Thank you again for joining us here at by design contracting, a Tulsa Concrete Contractor. When you’re a Tulsa Concrete Contractor. You do a lot of different kind of works at different times of the year and mirror into spring, and the phone is ringing off the hook. So many of our good customers over the years refer us to do work for their friends for their neighbors and the phone starts to flood, and we have a lot of people that we talked to about the needs that they have in concrete. So as a tulsa concrete contractor, we enjoy doing all facets of concrete work. All types of concrete work and again is a tulsa concrete contractor. We go all over the northeast, greater northeast area of oklahomaand. We put down a lot of nice concrete for people. Well, one of the things that we also do is a lot of concrete polishing and when you do concrete polishing, your wife have customers that call you to do all kinds of things with floors. They want to beautify their floors and make them look amazing and the best way to make the floor. Look amazing it to polish. The concrete polish concrete is beautifuland. It has a higher slip resistance than most any other floor covering out there. It’s very durable and very beautiful can make an old space look new and modern. It goes very good with a lot of the styles that are going into building now a lot of refurbishing of of old buildings, and we like to take concrete that sometimes a hundred years old and make it look beautiful. So as a country as a tulsa concrete contractor, we have a lot of people. They call us looking for refurbishing their concrete, and sometimes you have just companies that would like to have a a new concrete on old, concrete slab kind of spruced up a bit and when it comes to warehouses many times, the warehouses need to have something to put down on the floor, to keep the floor from talking too hard in the floor. To give the floor a lot more years of of durable you and one of the things that we highly recommend for that is to come in and scrub the floor very thoroughly hit it with a 400 grit pad and diamond pad and then to densify the floor. And when you identify the floor, it actually has different types of lithium particles, different kind of densifier particles that go into the concrete and when you put that down on the concrete that absorbs in and it actually hardens the surface of the concrete and the lithium does a beautiful job of taking the floor and helping to keep their from being water migration, both down into it and moisture coming up from the subsurface. It locks a lot of that moisture down and that’s why it’s a very popular product for use with water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, all kinds of places like that, because I can spray it onto the surface of their concrete and it stops the water from absorbing into that concrete, which is a what you want to do to hear it by design, contracting and concrete tulsa. We do a lot of identifying as well. So when you go in and densify concrete. It just looks amazing and beautiful, and it protects it for for many many years. So we recommend anybody that has a a nice concrete slab, a warehouse floor, barn outdoor area that you want to spruce that up. You can put a beautiful dance fire down on the floor, harden that concrete and give yourself a very easy way to keep that concrete, maintained and clean, and it’s not a surface product. It just sits on the surface and gets beat up like a sealer and ashley gets burnish down hard into the concrete and becomes exceptionally hard in durable. So again we recommend that as a treatment for concrete in any kind of warehouse area, any kind of a barn door in me, some people like to even use it in a fridge preparation areas because it can help the floor to not get any kind of a mold or mildew build up nastiness getting down in the floor and they have food grade ratings for many of the products that we use. So they can be used in some of the food preparation areas in order to to keep people safe manziel. We recommend that you have some nice densifier put down in your concrete on your concrete, and you can take concrete quite old. As of the structure that were currently working on is 26 years old and the floor took quite a bit of cleaning. A lot of restoration work went into the floor prior to putting down the densifier, but after we did that we put down the nest fire, we let it sit overnight and came back and varnish it with an 800 grit pad, and then we came back in and dance fight again and hit it again with another pad, and it’s got a beautiful, just nice satin sheen to it instead of the old, hard dusty. Just your feet would just get filthy when you walk across the old for so this will help that floor to stay in good shape and we’re happy to be a part of the grand reopening of the store and this new fresh look. So here by design contracting as a tulsa concrete contractor, we enjoy doing a lot of different type of work and a lot of different types of floors and floor. Restoration is something that we enjoy helping people with and we enjoy doing that. So thank you for joining us here at by design contracting and we do all types of concrete, decorative, concrete, concrete polishing, driveways, patios, porches and a lot of decorative concrete, and we can do your work for you.

I can create for you a beautiful environment we like to do backyard environments and I would like to create an environment that allows you to have a beautiful job, and so thank you for joining us here at by design, contracting and again by design. Contracting is a concrete contractor here in tulsa at tulsa, concrete contractor, and we do work in all parts of northeast oklahoma. So thank you for joining us again by design contracting Tulsa Concrete Contractor