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Thank you again for joining us here by design contracting, where we are a Tulsa concrete contractor. We are tulsa concrete contractors and we enjoy everything about concrete. We are passionate about concrete and laying down concrete in your home in your business anywhere that you’re have a concrete need. We like to put concrete there for you and we do it in an excellent way. So today we’re talking about concrete to old, and in the last couple of times we talked about concrete, ready mix companies. We talked about concrete mix, design lens. We talked about concrete timing tools used to put in the concrete to speed up or slow it down depending on the weather, and we talked about concrete tools on how to deliver the concrete to the job. Siteand. All of those tools are very important pieces of equipment that, without them we could not deliver concrete to your job site. But today we’re going to move on and we’re going to talk about a few other things once that concrete is delivered and it’s put on the ground a couple, other tools that we have, that we use to give you a quality installation on your concrete. Tulsa Concrete Contractor. Are things like rebar. We put rebar in the concrete to make sure that the concrete is very stable. One sits down when you lay down concrete one thing that we can promise. You is that when you lay down concrete that the concrete will crack concrete, isn’t actually designed and made, it will crack on a 4 inch. Slab will crack about every 10 feet. If you just pour a big slab and leave it lay its going to have cracks all over it and it’ll crack about every 10 feet are so because that is what it does with expansion and contraction with eating cold. And so knowing that when we lay our concrete, we put expansion joints and we cut in expansion joints to allow concrete to flex to move, to expand and contract about every 10 feet or less, and we do that because we know that the concrete’s going to crack. So what we do is we put in and the control joints so that we can say:hey i, want you to crack here. I want you to crack there and we try to guess the best of are educated ability to tell the concrete crack with in the joints provided and most of the time that’s very successful. Sometimes you can get a road cracks that are going to go outside of your control joints and that is really outside of what we normally see. But it does happen and that’s part of concrete life, but here at tulsa as a tulsa concrete contractor. We know how to put those joints in and we like to have that concrete crack, where we wanted to crack right down inside of those joints. So here at by design, contracting concrete as a concrete, also contractor we put in those control joints. We put the rebar in and the rebar will not help the concrete from cracking the concrete’s going to crack where is going to crack, but what the rebar will do is keep that concrete from lifting moving and being damaged from opening and closing raising hearing any of those things. And so that’s why you put rebar into the concrete it has that strength and agility to keep it right where you wanted to be and not have for the concrete used to chest, crack and break and expand and move, and then it would start getting a mismatched. That is what happens when you put down a slab that does not have rebar. So rebar is one other tool that we used to put down quality concrete job, so hurry up by design contracting as a tulsa concrete contractor. We use rebar, we like to use rebar, and we like to do a really good job plan that concrete rebar down number 3 rebar, which is actually rebar. That is three eighths of an inch thick. It’s got a rib surface on the outside of it, which keeps it locked into the concrete where you wanted to stay locked into the concrete without a lot of moving, and that holds that place right where it’s been put down. So we like to use rebar 24 inches on center, sometimes will put it 18 inches on center, depending on soil conditions, but here at by design contracting as a tulsa concrete contractor. We know what the conditions are and we know how to lay that rebar down. Another thing to consider when putting down concrete and another tool that we use as a concrete contractor is a tool to keep the ground stable. We use a concrete compactor to compact soil. We like to have that compact, as well compacted within a reasonable range that it’s not just in there I loosen. You don’t have to worry about your concrete falling over time because of a lack of of good compaction. We like to have the concrete compacted well, underneath the concrete is going to be poured and a good amount of the time we’ll put a base underneath that concrete. That is anywhere for 2 to 6 inch, thick and i, say a nice base to put down to keep your concrete from moving as much and I give it a good base to keep the concrete in a good place for many years to come, and that is layered in and compacted so that it will have concrete to the last many many years and not move around so another tool again is a good compacted aggregate base and hear it by design contracting the good amount of soil testing this done and head knowing the soil conditions here in tulsa. We know what kind of material to put down to give you that kind of a service so tools that we use by design contracting in the tulsa concrete contractor.

We have those tools that are available to us. We are always very, very watchful to know what we need to use and when we need to use it and how to lay concrete down once you have the right ready mix company once you have the bases properly compacted. Once you have the soil conditions that are right, you put the rebar in you had to deliver at a proper temperature and here at by design contracting as a tulsa concrete contractor, we will do all those things, give you a good quality, concrete job and a good quality concrete finish. So thank you for joining us today. At 5 is 9 contracting and again as a concrete as a tulsa, concrete contractor we’re passionate about good, concrete