools and the last time we talked, we talked a lot about the ready mix company in the proper design mix how to get concrete delivered. That is a mix that will work for your particular project, the importance of a good in quality, ready mix company and to get the concrete delivered to your job site, and, what’s that concrete, as at your job site, you have a couple other issues that you need to concern about. How far are you from the concrete plant and what is the temperature that concrete going to be once it’s delivered to your job sitein? The winter were concerned about concrete being too cold to cement into cold, the aggregate being too cold, so they’ll put boiling hot water into the concrete mix which will warm that cement up so when it gets delivered to your job site, it’s a little bit warmer. So you know that wants that concrete is laid out it’s going to dry and in a timely manner, it’s going to cure out and I in a manner that that you’re looking forso the concrete we work closely with our ready mix companies for the concrete will be brought out to the job. The way that you need to have it. So as a tulsa concrete contractor, we work again closely with a ready mix companies. In the summer we have ready mix companies that put ice or chilled water into the concrete, or sometimes both to bring the temperature of the concrete or the aggregate down to cool it off, so that it is not going to set off as fast, and you have time to finish your concrete before it goes fromwet too so hard. You can’t work with it and a good ready. Mix company knows how to judge and guide with along with us as a tulsa, concrete contractor, knowing exactly what we want to have delivered, whether it might be chilled water or sometimes there’s some materials that can be put in either on a hot day or a cold day to accelerate the speed of the concrete curing yeah in the winter. Sometimes you put in ncaa into the concrete, which will help chemically speed up the curing process and in the summer, sometimes will put a retarder which will slow down the curing process. That way. You’ve got enough time on a warm day to work with the concrete in the winter. We what that concrete, to be able to get all finish ready, ready to travel before it gets dark, because once that sun goes down, you can be there for hours and hours and hours waiting for the concrete to cure. But in the summer we have for our concrete at 6 in the morning, because sometimes it’s just plain too hot to pour concrete much later than that, even if you put ice or double ice, I had chilled water into the concrete, even sometimes will put materials in to recharge the concrete after that, 2 gauge out a load in the beginning to the end and give yourself some time to get that concrete, stamped but you’re it by design contracting as a tulsa, concrete contractor. We know how to read, engage the timing for that so tools that did we use our our hot water, cold, water, ice ice, water, ice, ncaa or concrete retarder to slow down. Then the finish on the concrete to give you the very best mix in the very best finish that you can get on your concrete. So those again are also tools that we use to accomplish our purpose at the end of the day, to come up with a very good quality, concrete slab or concrete wall or stamped concrete steps. Those to just go in just at the right time. So timing is everything in concrete. So is it tulsa concrete contractor tools to us are very important at the end of the last broadcast. We started talking about delivering that concrete to the job site once it comes in on a ready mix, concrete truck. We have to concern yourself with how do we get that from the concrete truck to the final resting place that is going to go and that final resting place is sometimes a patio, sometimes the driveway, and sometimes the backyard environment or walkway, and we have got to be able to get that concrete from the concrete truck to the pad, where it’s going to lay down and there’s many methods that we incorporate to do that and I think I mentioned to the last time that the first one that we have is a wheelbarrow, and that is an old-time standby method that is just heal, because it’s a lot of work and it’ll wear you out it’ll make the young man into an old man really fast. Unless the space is just absolutely so limited, that’s the only way to make that happen. Several years back, we were able to procure a concrete buggy which has tracks on it, which allows us to deliver our concrete on a tracked vehicle, and we can deliver a third of a yard in a delivery load which makes our concrete delivery into a backyard or aware aware we’re away from the truck very clean and efficient, without going over somebody’s yard. We’re able to to deliver that concrete, clean and efficient and allows us to not track up people’s yard so that when we leave the yard looks pretty much just like before we got there clean and beautiful. So the concrete buggy has a very efficient tool for us to use to deliver concrete another method of delivering concrete.

What do we have to go into? A backyard is a concrete pump. A concrete pump comes in separate from the truck, and it sits out on the street and there’s two types of pumps. There’s a trailer pump in a boom pump and a boom pump goes up over and around people’s houses and trees drop that straight down into somebody’s backyard, and generally the pool for the concrete pumps can get a rather expensive. It’s very rare that you get in and out of the a concrete job on a concrete pump, how far usually as much money as you spend on the concrete. So we limit the use of the concrete pump to some of the places where we absolutely have to get the concrete placed in locations that are much more easier and able to be reached with a concrete buggy. So concrete pump is a method that you can deliver. A lot of concrete at high volume of concrete, very fast, and often that used to put concrete inside of walls are stem walls. It’s used to put concrete inside of the slabs and footings that you couldn’t reach with the standard methods of installing concrete. So here by design contracting, the we are experts here in as a tulsa, concrete contractor in delivering concrete to your job site. Getting that concrete laid down in a clean, fast and reliable way, so thank you again for joining us here at by design contracting again, we are at tulsa concrete turn. It we’re passionate about concrete