Hello again, thank you for joining us at by design contracting, concrete tool set. We are going to talk today again about concrete, concrete, our favorite subject, concrete, pretty simple portland, sand aggregate and sometimes a few other items are put in there, but pours out wet gets hard. That’s the thing we love about concreteand! It is an amazing product to use to make amazing surfaces. So when it comes to having concrete when it comes to having patios porches pool decks, anything you want to get out of concrete driveways. We like to have the top quality concrete, delivered and installed at your home here at by design contracting concrete tulsa. So today we poured a beautiful driveway. It was absolutely a beautiful driveway. We had a customer that decided hear it in tulsa oklahoma that they wanted to havea driveway with color and a rock salt finish. It was a driveway that had a little bit of a slope to it and they wanted something that was beautiful and yet had some texture. So, after a lot of conversations and taking this customer around to look at some projects and driveways and patios, they decided to absolutely the lick that they liked was rock salt. Finish and rock salt finish is a beautiful texture to have just for that purpose. It adds a little bit of decorative touch without a giant expense, and it makes it look beautiful and unique, and it gives customers a surface that gives them many many years of just absolutely beautiful, finished, so I’m contracting, concrete tulsa we’ve got the best finishers and artisans that absolutely do beautiful work and we’re very proud of the staff that we have. We’ve got some really great designers and people that come out talk to you about the sale. Would you like to have the purchase that you liked it to have, and we hear it by design contracting, concrete tulsa love to give you a nice job every time and when we walk away from your job, it’s done with a lot of care and a lot of attention to detail and here by design contracting tulsa, we’re very proud of the work that we do. So if you need to have work done by an exceptional company where the people for you, we have been putting concrete on the ground here in tulsa for 20 years, and we have just had a great time we had the best customer ever did any company could ever have and we have always enjoyed the relationship that we’ve had with our customers. We find that when we go out to put in concrete by design contracting concrete tulsa that we look at your home, not is just an installation of cement. We look at it that we’re here to serve your needs that were here to take care of you and in serving your needs, we try to find out what it is that you need to have done. We look into how to take care of that job in the best possible way. We look at drainage. We look at a lot of different aspects of the job to make sure that that job is put in really top-notch, and we very much enjoyed the interaction that we have with our customers right from the first contact, the first phone call through the project, while we’re working and right through the final completion and wrap-up of the job. Like I said we had the best customers did any any company could ever have and just years and years of great relationships and many many friendships gained over the years. So we think all of those who called by design contracting concrete tulsa over the years. So today, when we put this driveway in this, is an area that has a lot of water issues a lot of times in this area. A lot of water is held in the ground and it has a rather spongy spongy soil. So we dig down and we put in a quality bass, and we put that down to protect the customers concrete to keep it up out of that moisture. To give that moisture place to go and drain away from the concrete and i. Will you like to use crusher run in a lot of instances we like to use 3/4, class, a gravel in a lot of instances to give that good quality based? It is tight and compacted very well and when we do that, it gives the ability for that concrete to have many more years of a good quality installation over and above what it would have if you were just a plop it down on the really bad bass, and that is not the kind of work that we like to do. Yes, this does cost a little bit extra money, but over the years we found that the longevity, the ability for that concrete to last a lot of extra years. It really makes a huge difference, and so we have over the years really stressed to our country, our customers, that that is something that they need to do is put in good quality bass and we put rebar in every job that we do and we tie that rebar, usually 24 inch or 18 inch on center, so that it has a good ability to be strong. We chair that concrete up, so that is not sitting down under the concrete rebar after the concrete doesn’t do anybody any good, but what it does do when we lift it up into the concrete generally, the bottom. Third, no more than halfway up it has drinks into the car and helps that concrete from moving. If you have any time where you have any kind of movement at all, expansion and contraction over the years, sometimes red so get underneath some things will try to move that concrete. Will this allows that concrete to flex and move together in conjunction with proper joint cutting when we cut in those join it’ll, give a very good way for that concrete to move without damaging or cracking the concrete, concrete can be damaged and it can move, and that is generally something that it always does.

But we try to tell that concrete where to crack when we put in our control joints when they’re put in properly it you’ll see a few days later, we’re crack just develops right there, where you made the cut, and we like to cut down a third of the way into the concrete when we, when we put the song, that’s in and it causes a place for that concrete to crack and when the rebars properly set. It keeps that rebar for being cut so that that rebar will hold that concrete in place moving up and down uniformly. So again, we really enjoyed putting that driveway in today and we have had a really good run again with customers over the years, and we thank you for joining us today here at by design contracting, concrete tulsa