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Good morning in you for joining him today and I design contracting, where we are a tulsa, concrete contractor and as a tulsa, concrete contractor, we take our job very seriously. We love in our passionate about putting down good quality concrete and, as a tulsa, concrete contractor. We understand that concrete in our part of the world is very unique compared to the way concrete is put down in many other parts of the country. We are in a zone right here where we have more freeze and thaw cycles than almost anywhere in the country because of our unique weather conditions, because we have hot hot summers and cold winters, because we have a large transition. Between that hot in that coldsometimes in the winter we can have 75 degree days and sometimes in the summer we can have 65 degree days and sometimes in the winter we can get down to 10 degrees or even zero, and but that’s not too often, but we live during the winter in a range from sometimes as early as early november, through february or even march, into april. This year, where we have a lot of freeze thaw cycles that happened where, during the day it is in the forties or fifties and beautiful, but at night it will drop into the twenties and I 30s and every time it does, that that’s considered a freeze cycle and that greatly affects many things. First, you’ll notice that it affects your plants whenever you have plans that are not designed to freeze you’ll end up with plants that are frozen when it gets down to 30 degrees or 28 degrees or less, which will be considered a hard freeze. I know this year we had a beautiful, beautiful blooms, peach blooms, our tree, and we got some real small fruit starting to develop, and we had I think 7 freeze cycles this year in april, which is very unusual, but as a concrete contractor in tulsa. We watch that very closely then, unfortunately, this year, even watching that it froze all those little buds off of are peach trees only left very few left. So our peach crop is pretty much gone this year, but when it comes to concrete again as a tulsa concrete contractor, we watch those freeze-thaw cycles, very close, because we know when we pour concrete for 3 and 4 days after we pour concrete. We want to have that concrete covered in the winter to keep that top from having freeze problems and oftentimes. Here in tulsa. A lot of people will get a hard freeze and go get a little moisture with that and they’ll get a layer of ice on their driveway and over and over and over customers will go out and throw ice melt on their driveway in ice melt. Will super freeze that surface start allowing it to thaw out at a lower temperature than freezing and cause spalling and popping on the surface of the concrete, which is terrible for the concrete is great for by designs business, because, quite honestly, it allows us to go in and replace a lot of driveways that people have ruined with ice melt but you’re in tulsa. Again, we have a really high freeze-thaw cycle and, with that freeze-thaw cycle will get sometimes 6090, freeze and thaws or more in the course of a winner, and you don’t give them any hard freezes generally, but every time you have a freeze and thaw, it causes water to go down and penetrate into areas that it doesn’t live long and then it freezes and expands the ice expands and causes popping on the surface of the concrete, and it wears concrete, rather quickly causes multiple of problems and you’re at by design contracting we’re schooled where it, where our well schools in what to do and how to put concrete down to minimize the effects of freeze-thaw. We have are ready, mix companies that come in and they are in training the concrete which helps to slow down and stop some of that free stop popping will use quality materials. We know how to finish the concrete properly and all of those things help in the freeze-thaw cycle, help to keep your concrete from being damaged in as a tulsa concrete contractor. Our job is to put down a good quality product, so we think our customers over the years for trusting us. We have worked hard over the years to become one of tulsa’s premier, concrete contractors, and we enjoyed hundreds, if not thousands, of very happy and satisfied customers over many years here in northeast oklahoma. So with concrete again as a tulsa concrete contractor, we are watching the freeze-thaw cycles as we’re putting down concrete. We like to do a lot of decorative concrete and when we do decorative concrete, we like to seal that decorative concrete with it. Equality, butterfield, tear guard product, which also allows water to evaporate up out through the concrete and help keeps that concrete from had so much water in drains down into the concrete. The unique thing about concrete is it keeps a relative humidity within the concrete all year round and it causes that concrete to continue to cure 1500 years. It just continues to cure harder and harder and harder, and that’s because of the unique blend of sand, gravel and portland and other mixes that are put into the concrete and creates a quality product, create a great surface for people to walk on for cars to drive on many things. So we are very big advocates of putting down really good quality products. We love it when the customers will go that little extra bit to put a good protective surface on that concrete to keep it fresh and revitalized taken well care of for many years and again, we’ve had the best customers over the years. So here in by design contracting and as a tulsa concrete contractor, we are very careful to do quality work for our customers watch.

These freeze-thaw cycles are our finishers are well school and certified in knowing how to put down that concrete and with our unique range of temperatures getting really cold in the winter. I am very hot. In the summer. We also have a very large expansion and contraction issue with concrete when it gets warm in the summer. It expands out actually slightly grows in the winter. It shrinks back and get slightly smaller. So you have to have the proper amount of expansion joints control joints to cause your concrete to have someplace to go in a way to shrink back without damaging your concrete, and that will minimize the cracks that you’ll have in your driveway and patio decks. And one thing we tell our customer since we prom guess you’ll hear concrete, going to crack concrete, always cracks. What we try to do is get it to crack in the convention, joints that we put in and you’ll look down after you’ve cut that concrete a week later and you’ll see a little tiny crack in them. In that joint it has been provided, and that is where we want that concrete to crack and you can have random cracks other than that. But almost always you will always see it I crack down in that joint that we provide in the concrete, so here at by design contracting concrete contractor. We work hard to minimize damage due to the elements. Thank you today for joining me at by design contracting, again tulsa’s premier, tulsa, concrete contractor