Thank you for joining us today, here at by design contracting, where we are a tulsa, concrete contractor, and today I want to talk to you about your driveway driveways rn, very important, intrical part of the work that people do on a home. It is something that you must do to be able to get up out of the street and into your garage. Many people don’t think a whole lot about their driveway, because it’s just there, but what we know about driveway since they’ve got to be installed correctly. They should be installed well, and you should have many many years of life. Long use out of that driveway and one thing that I have noticed that happens with so many people is there. Driveways will be put on originally by a builder when they’re put out by the builder they’re generally. The last thing that goes in and on to a home before the customer moves in and often times that is when the builder starts to run out of money or the customer starts to run out of money they’re at the end of their project, they’ve had change. Orders they’ve had increases in price and they’re just really not wanting to pay just a little bit extra to have the driveway in a real, long, lasting manner. So many of the builders now don’t use any steel in their driveways. They don’t put any rebar in there. They don’t put a quality base underneath the driveway when the driveway is installed, and so generally they end up with lots of problems and issues. So here it by design contracting as a tulsa concrete contractor. We want to encourage you to have a driveway done correctly and one of the things that we see as a tulsa concrete contractor that doesn’t happen with a lot of builders. Is they don’t come in and properly cut the driveway when it’s installed? So when the concrete is put in there’s a lack of cutting and concrete by nature wants to cut itself about every 10 ft, and so, if you don’t put cuts in to give yourself a quality job, you have to wonder. Where do I want my driveway to crack and is a tulsa concrete contractor? We not only know it’s going to crap. We promise you that it’s going to crack and what we’ve done over the years is do our very best to get your concrete to crack into the control joints that we put in the control joints that we cut the places that we put in the concrete and cut it in order to give it really a good expansion. So here out by design, contracting tulsa concrete contractor, we want you to have the very best concrete outcome that you can. So we very very much enjoy in a very good job for you and if you have an opportunity to have a home built or you want to go to have your driveway replaced. We want to encourage you to know that you’re. Getting a quality job done in here at by design is a tulsa concrete contractor. We are happy to come out and take a look at your work in just make sure that you’ve got to a good job and that’s the kind of work that we do so often because builders don’t spend a lot of money on those driveways after a few years. They need to be torn out and replaced. The surfaces will start this fall. Too many cracks when they crack they’ll start to break up will start to sink or settle. Many things start happening, then they need to be replaced so we’ll come back in and remove all that existing and replace all that concrete with new concrete, and you want that concrete to last a good long time. So here at by design contracting as a tulsa concrete contractor, we will put in a good quality bass for you and the soil conditions off and will determine the base and how much base needs to be put down. That’ll be compacted very well for you and is that put in in compacted will put in a rebar and when the rebar is put in, it will be tide and lifted on chairs, and when that concrete support, we make sure the vet concrete and then steal never gets to the bottom of the concrete that is sitting in that bottom. Third, where it belongs to protect your concrete once that concrete is cut and it cracks in the you know that it’s not going to move it can’t go up and down and can’t separate. It’s going to stay right where it’s at and sometimes over many years, if you’ll get a tree, that’s close, so it’ll lift that concrete. So when it does move it or lifted it’ll lift it all together is not going to lift one joint and let the other joint drop. So here it by design contracting. We are very careful to watch those things, and so driveways are important. Another aspect of the driveway, if you’re wanting to sell your home, is curb appeal. The first thing that people see when they pull up to your home is not just your home, but your driveway when you have a new driveway and then concrete is fresh and beautiful, and maybe you can have some decorative aspects of that. Concrete is the first thing people see it, makes your home look neat and clean and well-kept well, taken care of if you’re, not careful about that you’re home, won’t, look neat, clean and well taken care of it’ll, just look kind of drab and dingy and old, and it kind of gives a customer that might want to buy your house the idea that your home is a bit in disrepair. So one thing you can always watch out for be sure of when you’re doing concrete work is to know whether your concrete in the front, the first thing that people see when they come to buy your house is in good shape and we love doing driveways for customers, because it gives you an opportunity to i.

Have a casa potential customer walk up to your home and say anything wow. This job is beautiful, is home is beautiful and it gives it a nice new, fresh, clean appearance. So thank you for joining us here at by design contracting. As a tulsa concrete contractor, we have won a super service award nine times that speaks about our service, the quality of our service to desire. That only goes to the top 5% of contractors in the nation, okay, 99 and stroud. So we are so happy in tulsa oklahoma as a tulsa, concrete contractor, serve your needs and to serve our customers needs, and we want nothing but to have you have the best experience the best service. We want to take care of you, ira customer. So when you need a patio, a pool deck when you need a wall when you need drainage work when you need an outdoor environment and outdoor kitchen or a driveway, please give by design contracting a call we’re here to serve you and again, as a tulsa, concrete contractor i. Thank you for joining us and have a good day